A welcome three points against Aston Villa but perhaps surprisingly, three Newcastle players have made the Premier League team of the week.

Interestingly three teams dominate this week’s top eleven, with Liverpool, Crystal Palace and Newcastle providing a trio of players each. Wayne Rooney and Swansea keeper Fabianski make up the team.

EA Sports Player Performer Index (PPI) is the official Premier League system using a comprehensive range of statistics to provide objective analysis as to which players are playing the best and why.

The style of United’s gritty win, means that not surprisingly the three players who make it are all defenders, while Palace and Liverpool fill five of the six midfield/attacking places.

As a comparison you may want to view the player ratings from the weekend by Newcastle fans using our interactive player ratings system, click HERE to  view them.

Premier League Team Of The Week

Fabianski (Swansea)

Janmaat (Newcastle)

Williamson (Newcastle)

Dann (Palace)

Ryan Taylor (Newcastle)

Puncheon (Palace)

Henderson (Liverpool)

Coutinho (Liverpool)

Sterling (Liverpool)

Rooney (Man Utd)

Murray (Palace)

The EA Sports performance index uses six different criteria:

Winning – points are awarded for time on the pitch in a team that wins, so for example Williamson will have received more credit than substitute Ryan Taylor.

Player performance – points go to those who have a positive influence on a winning performance (shots on target, tackles, clearances, saves etc) while points are taken off for negatives such as shots off target or red/yellow cards.

Time on pitch – the longer a player is on the pitch the more points awarded.

Goals scored – self-explanatory.

Assists – credit for whoever on the scoring team last touches the ball on the before the scorer, such as Janmaat who crossed for Cisse’s strike.

Clean sheet– the whole team is given credit for this but points are allocated by position in the team, so goalkeeper gets biggest share, then defenders and so on.

  • supermacsnewname

    really, really pleased to see Ryan Taylor there
    and willo? well, he does this a few times a season, but not consistant enough – he could have been a superstar in the championship
    Janmaat – he’s coming along very nicely, hope we keep him

  • dont believe the hype

    Hope we keep him. Sums it all up !!!

  • supermacsnewname

    mind you, looking at that team I doubt it would win much over a season – 5-6 top players, good forwards, but not a top 5 team

  • Philippines

    Glad to see Williamson getting some kudos. It seems to have been fashionable to knock him. I think he is a decent player who deserves his place in the team.

    On the subject of consistency, who remembers Titus Bramble? I remember one game against Chelsea when he looked good enough for international call up, but the rest of the time…….. Oh dear. Surprisingly Bobby Robson used to rate him highly, ditto Shola Ameobi. Bobby was a football ‘God’ but what he saw in those players is a mystery to most fans.

  • supermacsnewname

    dont believe the hype got to accept that it’s club policy
    but every PL team is in danager of loosing players to the continental Champions League giants – manu, liverpool have had their problems and it looks like mancity may loose a few now – possibly even their manager again

  • supermacsnewname

    Philippines mind you he thought Carl Court was better than Shola

  • Pulse33

    I thought Colo was one of our best on they day. Way better than Williamson.

  • Brownale69

    After watching that game ………….words fail