Sunderland are struggling to sell out the derby match on Sunday.

With only a few days to go before the big game, Sunderland fans have failed to buy up all the home tickets, leaving the possibility of empty pink seats when Newcastle visit.

All away tickets were bought up some time ago.

A bit of a surprise to see Sunderland fans failing to get behind their team when only one point and one place above the relegation zone.

Plus the small matter of four wins on the bounce against the black and whites.

Remaining tickets are priced from only £32 (£15 for kids) but before any ticketless Newcastle fans get any bright ideas, tickets will only be sold to you if you have a valid SAFC customer number and a purchasing history which is recorded on the club’s database.


  • Paddy Corcoran

    Have we taken our full allocation?

  • Paul Nicholson


  • David Grey

    Why so many empty pink seats?

  • Thecyclist1

    I’m embarrassed for them.

  • Maximus Moose

    £32 to watch 2 Shyte teams id pass on that

  • GToon

    Surprising really when you think they stand a pretty good chance of giving us a hammering.

  • MilitantGeordie

    Times are hard economically so faced with the stark choice of football or cheesey chips.. well there was only going to be one winner.

  • safcftm

    As a Sunderland fan and being in the ticket office today, there was only around 100 tickets left in the premier concourse so this is bull s**t. You say we can’t fill our stadium but we always empty Sid James park HAHAHA FTM #4inarow

  • Larry Adler

    Another poor soul seems to have lost his way

  • LeazesEnder

    safcftm I’ve got your IP address and I’m going to send you lots of advertising.

  • Howey25

    Yarn yarn same old bull before any derby you sell less seats than us strange really there was a few empty seats at ASDA in the last derby

  • Leazes_62

    safcftm Im sure the truth will out in front of the TV cameras on Sunday

  • Leazes_62

    Howey25 Can you back up that bollox with facts at all?

  • Dominic Cottle


  • Lenny Harbottle


  • Andrew Clarkson

    Just means there won’t be as many of them who’ll be able to take the piss after they beat us again

  • JohnStock

    It’s become trivial and boring beating the horse punchers on a regular basis.