Special permission has been given by the Premier League for West Brom to wear a retro kit instead of their usual strip(s).

On April 11 the Baggies will pay tribute to their legendary striker Jeff Astle who sadly is no longer with us, wearing the strip against Leicester.

The team will wear the style of strip worn in the 1968 FA Cup final when Jeff Astle inspired the team to success at Wembley.

This is only the second time in the Premier League era that this has happened, with Manchester United in 2008 commemorating the 50 years anniversary of the Munich air disaster in similar fashion.

A great idea and  a special day for all concerned, especially in terms of bringing the memories flooding back.

What about Newcastle fans though?

What strip would you like to see the United players wear as a special tribute one day?

The Milburn strip of the 50s?

retro kit

Keegan playing days?

retro kit

1990’s ‘beermat’ one?

retro kit

Or is there another that would be your choice?

  • Maximus Moose

    Broon Ale best strip ever

  • PeterRobson

    Maximus Moose I still wear that one with pride !!!!

  • geordie69

    Has to be the classic 1970s one…

  • terriertwo

    Maximus Moose                                                                                                                          Still got mine plus a broon ale jumper. Class

  • PJ_Ave

    I always liked the 93 promotion kit, (with blue star, not Greenalls)

  • PJ_Ave

    Or the blue Asics one – piss poor quality but looked good.

  • dav_art

    geordie69  that’s the one!

  • PhilYare

    anyone without that wonga s**t

  • mrkgw

    Likewise. Pure class.

  • kenhomsbarmyarmy

    I always liked the burgundy and blue hooped away kit with brown ale on. Mostly due to quality of side that played in it

  • Nigel Benton

    Our current team and set up is not fit to wear past shirts that I’ll always associate with team work & effort

  • Mark Brooker

    One without a bloody sponsors logo on it anyway.

  • partworntyres

    big chance for jc to introduce those retro boots- the ones with the stale pie on the toe – can’t wait.

    the blue star always looked fab

  • A lex

    None – all the great shirts celebrate a great period. Given the srive for mediocrity that’s happening now, it would be nauseating if the club tried to piggy back past successes.

  • markmiwurdz

    The “bar code” kit with the blue star on the front….

  • Philippines

    Blue star by far……. you can’t beat a bottle of “Journey into Space”. By the way, I was amazed to see Newcastle broon on draught in Arizona USA recently!!!!

  • markmiwurdz

    Can’t fault that one either….

  • magpie9

    Philippines  Its on draught in Canada & throughout U.S.A. Probably keeps the price down for transportation

  • magpie9

    If the old shirts of mid 90s could come back with the players to match the ones who wore them then