Moussa Sissoko has claimed that once Emmanuel Riviere gets his first goal, he can go on and get 10 to 15 goals.

Presumably the United midfielder is referring to a hypothetical full season rather than the ten remaining matches of this one…

“We know with strikers it can be hard to score your first goal, after that he (Emmanuel Riviere) can maybe score 10 to 15 goals.

“But you have to score that first one first, he had the chance but didn’t score – I hope for him he will score in the next game.”

Sadly though, expecting any goals from the French striker is looking a bit of a stretch at the moment, as Sissoko says himself, he ‘hopes’ Roviere scores against Everton (if selected) but then as Newcastle fans we’ve seen countless players over the years who we hope will suddenly turn into something they are clearly not.

It isn’t Riviere’s fault, he just simply isn’t good enough.

Mike Ashley refused to allow money to be spent on a credible striker, even though knowing that our only out and out  forward, Papiss Cisse was going to be unavailable for the start of this season.

Whilst countless Premier League clubs invested heavily in the most important part of the team, Newcastle entrusted our ‘hopes’ to a journeyman striker who had already moved between three different French clubs.

Emmanuel Riviere is now 25 and in his eighth season of professional football, in that time he has only scored 40 league goals, all of which have come in the far weaker Ligue 1, failing to add to that total in 16 Premier League appearances so far.

Good luck to the lad and like the rest of you I ‘hope’ he suddenly starts smashing the ball into the back of the net and shows us ability that we haven’t seen so far.

Without Papiss Cisse we would be in a relegation fight this season and with his enforced spitting rest for what is likely to be the next seven matches, Emmanuel Riviere will surely get his chance.

Mike Ashley has just got away with it this season but if he refuses once again to buy a credible striker(s) then next season is already looking daunting.


  • Sickandtiredstill

    17 from 50 in France. Nothing there to suggest he’s capable of getting 10-15 in the PL and certainly not in the remainder of the season (or an entire season).

  • Brownale69

    If I had six numbers right Id win the Lotto.
    total tosh

  • wor monga

    It’s only a French player telling the uninitiated in his own
    way that if his countryman was to get one then he could have the confidence boost
    to go on and possibly grab a few more goals…

    Maybe you might understand that way of putting it over
    better seeing as it’s probably been said about every out of form goal scorer
    since the game was invented…

    rather than get over critical about the somewhat exaggerated
    figure he used of 10 or 15 goals!!

  • Paul Patterson

    Andreas Andersson, Stephane Guivarch and Xisco.
    Three strikers (Term used loosely) that were instantly seen as unsuitable for the Premier League.

    Add Riviere to the list . .

  • Toonbadger

    Watch out Sissoko, their coming to take you away haha hehe haha hoho

  • Big Al 1967

    Sorry Moussa but that ain’t going to happen. The lad is a million miles away from being Premier League quality. Unless you mean in the Championship which is coming soon to St JAmes’  under this regime

  • Alsteads

    Even though our football isn’t the best and we are not exactly creating plenty of chances for our strikers, if he can’t hit the net when theres no pressure on the team due to our mediocre position the fella isn’t going to do it.

    P.S Sissoko would be best advised to concentrate all his energy on his own performances instead of trying to blow smoke up his mates axxe!!

  • DownUnderMag

    1957 yeah, Tomasson isn’t the only one.  Riviere has been played as a tagret-man striker on his own for much of his appearances, and anyone can see that isn’t his game.  Since he’s had someone along side him he has looked a good player, making good runs and linking up well.  I really do think he is getting some unfair stick at the moment…you can see he is getting in the right areas and if he gets one goal and starts getting better service then he could score a few goals for us the rest of this season.
    I also think Cisse isn’t the best strike partner for Riviere, Cisse doesn’t link up well, and doesn’t bring his team-mates into the game.  Cisse is a great poacher but isn’t a partner type player…It will be really interesting to see if Riviere and Perez can link up together while Cisse is banned, I think those two look like they could run defenses ragged with their link-up play.  Time will tell, but I hope Riviere gets a goal soon as it will be a huge weight off his soulders.

  • Albert27

    If. And the “smashing it in the back of the net” – thats the thing. Thats it – we barely have a player that can do that. How many can smash a ball at all with pace and swerve?

  • Ashleyout

    He’ll never score as long as he has a hole in his bottom…. unfortunately he’s another haddock and we’ve had plenty of them and Carver is a bigger haddock for startinging him instead of Perez……… and whats happened to Cisse?… he’s turned into an idiot…..

  • PhilYare

    1957 never understood the jon dahl tomasson excuse that he was played out of position, he never played on the wing or in midfield, he played upfront as was meant to be a striker. I think getting rid of ginola, beardsley, ferdinand clark and elliott couldnt have helped…. instead of these types of players around him he had des hamilton, ian rush and pistone clowning about around him and his confidence maybe got crushed

  • PhilYare

    Albert27 probs just williamson attempting to punt it clear

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