What would you say equals a hammering for Newcastle United?

Getting beat by one or two isn’t exactly a positive but once you stray into the territory of being beaten by three or more goals then you are definitely in hammering territory.

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The last year or so does feel like we have been battered from pillar to post under the expertise of Alan Pardew and John Carver but do the stats back that up?

I had a look back to see what happened since the start of February last season and these are the games we have lost by three or more in those thirteen months.

The most recent (Sunday at Goodison) listed first:

0-3 Everton (A) 15 March 2015

0-5 Man City (A) 21 Feb 2015

0-4 Spurs (A) 17 Dec 2014

1-4 Arsenal (A) 13 Dec 2014

0-4 Southampton (A) 13 Sept  2014

0-3 Arsenal (A) 28 Apr 2014

0-4 Man Utd (H) 5 Apr 2014

0-4 Southampton (A) 29 Mar 2014

0-3 Everton (H) 25 Mar 2014

0-4 Spurs (H) 12 Feb 2014

0-3 Chelsea (A) 8 Feb 2014

0-3 Sunderland (H) 1 Feb 2014

That’s right, twelve hammerings in thirteen months.

In only 49 Newcastle games since (and including) that home humiliation by Sunderland (and the now sacked Gus Poyet), United have lost by 3 or more goals on 12 occasions.

The maths isn’t difficult, on average every four matches Newcastle get hammered.

Just in case you were wondering if the odds were balanced a bit by Newcastle doing the same to other teams….

In those same 49 matches, Newcastle have hammered the opposition three times.

This happened once against already relegated Cardiff in the final home match of last season, plus twice when we visited the clueless Mrs Doubtfire at Hull.

3-0 Hull (A) 31 Jan 2015

3-0 Cardiff (H) 3 May 2014

4-1 Hull (A) 1 March 2014

  • partworntyres

    how to stop these hammerings – cut the pie rations or double the pie rations – over to JC.

  • amacdee

    The more we all read these stats the quicker the fans will all realise the way forward #AshleyOut

  • LeazesEnder

    The rest of the season doesn’t look too promising either, I’ve said many times that the smaller the squad the more likelihood of injuries, suspensions, fatigue, it becomes a snowball effect through lack of options…. the fans will be happy to see us limp over the magical 40 points to safety come May…. 

    …so much for Carvers ‘European Challenge’

    Ashley Out

  • Steve1221

    amacdee I’m pretty sure everyone has known that for a long time

  • SGM

    Bet you would all like Pards back now

  • amacdee

    SGM If nothing else while we’re losing and playing like the old Pardwho inspired teams of yesteryear at least I dont have to listen to his smarmy glib excuses for playing shlte. 

    This reminds me of the time Charlton elbowed him just before they went down. At least he’ll be able to say “It wasnt me !” again.