Mike Ashley has made the latest rich list of the wealthiest people in the UK.

The Sunday Times Rich List calculates the wealth by including land, property, assets or significant shares but excludes bank accounts.

The list is below with the Newcastle United owner in 22nd place:

£13.2bn Len Blavatnik

£13.0bn Sri and Gopi Hinduja

£11.0bn Galen and George Weston and family

£9.8bn Alisher Usmanov

£9.7bn David and Simon Reuben

£9.4bn Ernesto and Kirsty Bertarelli

£9.2bn Lakshmi Mittal and family

£8.7bn Kirsten and Jorn Rausing

£8.6bn The Duke of Westminster

£7.3bn Roman Abramovich

£7.2bn John Fredriksen and family

£7.1bn Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken and Michel de Carvalho

£6.5bn Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay

£6.4bn Hans Rausing and family

£5.9bn Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber and family

£5.8bn Carrie and Francois Perrodo and family

£5.0bn Nathan Kirsh

£4.8bn Earl Cadogan and family

£4.5bn Nicky Oppenheimer and family

£4.1bn Sir Richard Branson and family

£3.7bn Bruno Schroder and family

£3.5bn Mike Ashley

However, the rich list is skewed due to the fact that so many of the World’s richest people are attracted to live in London.

For example the top ten above includes only three who are British citizens.

So when it comes to the wealthiest Brits, Mike Ashley is in reality way higher up the list of the UK’s richest.

Last year the Sunday Times estimated Ashley’s fortune at £3.75bn, so £250m has slipped down the back of his sofa in the last 12 months.

All the signs are though that with the NUFC owner diversifying and expanding increasingly overseas, his fortune will once again be on a steep upward trajectory.

Newcastle United’s place in all this of course is to both make money for Mike Ashley and support the rest of his empire with free promotion around the world.

It remains to be seen however, just how valuable Ashley will see his connection with Newcastle United moving forward if the Newcastle fans (and others) keep up their pressure on the billionaire.

  • bill black

    Since the start of the boycott the shares in S.D. keep going down like there prices. So will he sell if we keep it up. He his know not to take notice of other like M.Ps but when the shares go down will he gamble on staying on. I don’t think he will as there is no plan b I can see just like there is no plan B to stay and get out of the club mess, as club with no heart and everyone knows players and others in the game that where a dead club till he goes.

  • A lex

    bill black Exactly. Once his own asset value (in terms of underlying value and publicity etc) begins to suffer and fall, then it becomes awkward for him. At the same time, a decreasing asset value makes it more intersting for buyers.
    Keep the anti-Ashley work up!

  • Dubaiexpat

    I’m all for putting the boot into Ashley but I would imagine this is because the SD share price is down about 18-22% year on year. His 57% holding accounts for a large part of his wealth so this kind of drop could easily account for a big slice of the 250 drop.

  • Porciestreet

    A lex bill black 
    Rhumour has it that fatty has had the cashpoint removed from his coffin in waiting because he was informed that he will not be able to access it ……….!

  • StephenBowers

    I wish he’d been sitting on my sofaU0001f612

  • Tony79

    The joyless making of money.  That is all he cares about