Which Newcastle players would you keep at the end of the season?

United updated their 25 man Premier League senior squad list at the end of January after the transfer window closed.

They could only manage 23 names and we have listed them below (Those qualifying as Under 21 players are additional to the 25 man squad allowed).

Which ones would you definitely keep?

What we’d like you to do is not just say ‘Oh, I’ll keep him because it’s better than nothing as we won;t sign anybody decent etc etc’.

We want you to tick/select Newcastle players who you definitely think would be an asset in next season’s Premier League and you’d love them to stay.

The choice is yours.

  • Kev82

    There is just 11 players I’d keep there, add in the likes of Perez, Darlow & Lascelles that’s just a squad of 14. That’s a lot of rebuilding needed, but you know fine well we’ll still have most of this dross next season.

  • PeterRobson

    Is there a reason Perez is not on the list ?

  • Double Carpet

    Perez? Has he gone already?

  • v0ices

    PeterRobson probably the writer thought only the most fanatical Ashley supporter would want him sold to fatten his wallet further but why no aarons

  • shaneer

    All of them, can we honestly afford to loose any

  • Sean Kelly

    none. plus Ashley out. start afresh. club is rotten to the core.

  • Geordie Zebra

    Not on registered list of 23 as a young kid. Obviously, him and Aarons are must keeps!

  • DownUnderMag

    Sadly the two that we would most like to keep are the two that are most likely to move on, be it their own decision or not.

    Perez not on the list?

    And losing any of those players demands replacements brought in of equal but preferably better level.  Given we need so many new faces already due to the lack of depth and quality in the squad, can we really afford to be losing anyone else?  I am worried.  Even if Ashley somehow decides to have a splash of some of that TV money on new recruits, mass new players never ends well as they all take time to bed-in…this is where it has gone wrong.  We should never have been in this position in the first place if we weren’t ran as a bare-bones club.  We should have been ADDING one or two top players a season to move the club forward in a sensible manner, and chances are we would have been able to keep some of the players that left happier too.  Now we are forced with a huge squad overhaul in panic buy mode to stave off almost certain relegation next season.

    The issue is though, you can see that even if the players work out and we get ourselves safe by January, players will be moved on to bring back in some of that outlay from the summer and the season will once again drift into no-man’s land.

  • Pulse33

    From that list I would ditch
    Williamson, Ferreyra, Coloccini, Elliot, Obertan, Gouffran and add in Alnwick as well, as well as probably Jonas as he isnt really there anymore sadly. That means 7 players to come in and fill those positions. Lascalles and Darlow can fill at least 2, which means at least 5 quality signings are needed.Not a high chance of that happening unfortunately.

  • Tadger

    Pulse33  Agree problem is the 5 we need are just replacements (we need + 3 more) and if Ashley will not replace them we are then worse of by a country mile

  • jenki_thecorner

    NUFCTheMag no Perez on that list. Whoever done the poll obviously rates him as highly as carver

  • NUFCTheMag

    jenki_thecorner The players listed are those in the NUFC senior PL squad, Under 21 players such as Perez are additional to that.

  • wivawova

    This would be easier if we had options of “First team”, “Squad player”, “Can go if we get a good offer” and “Cut him”. I’m quite happy keeping some of the list as back-ups for injuries/subs (eg Obertans) etc.
    In NFL parlance what we need is some quality in the starting line-up, so that others that are presently being over-relied upon can become good back-ups rather than poor starters, or, in the case of Aarons etc, can develop to become good starters.

  • wivawova

    Further to the below, I’ve just got the result of the vote through so far. 
    That’s ridiculous. Presumably the decimal point is in the wrong place and it’s out of 10 not 100. Apparently 92% of us want to see Krul, Jaanmat, Colback, de Jong and Sissoko goneleave, or do you need to have a Sunderland postcode to vote?

  • SGM

    Depends on who is still at the club.

  • radgiegadgie

    wivawova It looks to me like it is % those players got of the total vote.  Not ideal I know but probably the way their calculation works.

    I think if you ignore the % as such and focus on the rank, you will see who people want to keep.

  • radgiegadgie

    I think Perez should be on that list