An American investment bank has set up a new European sports finance group, with the specific aim of brokering deals to buy Premier League clubs, as well as further afield in Europe.

Cantor Fitzgerald have brought in executives who have expertise in the corporate and commercial operations of the Premier League and those in other major European Leagues.

Our recent article (read HERE) showed the transformation in financial results across the Premier League, with Financial Fair Play and the mega TV deals leading to an expected £200m profit across the 20 clubs in the 2013/14 Premier League.

This represents a turnaround of over £500m from the previous season, when collectively the Premier League clubs lost over £315m. With an even bigger leap in TV revenues starting in 2016, it is making it obvious that clubs in the top tier of English football can now make serious money.

Arsenal, Sunderland, Liverpool, Manchester United and Aston Villa are already owned by Americans and whilst Cantor Fitzgerald’s business won’t of course solely be aimed at clients from the States, it looks a foregone conclusion that more clubs will end up being owned by those from the USA.

The American owners who are already in the Premier League have in the main had a background of already owning sports franchises in US sports, seeing the potential of major riches developing in the Premier League in the long-term.

Research by Dealogic Ltd. shows that since 2005 there has been 264 acquisitions of minority and majority stakes in European clubs, valued at some £5.5billion.

With financing firms such as Cantor Fitzgerald moving into this market, clearly they will be looking to aggressively attract clients and look for potential acquisitions that can be made on their behalf.

For Newcastle fans it must increase hopes that there is the potential for a change of ownership, with NUFC surely a club that has massive potential if ran by people with the right expertise in running major sporting ‘brands’.

  • Hughie

    What from investment bankers?– don’t be daft, DISASTROUS IDEA !!

  • LeazesEnder

    Hughie Indeed Investment bankers would make Ashley look like a spendthrift

  • A lex

    LeazesEnder Hughie They will only be brokering the deal, and won;t be the ultimate owner. I reckon they will do due diligence better than Ashley did – allegedly. :-)

  • Seventy2

    Is this what MA is doing with MASH Alpha and MASH Beta, making them into a separate self sustaining entity that will operate as an Investment company?

  • Phildene

    Ashley didn’t do due diligence as he paid in ‘cash’, that’s why he didn’t know about the extra £100m debt.

  • Maximus Moose

    Phildene You mean the £100 million he owes to himself ? 
    He took £74 mill Sky money last summer & still owes himself £100 mil. A Knave of the 1st order

  • Rollyp

    I can’t believe he didn’t do due diligence, he has specialists on tap for some things and one of his lawyers was our first chief executive in Chris Mort. He appears to have shown little ambition to pay of this “loan”. Imagine if he’d charged S***** D***** £10 million a year for all the advertising it would almost have been paid off by now and with the expected profit to be announced he could have it cleared by now. And we would have been no worse off than we are now. Making the club easier to sell_ if that’s what he wants.

  • jimblag

    From what I’ve seen of American owners, I’m not keen on us getting involved with them.
    Jumping out the frying pan into the fire.

  • toonterrier

    When Mr Blobby bought the club I’m sure he borrowed the money from Wonka so the so called debt will never be paid off. If any yankee business sees how much he is  channelling out of the club they will be lining up to try and take it over. Will the large one sell it on. Highly unlikely.

  • amacdee


    if he’d charged S***** D***** £10 million a year for all the
    advertising it would almost have been paid off by now” 

    Yeah just imagine ! However then he’d have no hold over the club nor be able to enjoy the tax breaks !

  • Jarra MIck

    Hang on Jimblag the American who bought the Mackems has put millions in with almost zero return. Poor attendances, including an embarrassing turn out in the league cup semis at home and he still pumps the money in. How many new teams has he bought for Bruce, Keane etc? If he was at Newcastle instead of 5under1and I think we would be pushing at the top not surviving in the middle..