It has been claimed that Newcastle United are to put Tim Krul, Fabricio Coloccini and Cheick Tiote up for sale in the summer.

The ‘story’ in the Mirror states that the sales of the three would be used to help provide a £60m transfer pot for a new manager/head coach to spend on players.

Seemingly plucking figures and names at random, the Mirror claim that the new man lined up is Steve McClaren and that Mike Ashley has accepted that money needs to be spent now as prices will take yet another major leap once the next TV deals kick in from 2016.

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Whilst the Mirror ‘exclusives’ aren’t usually the most reliable indicators of what is going to happen to Newcastle United (or any other club) in the future, there may just be the odd grain of truth in what they are speculating.

Talk of McClaren turning up at St. James’ Park can’t exactly be relied upon, considering just how respected he is at Derby County and surely promotion to the Premier League would mean no chance of him wanting to leave there. He would be sure to be backed with their new found TV riches and speaking of which…

Talk of a potential £60m transfer pot isn’t totally out of the question, all it needs is Mike Ashley to allow it to happen.

Unlike almost every other club, Newcastle over the last two seasons (2013/14 and current 2014/15 season) have generated tens of millions of profits rather than major strengthening of the squad, which could fund such major spending this summer.  With the 2013/14 finances set to be finally released in the coming days, they are likely to show profits of around £50m or more, including the £20m banked from the sale of Yohan Cabaye.

Whilst money was spent last summer, the sales of players such as Debuchy, Mapou and Santon will ensure that another significant profit will have been generated this season, when taking into account the extra TV cash in the current deal.

Other clubs will spend money this summer but with the FFP (Financial Fair Play) playing a major part, all clubs are having to carefully balance what they spend.

Whilst the usual handful of clubs will still be able to outspend Newcastle due to their bigger revenues, due to lower spending and their position in the top twenty revenue generating clubs in the world, Newcastle could have a lot more cash available than any of those outside that elite group of clubs.

Having cleared so many top earners (Cabaye, Mapou, Debuchy, Santon, Ben Arfa) off the wage bill, it would be no surprise to see the likes of Tiote and Coloccini follow, if Newcastle can find somebody to take them. Tim Krul would be a more contentious sale but the time could be right for both the player to take a chance elsewhere and Ashley to bank a decent transfer fee, as well as save wages.

Newcastle now have a host of players on relative peanuts who have been active members of the first team squad; Ameobi, Elliot, Williamson, Abeid, Aarons, Armstrong, Dummett, Haidara, Perez and Ryan Taylor. Others such as Obertan, Gouffran, Steven Taylor and Riviere won’t be on big contracts by Premier League standards either.

When you add the Forest pair Lascelles and Darlow to the mix, there would be surely massive scope to not only speculate on transfer fees but wages as well, especially if Tiote and Coloccini left as well.

The handful of top earners that could remain would also be a credible group of players to potentially make a fresh start, with Janmaat, Colback, Sissoko and Cabella needing to be convinced that Newcastle are going to be heading in the right direction again. Adding Perez, Aarons and a fit again Cisse & de Jong would see the basis of a squad that could create and score goals, given the right new players coming in to join them.

Last year’s £30m or so spending did little more than paper over a few cracks after spending nothing the previous year.

It is often the case but this summer Newcastle United could really go either way. Keeping the best players and major investment could transform the club, failure to do either (or both!) and Unted are only heading one way.

I would be in shock if Mike Ashley did go for an ambitious route and tried to compete.

The big difference though compared to the past is that the Newcastle United owner only has to say yes and it will happen. He personally won’t even have to put a penny in and his asset, the football club, will increase in value if credible players are brought in. Leading to bigger profits when he does sell.

In the past the TV riches weren’t there but now the goalposts have been well and truly moved.

The thing is that major spending in the squad is as essential for Mike Ashley in terms of protecting his asset as it is for the health of the team on the pitch.

It is a win/win situation and born gambler Mike Ashley is onto a sure winner if he only says yes.

Even I am starting to believe that this might happen, for no other reason than that Ashley has no choice, if he doesn’t want to risk all the benefits that owning a Premier League Newcastle United bring to him.

  • Paddy Corcoran

    Really good article

  • Toonbadger

    “Talk of a potential £60m transfer pot isn’t totally out of the question, all it needs is Mike Ashley to allow it to happen.”
    That is the question, do you believe he will allow 60m beer tokens to vacate his wallet?
    I dont

  • GeordieBri

    I’ve also heard the rumours of McLaren being a done deal… this came from one of NUFC’s current professional player’s agent having been told by Lee Charnley! … Reasons I can think of for it being untrue are…
    1. Charnley is a bare faced liar
    2. Derby gain promotion
    3. Why would any self-respecting coach/manager ever consider working for these charlatans?
    4. Ashley will never sanction that level of spending… although the Mirror article also states that the £60m spend includes wages… I still don’t believe it!!!
    I’m sure you can all add more to this list
    From the noises coming out of SJP and the yes man Charver … I’m convinced that he has already been told that he will be head coach next season, for no other reason than the regime know that it will be impossible for them to attract any credible coach/manager to take the job under the conditions which they have stipulated!!!

  • RexN

    The Mirror wouldn’t have needed to dig too far to get those figures and speculation about player movement – it has been done on this site.

    The money is certainly there, and more besides unless Ashley has been paying himself back.

    If he is not careful, he will have to start paying Corporation Tax on NUFC profits.

