Here we are once again, on a Monday morning moaning about the state Newcastle United is in and once again, it’s all self-inflicted.

We can go on and on about the merits (or lack of them) in attack and moan about which Manager (Sorry- Head Coach) should be in the dugout. However, surely this whole squad needs ripping up in the summer and starting again, minus exceptions like Krul, Janmaat, Colback, Sissoko and Perez.

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The seeds were sown long ago in terms of how bad we are in defence.

Forget last summer, when nothing was done to improve a centre-back pairing that wasn’t good enough last season. Retaining the status quo of Taylor, Williamson and Coloccini (Championship defenders of 2009) was an admission of failure before a ball was kicked in August 2014 and to not even start blooding in Jamaal Lascelles into the side from day one, was out and out negligence.

Daryl Janmaat is a quality right-back, one that can handle the Premier League and even contribute going forward, personally I think an improvement on Debuchy, a good bit of business all round. However, everything else across the back four is utterly atrocious, highlighted at Everton more so than anywhere this season.

Take Ryan Taylor at left-back. A great lad, but NOT a left-back, not even strictly left footed. He was turned inside out before the second goal, assisted by Gouffran (I assume he was played to help Taylor defend?) before Gouffran himself then failed to clear and then clattered Lennon for the penalty award.

Not getting in a RECOGNISED left-back is criminal and we haven’t done so for years now. It’s the hardest position to get right as there are so few good ones about, but surely predominantly right footed Davide Santon, would have been more useful played there than swanning around the streets of Milan? Where’s Haidara?

None of which would be my first choice, but in the absence of forward planning (or even planning) surely letting Santon (who can cover at right-back,making him quite versatile) go in January was once again negligent.

Moving on, Mike Williamson. A steady Championship defender, no fuss, probably happy to be at a Premier League club to be honest. But sadly we can’t allow a Championship defender to consistently keep making the side because he’s a nice guy and it would be easier than forking out a chunk to get someone who can actually defend properly. This isn’t a game for niceties. I’ve defended him in the past, based primarily on the fact that he gets more stick than his colleague Steven Taylor, who IS a Premier League defender, unfortunately an average one.

Onto the biggest problems in the back four. Captain Colo. My word, if ever a problem stood out more. People can defend him as much as they like, but he’s living off long, long past reputations.

The 2011/12 season seems a lifetime ago and people still hark back to that campaign as why Colo should be in the team. Not for me. Unfortunately a bit like Williamson, he is in the side by default, not ability, and to top it all off, he is the Captain.

The one person I definitely wouldn’t have as Captain, is someone that doesn’t even want to be at the club and gets himself sent off with rash challenges (Not the first time he’s done it by the way). He doesn’t conduct interviews, he wants to be away, he’s not a Captain and his discipline and ability is now questionable. First one out the door in the Summer for me.

Looking at Tim Krul, his aura is currently slipping. He’s making mistakes that he wasn’t doing a season or two ago and that’s a worry as he was worth 10 points a season not so long ago, but he isn’t the problem.

The problem lies in front of him. A good defence can make a good goalkeeper look invincible (Think David Seaman and Peter Schmeichel in the 90s), an average defence can make a good goalkeeper look poor.

Our defence isn’t even average at present . .

  • jarra lad

    Totally agree – never been a fan of the Quo. Would be much better if we could get the Who.

  • StephenBowers

    Absolutely spot on.
    Can anyone hazard a guess at the back four for the Arsenal game?

  • No Brainer

    Maybe just maybe Willo is the best we have. I expect poor John to pronounce an overhaul of the team, that now with colo out he has the opportunity to play his way of 3 at the back, with two of them flying wing backs with a midfield six and one striker running from pitch side to pitch side to harras the arsenal defence.

    Anyone want a ticket to next weeks match we are going to have such a massive second () ripped the RVI will need extra staff on the A&E.

  • hettonmag

    I would cash in on Krul  he never comes for crosses, his kicking is poor and most annoying for me he is forever hoofing the ball  to some small  guy who has got no chance of winning it, good shot stopper but not the finished article by any means. A  decent coach  would  maybe  get the best  out of Haidara. Collo, the two Taylors, Amiobe, Oberton, Gouffy, Willo, all need got rid of. And give the captains armband to Colback.

  • Mal44

    The coaches and much of the squad needs a clear out, but I doubt it will happen. Ashley won’t spend and Charnley is out of his depth anyway. Incidentally what happened to the new ere of communications with supporters that was supposed to happen following the ‘Chronicle exclusive’; just seems as though its all been left to carver to face the music. Judging by Sunday’s team selection Pardew is also still picking the team. Nothing changes.

  • Paul Patterson

    StephenBowers  It’ll probably be Janmaat moved to centre back to partner Williamson, Anita at right back and Taylor at left back.

  • StephenBowers

    Paul Patterson StephenBowers
    I couldn’t bare to watch.

  • jarra lad

    StephenBowers Paul Patterson  Keep your clothes on then!

  • Hughie

    hettonmag –was there once someone called Forster around?

  • Stonesy

    “Cash in”? Sorry to jump on that but really, do any of us still need reminding how redundant that expression is in the world of a Newcastle United fan? At any other club, yes, a valid point, let’s cash in this player or that…so we can use the money to strengthen the squad. But at Mike Ashley’s home for the terminally disappointed and joyless?

  • Stonesy

    The ball boys.

  • radgiegadgie

    I think we are in deep poo against Arsenal

  • aussiemag

    radgiegadgie 5+ goal defeat is what I’m thinking!

  • DownUnderMag

    Most of the players in the squad are good enough to play for us, they have proven themselves in games in the past.  I think most of the problem lies in the lack of depth, lack of direction and complete absence of ambition.  

    1) The players are being led by a coach, who isn’t exactly setting the world slight, and one they don’t even know if he will be in charge next season or not.  


    2) The club has made it clear it’s intentions of not challenging in the league or the cups and staying as far away as possible from any European involvement as they possibly can, meaning this season is effectively over.

    They aren’t exactly going to be overly motivated to put their bodies on the line are they?  The only thing they have to work for is if they are looking for a move in the summer, obviously Sissoko and Janmaat are the favourites given they are the only ones showing anything right now.

    Add in to this mix the woefully thin squad and it’s clear to see why there appears no urgency.  Players fall out of form, but we have no replacements.  Players also need the push to see someone breathing over there shoulder looking to take their squad place…that isn’t going to happen.   The things is, our senior players (the purple) are guaranteed their place in the team right now no matter how badly they play and there motivation must be non-existent when they do play because of the circumstances at the club.

    It’s pretty apathetic being a fan right now so I can’t see it being much of a joy playing for us under this cloud.

  • WallaceWilson

    Down, down deeper and down…..

  • hettonmag

    Stonesy  Good point  mate  my post didn’t  come across the way it  was  meant to. You are correct  “cash in”  isn’t the most  apt  phrase to use were the fat man is concerned.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer By heavens, a post of yours I agree with. Sarcasm actually suits you.

  • Toonbadger

    Status Quo no good for Newcastle United. Yeah they are all in their 60`s but no doubt could play better than this shite