The latest farcical twist surrounding the Rangers five Newcastle players, has seen Shane Ferguson pull out of the Northern Ireland squad only hours after being named in it.

After Ferguson was originally named in the squad, Manager Stuart McCall said he was stunned to hear it, because he wasn’t expecting him back any time soon.

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The Rangers boss adding that he’d never even seen Ferguson yet and all he knew was that he was contracted to the club for the rest of the season.

Stuart McCall speaking to the Glasgow Evening Times:

“Obviously he (Shane Ferguson) is contracted to us but as far as I was concerned, he was going to be out for a fair length of time, when I spoke to the doc when I came in here. He has certainly not been up here so, yeah, I was a bit stunned.

“There might be reasons for it, there might be… has he been quoted or anything or has he just been named in it and that’s it? It might be down to, I don’t know, his confidence, being part of the squad, being involved in it.

“I have not (heard anything from Newcastle) since I have been here. I have left that to the medical team and all I am aware of is that he is a long way away from playing football.”

The whole loan arrangement stinks in my opinion, right from the start it appeared that the five NUFC players were simply pawns in some strange Mike Ashley political ploy at Rangers.

The very fact that two of the five (see the photo at the top) – Mbabu and Ferguson, didn’t even go up for the photo shoot, tells you everything, despite it being only a couple of hours up the road.

Whether the loans were a move by Ashley to increase the financial problems at Rangers we’ll probably never know, certainly the new directors at Rangers appear to be keeping it quiet with regard to not antagonising Ashley, suggesting perhaps there is movement behind the scenes between the parties.

Surely in any normal club, unlike Newcastle, there would be no problems with just coming out and explaining where the five players are at in terms of being able to play in the near, or not so near, future.

There is plenty of interest in the subject from fans of both Rangers and Newcastle so the only conclusion I can draw is that Mike Ashley doesn’t want to give any clarity on the players.

The fact that five players were loaned from one club to another was newsworthy itself.

The fact the players moved from a club owned by a person who also had massive influence at another, was even more newsworthy.

Then the fact he’s landed Rangers with a handful of crocks for a short-term loan is the cherry on the newsworthy cake.

From the point of view of Newcastle fans, I think it would be a bit more interesting finding out what’s happening with these five, than simply daily scripted bulletins fed to the local press, with a different player each day telling us the United players are determined to put things right on Saturday.

This five player loan is just a bizarre example of the poison and nonsense that Mike Ashley has visited on both clubs, as for what the players really think of it all would be a story worth hearing.


  • Conman

    They were tactically put in there my fcb and his boys so Rangers would draw down as quick as possible on the loan that the fcb himself had provided.
    This would then have had Rangers needing quick cash again but the story didn’t quite go to plan as the Rangers fans showed balls and kicked him out.

  • Greggy164

    Conman  Its time you guys kicked him out as well.

  • scotty63

    Greggy164 Conman is it right king and the bears have gone asking him for more cash

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Despite all the Ashley defenders telling us what a great development move this was – how the hell can injured and unplayable players be sent out on loan?

    It stunk to high heavens at the time and it stinks even more now. How come the press are not chasing this down, especially our own ECJ? 

    Well, we can probably see why the Chron is not doing it any longer with every propaganda piece they put out on a daily basis. 

    Send the Daily Record down here, please!

  • Greggy164

    scotty63 Greggy164 Conman  Aye Scotty. I’ll bite.

    After humiliating Ashley, then suspending his 2 henchmen, do you think they will go and ask for a loan? Ffs come on man

  • Conman

    I wish Greggy164. Nobody to sort. Nobody with the guts. Even the local press are in his pocket these days.
    When he came in originally, we didn’t have any say whatsoever regarding shares at the sale was compulsory. He just made us an offer and he bought them as he owned more than 50% of the club. It was compulsory. We didn’t envisage what he was going to do otherwise we would have fought back.
    rangers though had the luck to be second and therefore saw Newcastle as the way things were to be. And stopped it as early as possible.
    It’s always easier in hindsight but fully agree that having 50k plus at every game makes you think the matches are really worth watching. It’s not and the sheep continue to go. Pathetic.

  • scotty63

    Greggy164 scotty63 Conman Just what  I heard – I hate Ashley so its not a wind up

  • Greggy164

    Ashley’s now claiming his human rights are being violated because his letters to Scottish Gov been leaked.
    The man is a fanny. What about the rights of the people he employs?

  • scotty63

    Greggy164 this is the man who’s solicitors are sending letters daily to the SFA and I know this for a fact but for obvious reasons cant name my source on-line however it is absolutely kosher

  • Sickandtiredstill

    “The MPs say that they are entitled to publish the correspondence because it forms part of its proceedings, which are covered by parliamentary privilege and therefore have legal immunity.”

  • Greggy164

    scotty63 Greggy164  Yeah he probably has an army of lawyers. Or he could send Llambias back. Hahaha

  • Greggy164

    Sickandtiredstill Greggy164  Its good to see people standing up to him. Im not a fan of MPs but I hope they fcuk it right into him