Is this the worst Newcastle transfer speculation story you’ve heard this season?

There is of course some pretty stiff competition but this morning’s latest is surely grasping at very thin straws when trying to come up with an ‘exclusive’.

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Serial offenders The Sunday People are yet again responsible.

Their claim today is that Newcastle could bring in Southampton boss Ronald Koeman in the summer, with the most difficult hurdle being to pay £2m in compensation to get his release.

The ‘exclusive’ reading:

‘But Koeman, who has worked wonders at Southampton this season since joining from Dutch side Feyenoord, has emerged as a leading contender for a number of reasons – despite the fact it would cost £2million to secure his release.

He would have no issue working within the Newcastle business model, in which director of football Graham Carr has a major say.’

The Saints may have struggled in recent weeks but they are still fifth in the table and only two points off the Champions League placings.

Koeman has modelled the best defence in the Premier League with only 20 goals conceded, despite having to rebuilt it after players such as Lovren and Shaw forced moves.

If the Dutchman decided he did want to leave Southampton, there would be a queue of clubs after him and why on earth would he come to Newcastle.

To suggest he would have nor problem working within  the ‘Newcastle business model’ is laughable, a credible manager willing to come to St. James’ Park and given no say on which players come and go, plus having the lowest amount possible spent on the squad to try and ensure survival? Yes, I can see how that job description would grab him.

Koeman has been given £77m (figures from Transfermrkt website)to spend this season on his squad, buying five different players who cost £11m or more, in contrast, in eight years Mike Ashley has not agreed a single player transfer (inwards!) that cost more than £10m, which is what was spent roughly on Cisse and Cabella.

Southampton also spent £35m the previous season, making it £112m investment in their squad over two years, over the same period Newcastle didn’t buy a single player last season and spent around £31m this past season.

Newcastle should be seen as an attractive proposition by a Southampton manager but unless you have been asleep for the last few years then you’d realise that the only Southampton manager we are likely to attract is the sacked Alan Pardew when they were in the third tier of English football.

It would be a dream of course to see a respected manager like Ronald Koeman brought in, given decent money to invest in the squad and the freedom to choose the players.

Back to reality though and before yesterday’s match against Villa, John Carver says he’s already started to plan for next season


  • ArtyH

    All the transfer talk is just made up by some keyboard journo who wants to make a story for the web or a paper. How can there be ANY speculation of ANY standing when we ALL know the club will not speak to the fans! Transfer speculation is utter tripe and irritating in the extreme.

  • DownUnderMag

    Ummm, why pay the compensation when there will be coaches available on a free in the summer (or can just keep Carver)??  I would imagine there are clubs willing to pay a lot more wages and give him a lot more money to spend than we ever would. I love how these papers can just print anything they want under the guise of drumming up sales…

  • supermacsnewname

    true, the next speculation will be even worse – we will, I am sure, buy 3+ players next summer who I’d never ever heard of – except of course if I read the endless random speculation, where by the rules of roulette there is always the chance of one of them being right sooner or later

  • Porciestreet

    Can’t even see P45due wanting to come back now that he’s seen the light.

  • GToon

    Can never understand why the release fee is an issue. Surely the manager is the most important person at the club so why complain about a few million, especially when you are worth 4 billion.

  • SGM

    No John, your piece is the worst speculation story I’ve had the misfortune to read this season.

  • LintonLad

    CAshley ain’t gonna spend £2M compensation, he wouldn’t spend 20p.   We’ll still have John Carver at the start of next season.  Hopefully we’ll all love him by then.

  • Phildene

    GToon Sorry mate, but after 7/8 years of Ashley at this club surely you must realise he doesn’t spend or do good managers now-it’s the last of his priorities as he won’t spend money on this place. Apart from Ashley pissing off, there’t nothing we’d like more than a damn good manager, but dream on….

  • Phildene

    Thought Graham Carr was a Chief Scout? now he’s a DoF? have I missed something?

  • No Brainer

    GToon Its a totsally made up story, there has to be a breaker in it so the the journo can back up why something didn’t happen.