Last week I had a look at the club’s performance under John Carver – it wasn’t pleasant reading.

As well as at the top level I had a look to see what was happening beneath the senior team, I was wishing I hadn’t.

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Never did we think that Mike Ashley and his minions would decide that after (allegedly) scouring the world, we would see John Carver promoted. Despite understandable reservations, fans hoped for the best that things would be different.

At the weekend the first team went down 3-0 at Everton, the Under 18s were beaten at home by Blackburn 1-0 and  Peter Beardley’s Under 21s were hammered 3-0 by Brighton. Having made it no wins out of nine, no wonder Beardsley was keen to say that results were immaterial at that level.

So three more Newcastle matches at the various levels under John Carver, three matches and three defeats, seven goals conceded and none scored.

So after going through the matches since Pardew departed we now have the following results:

First Team: Played 11 Won 2

Under 21s: Played 9 Won 0

Under 18s: Played 8 Won 1

Total of Played 28 Won 3

Out of interest I also looked at what happened in the period before Alan Pardew left and it gave the following results:

First Team: Played 11 Won 5

Under 21s: Played 9 Won 7

Under 18s: Played 8 Won 4

Total of Played 28 Won 16

(*** There is also the FA Youth Cup which has slightly different age criteria I understand and the results in that competition this season have been 1 win in 1 game under Pardew. Then 1 win, 1 draw and 1 defeat under Carver in normal time, though the draw was converted into a win against Sunderland in a penalty shoot-out)

Never would I wish for the return of Alan Pardew as he was a massive part of the problem but Newcastle are in chaos now and need major work to avoid disaster.

Having a yes man like John Carver overseeing things and allowing Mike Ashley to decimate the club without a murmur is not going to halt the slide.

Only a strong managerial appointment who will only accept the job with proper backing and finance can turn things around.

The rot is clearly set in at Newcastle United and it needs addressing from top to bottom.


  • Stevie Aces Renforth

    That’s why you can’t give him the job in the summer

  • Paul Patterson

    If were going to blame Carver then just stick to the first team- It’s unfair to tar him with ‘All levels’ of the club.
    However, 2 wins in 11 is shocking/relegation form. The fact that Pardew won 5 out of the same amount of games only highlights the fact that Carver should be allowed nowhere near the dugout next season . .

  • Jail for Ashley

    The trouble is though there is now a lack of journalists to question anything they say, when Carver announced after his below average first six games that ‘results weren’t bad in this league’, it should have been pounced on and pointed out that if those same results were carried over a season we’d end up on 38 points, if him and his pay masters think that isn’t bad then how bad has it got to get.

  • toonmad1956

    I have said it before and i’ll say it again – nothing is going to change or get any better until Ashley is gone. It doesn’t matter who is manager or head coach – the club is rotten right from the very top and it is filtering down to the players at all levels.

  • LeazesEnder

    Lets just stick with the first team squad…. what there is of it, and give Carver the level of plaudits he deserves….it just shows what a state Ashley has got this club into, shipping half a team North to reduce the wage bill and sod the consequences …. its just all about money!

  • Chemical Dave

    The 5th place finish is the worst thing to happen to this club since fat leech bought it. Even now, two consecutive wins and the usual gormless apologists will be on speculating on whether it will be Frank Deboer or some top French coach appointed as Ashley is a “top businessman” …as if there is any evidence that has actually benefitted nufc rather than him. Said for a long time things would have to get worse before they get better, the alternative is things staying forever the same. Perhaps the appointment of Carver will be the catalyst for change ? I’m forecasting he’s going to have a hissy fit with the fans within three weeks.

  • Mark Wallace

    He’s done better than I thought!!

  • dude 1

    God help us on Saturday after watching Arsenal rip apart Monaco last night I fear for Newcastle it could be just like Sunderland last Saturday except they will not open the gates to let the fans out 
    our only hope is Arsenal rest the whole of there first team (but there again would it make any difference against us)

  • Demented_Man

    Chemical Dave You can see of his character, enthusiasm and confidence being steadily eroded before our very eyes.  It’s sad to see.  I agree with you.  I predict he will soon have some kind of breakdown.
    No doubt his mates like Steve Howey will blame the fans.

  • Paul Patterson

    The thing is Carver could come back against that with ‘My job is to get 38 points and thats it’.
    After all, thats all the owner wants . .

  • Hughie

    Despite the continuing hate directed at Ashley, I repeat that he has far bigger fish to fry in his empire than NUFC. The man to blame if there is any individual is the MD, to whom Ashley delegates. I suspect that his continuing reluctance to communicate, and his over cautious approach to recruitment are born from his accountancy background. Many do not think he is qualified to direct a major multi million football business, which is why nothing even remotely imaginative has come out of SJP since he took over, on or off the pitch. Come on Charnley earn your fat salary and do something interesting and positive, you are in the entertainment industry, not some little accountancy practice.

  • Mal44

    Well said. What happened to the new era of communications that were supposed to happen following his ‘exclusive’ interview with the chronicle? I suspect he is way out of his depth and his inability to recruit in positions where we all new we were very weak (and have since proved to be true) and his delay in appointing a head coach have had a shocking impact on our results and prospects for the rest of the season.

  • Andy Brannen

    You pay peanuts you get monkeys #

  • Paul Patterson

    Hughie  Who employed Charnley?

  • Chemical Dave

    Haha, what a load of tripe.

  • Jimmywayhay

    How long did it take Sunderland to appoint a temp manager ,with decent experience ,I can think of 1 million reasons Newcastle didn’t and they all start with £ signs !

  • GToon

    The worst part of it all is the pressure the new person will be under from the start. There will be a feeling that we have waited 6 months to get him so he must be great. Add into that fact he wont be given any money to spend and the best players will be sold and we have another great season to look forward to.

  • GToon

    Under John Carver i fully expect us to get hammered from one game to the next.

  • Maximus Moose


  • DZA187

    GToon I know a lot of fans are really losing interest now and not even bothering to follow the results to see how we are doing, all thanks to Cashley. The club needs change and better decision making. Who ever thought JC was a good choice, needs to be shot.