Siem de Jong continues his recovery from the collapsed lung he suffered for the second time in two season.

The Dutch international hoping to be back before the end of this season.

However, in response to a Newcastle fan asking him via Twitter, de Jong confirmed he wouldn’t be back in time for the Sunderland match in 11 days time.

Replying via his Twitter account, Siem de Jong:

“Will you be back for the sunderland game? – No still going to miss that one.”

The Dutch midfielder also gave us an insight into the type of specialist training he is undertaking to help ensure the colapsed lung problem doesn’t reappear.

De Jong posting the image below on Twitter along with the following message:

“Special training today! Training my lungs to be strong again. #comingbackstronger”

siem de jong

Whether Siem de Jong makes it back this season remains to be seen but it looks vital that he is 100% ready to start next season and help plug the goals/creativity shortage at Newcastle United.

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