  • terriertwo

    They have named three players they want to sell to boost the funds to buy players. What they haven’t mentioned is the players that want to leave or the ones that other clubs have been eyeing up. Sissoko,Perez,Aarons come to mind. Another season coming up with little to look forward to. Ashley out.

  • Hughie

    More unadulterated rubbish.

  • Andy Gray

    With the TV money & profit made last year (yet to be confirmed, but estimated at £50m) surely there’s no need for any further sales to fund the £60m ‘spree’ – we’re down to the bare bones as it is, and losing another 3 would simply mean the £60m would initially spent on replacing them.

  • Pulse33

    I have my doubts this is true but we can hope right? Assuming it has some truth to it I don’t think they should sell Krul, he’s a top keeper and world class when on his day, just a bit injury prone I suppose. Tiote and Coloccini I would have no problem with going if they are replaced with better younger players. McClaren wouldn’t be my first choice but would certainly be an improvement on Pardew and Carver and supposedly has a decent record. Apparently Derby have hit a bad spell and are down to 5th and no sure thing of promotion. Heres hoping Ashley has realised without investment we are screwed next season.

  • mactoon

    Of course he wont allow £60 million to leave the club! Past history dictates a first team player will be sold to generate profit some of which MAY be used to bring in a ‘development’ player with the hope they will break into the first team. The players coming back from injury just at the right time such as de jong and Aarons will be wheeled out as giving us a strong enough squad. Carver has already said this is the case. “Take all those injuries away and we have got 26 professionals. Now that is a decent sized squad” even though we could only name 23 players of the required 25!

  • v0ices

    GeordieBri they will sign 3 players no one has heard of for reported fees of 15 million each with the rest of the money supposedly covering wages for the length of the contract. In reality total spend 12 million and who includes a running cost in the transfer budget. So in the black on transfer spending and a cut in the wage bill again.

  • Phildene

    Carver contradicts himself too as has said we’ll be really surprised at who is coming in but we take all carvers saying with pinch of salt as he’s a liar too.
    You’re right though that ashley won’t spend any money.

  • Phildene

    Ashley has been taking ALL the revenue from every thing and pocketing it,that’s how he’s gone up from £900m to a staggering £.4.5 BILLION in 8 years!

  • IntravenusMP

    Not sure where the claimed have “tens of millions of profits” are, NUFC made 1.3m & 9m in the last 2 years (although 2014 accounts are due to be filed in the next day or so)

    Krul is likely to be sold to Man U as they will be losing their keeper to Madrid. With Karl Darlow due to join, we have an excellent replacement. 

    Collo may well go, he’s showing his age and on daft wages but will need replacing, Steete is a year off being ready,  Lascelles has done well at Forest since being strangely out of favour. 

    Tiote may well go, he must fancy a big move although if McClaren is to be the coach, were they not together at Twente?  Although De Jong will be back, we need a midfielder or two. 

    We do need a proper goalscorer, Cisse isn’t going to do it.

  • Hez

    60 million is fantasy land; sell Krul, Collocini, Tiote and probably Sissoko (he will want out) and invest 6 million is Ashley land

  • DownUnderMag

    The sales I believe, and I think it is actually quite optimistic that Sissoko and Janmaat aren’t included in that speculation. But £60m to spend??  Not likely, even WITH those sales.

  • waddla

    A joke of an article,cashley not interested in us full stop but big hitters leaving will no doubt happen,the man is destroying us.

  • magpie9

    The only money fatty will spend is on bigger billboards for advertising S.D.

  • Tony Mark Elsender

    Why do we need to sell?

  • LeazesEnder

    To keep the players happy?

  • LeazesEnder

    IntravenusMP …the profit is largely the unspent SKY money.

  • Sebastian Dzien

    why krul?? Tiote colo ok but Krul is great

  • tino o

    This time next year we will be in the same situation listening to the same old shite!!sorry I won’t be taken in under Ashley this is us a mediocre team with no direction wanting mclaren spells out the intentions for me.

  • toon tony

    After selling Tiote, Krul, and Collocini where will the other £59m come from. ???

  • Mal44

    If this is correct then I suppose Krul could be making way for the Forest guy; there would be no shortage of takers. Getting rid of Colo will be difficult due to his wages unless he just wants to go home – I doubt anyone will match his reputed £60k a week. Tiote isn’t the valuable asset he was a couple of years ago though we should still get a decent fee for him.
    I think there may be some truth in McClaren coming; though ironically it seems that it will only happen if he fails to get Derby promoted.
    There’s quite a few more that needs to be cleared out if MA is serious about turning things around.

  • alreet

    Wat about getting ameobi. Williamson. Anita. Obertan and riviere off the books.

  • mactoon

    He isn’t he just wants to stay in the premiership

  • Bills frollocks

    Yes. Go and buy your season tickets you mugs. There is 60M to be spent.

  • v0ices

    alreet why they are the cheap players no one else wants but replacing them will cost money Ashley won’t spend.

  • MilitantGeordie

    60 million? I bet he doesn’t even spend 60p. He’ll sell one or two ‘ big ‘ players and spend some of that on replacements.. nothing more.

  • IntravenusMP

    LeazesEnder most of our income is sky so yes you are right. By it’s nature, the profit tends to be income that is not spent.

  • IntravenusMP

    Because Karl Darlow will be with us next season and he’s not going to be much use sat on the bench. Manure will come after Krul and realistically, he’s always going to take that chance,.