Liverpool v Newcastle is a favourite of the TV cameras and it isn’t hard to see why.

Obviously the 1996 match that finished 4-3 is bookmarked by the vast majority as the greatest ever Premier League match, though if you are a Newcastle fan then you might not be quite so enthusiastic.

There have been many moments of high drama and one thing it has guaranteed is goals.

The 41 Premier League contests have never produced a 0-0 draw.

It gets better, at least for neutrals, the matches between Liverpool and Newcastle have produced the highest ration of goals per game than any other in Premier League history.

Only two other fixtures (home and away) have produced more goals but Newcastle and Liverpool have had four less fixtures due to two seasons for NUFC in the Championship.

134 Liverpool v Tottenham

131 Arsenal v Tottenham

130 Newcastle v Liverpool

Sadly, when you drill down into the figures you find out that Liverpool have scored 84 of those 130 goals, Newcastle only 46.

John Carver and Mike Williamson have both said they can’t wait for Monday to try and put things right…

I’m dreading it.

In those 41 matches between Liverpool and Newcastle, the scousers have scored three or more goals on 15 occasions (including 6 times by four or more goals), 7 of those happening in the last 13 matches.

In contrast, since the 3-0 (Bruce Grobbelaar) first meeting in the PL, Newcastle have only scored three goals on three other occasions, one was Pardew’s first match when Andy Carroll scored and the other two saw Newcastle get beat in consecutive 4-3 defeats at Anfield!

Roll on Monday…

  • Porciestreet

    There’ll probably be another 4 or 5 reasons after monday. If, or should I say when we lose this one badly, Cardew should be shown the door before the players get back on the bus.

  • IainT0842

    I’m not dreading it. I’m well past that stage. Fully expecting another hammering. Get some money on it, if Ashley can make money out of us being awful then we may as well too.

  • LeazesEnder

    IainT0842 Ah… you’ve passed the anger stage, despair stage, disgust and hilarity stages…. you can become a member of NUST if you like!

  • Toonbadger

    Porciestreet  Leave him down there and let him walk back

  • IainT0842

    LeazesEnder IainT0842 I’m that passive, I might get my season ticket back.

  • pissed off mag

    i cant believe im going and as usual we will sit in The Arkle pub and get laughed at then come out the anfield road stand and be laughed at again, get home and more laughter, work more laughter, i feel like im one of the sad people who work in fattys rag shops im as stuck as them.