Rangers manager has stated that ‘two or three’ of the five Newcastle loan players would not have passed medicals in January, when they signed for Rangers until the end of the season.

After ousting the old board, the new directors have since discovered that incredibly no medicals were carried out on Gael Bigirimana, Haris Vuckic, Kevin Mbabu, Remie Streete and Shane Ferguson.

The five Newcastle loan signings were pushed through by former directors and Ashley allies (and former Ashley employees at Sports Direct and Newcastle United resepectively) Barry Leach and Derek Llambias.

Three of the players have so far not been in a fit state to play for Rangers, with Remie Streete breaking down in his first match and only Haris Vuckic playing in a number of matches.

Yesterday brought the revelation that Gael Bigirimana was already diagnosed with a medical condition whilst at Newcastle, that the player subsequently discovered menat he couldn’t play this season due to existing Scottish FA rules.

He would appear to be one of the ‘two or three’ who wouldn’t have passed a medical, with Shane Ferguson also very likely to be one of them, considering he had a long-term injury when the loan deals were struck and he is not expected to stand any chance of playing this season.


  • Phildene

    To find this out about both the loanees and the unprofessional way they were loaned to Rangers, is nothing short of scandalous. It also confirms the fact that Ashley couldn’t give a damn about either club or the fact they are professional FOOTBALL clubs. It also proves Ashley is only using both clubs for his own illgotten gains, which is what we thought and is appalling.
    The man is not fit to own or run a football club! But having said that, none of the bodies of power are willing to do anything about it and seemingly the only thing stopping someone from owning or running a football club is if they’ve been to jail. Sorry but to me that’s a bit pathetic as there should be a more vigorous criteria so preventing the likes of Ashley doing exactly what he is doing.

  • PhilYare

    mike ashley signs players who are injury prone…..that way we get knock down wages and fee’s whilst pretending to show that we mean real business whilst appeasing the fans

    I’ve never known such a disjointed squad of bits and pieces….. players who break down when they haven’t been back 2 minutes

    what a horrid and hopeless regime led by a despicable man, surrounded by like minded people e.g charnley, llambias

  • Bishyblue

    I’m a Rangers fan and am not shocked by this move by Ashley and Co. He brings shame on a great club like Newcastle.We’ve managed to wrestle control from him and hope Newcastle can do the same.Look at his use of zero hours contracts for workers at Sports Division to indicate how he views employees rights.