The FA have put forward new proposals that are aimed at strengthening English football, more importantly though – what impact will they have on Newcastle United?

The initiative is aimed at increasing opportunities for domestic players whilst diluting the flood of players from abroad.

The main points are:

Tougher rules when granting work permits.

Players will have to be with his club from the age of 15 to qualify as home-grown.

At least 2 home-grown players must be club-trained.

The minimum number of home-grown players in 25 man senior squad to rise from 8 to 12.

At the moment you can have up to 17 players that are not ‘home-grown’ in your senior squad, that figure would be reduced to 13 under the new proposals.

Newcastle United selected their latest 25 man Premier League squad after the January transfer window, though they only managed to name 23 players.

This was despite Lee Charnley having claimed that one of the reasons for not buying any new players was that there was no room in the squad for new signings!

United named 15 who didn’t qualify as home-grown and eight who did qualify for that under the current rules, namely: Tim Krul, Rob Elliot, Sammy Ameobi, Jack Colback, Steven Taylor, Mike Williamson, Paul Dummett and Ryan Taylor.

I assume that when both Jamaal Lascelles and Karl Darlow eventually move from Nottingham Forest, they will add another couple to our home-grown quota.

On the surface the new initiative from The FA looks as though it can only be a positive for the future health of both the national team and the Premier League itself.

Anything that helps give local lads a bit of an edge in competing with foreign imports can only be a good thing.

The performances of Jack Colback suggets that there is nothing quite like a player appearing for the team he grew up supporting.

  • RexN

    I can see Ashley having the two extra home grown players on zero hours contracts.

    Under the new proposals, Krul would not qualify as “home grown”, having joined after he was 15.

    I believe that Saylor, Dummett and Sammy would not qualify for the two who are proposed to have been with the club at age 15, each of them being 16 or 17 when they joined the academy. We would be hard pushed to find anyone of quality in the Under 21s who also meets the aged 15 requirement.

  • prestondave

    It wont make any difference to NUFC as FCB will do whatever he wants. He has already proved numerous times how he holds us mere minions in utter contempt.

  • Kev82

    All it will lead to is any decent young players being snapped up by the big clubs to make the numbers up in their squads, and their careers will pass them by as they barely play a game while picking up their £70k a week.

  • terriertwo

    All it would mean is the top clubs who are willing to spend money(that rules us out) will snap up all the young kids with potential and then loan them out. We’ll only take them on if they accept pennies for wages and sign ten year contracts so if they do come good its money in the bank for the large one.