Siem de Jong has said he is a 50 games a season player rather than an injury jinxed liability for Newcastle.

The Dutch midfielder was responding to those, journalists and fans, who have speculated that United were able to capture the former Ajax player because he was increasingly picking up injuries.

Speaking to the Chronicle, Siem de Jong says that this current season has been the biggest nightmare of his career and in the years to come he will prove his worth:

“A nightmare and the worst season of my life, ever. I haven’t been injured much for seven years, except for last season I played more than 50 games every season.

“You do read what people say on social media and see what people say, but it does not affect me too much. I have a long contract here, I have a few years to prove what I can do.”

Taking a chance:

 “I took a chance back then (not having surgery when first had collapsed lung whilst at Ajax), you never know what is going to happen – for a lot of people it never recurs, so that was the chance.

“Now there is a 95% chance it will never happen to me again after this surgery.”

Perfect role at Newcastle?:

“I think it (playing number 10) is a really good position for me and I have seen a lot of games in England now.

“I have seen a lot of games where there is space in between the holes and I think…I could have made a big difference there!”

Hopefully next season we will get to see whether Siem de Jong can fill that big number 10 size hole in the Newcastle team.

Certainly it hasn’t done Remy Cabella any favours having tosingle-handedly trying to fill the creativity gap left by Yohan Cabaye and to a lesser extent, Hatem Ben Arfa.

As for Siem de Jong’s assertion that before last season he had been a 50 games a season playe – here are the number of competitive matches teh Dutch international has played each season since establishing himself as a first team player at Ajax.

The totals include all league, cup and European matches and comprise both starting eleven matches and those where he has come on a substitute;

34  2009/10

52  2010/11

39  2011/12

47  2012/13

28  2013/14

  3   2014/15

Not quite 50 games a season (with one exception) but certainly 200 matches over his last five seasons at Ajax is a very decent record.

Last season he did still manage 28 appearances despite the injury problems, although many of them were from the bench on the numerous occasions when he was coming back from each subsequent injury/illness.

Moving forward of course is all that matters for Newcastle fans and let’s hope that Siem de Jon can stay fit AND have the impact on the team that is desperately needed if United are going to compete next season.

Whether or not Mike Ashley is going to allow spending of £60m….

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  • Jarra MIck

    Aye he’s learning fast another lying fcuker. Straight of the joke kinnear/ Lambias school of rewriting history. Sounds like he’s trying to convince himself he’s not a crock and a thief. If he plays a full season next season I’ll show me ar5e in binns’ winda!

  • Paul Patterson

    Er the evidence says otherwise.
    I want a decent player that plays 30+ games a a season, not a brilliant player that only plays 10.
    Woodgate was the best example I can remember. Probably the best defender Newcastle have had over the last 40 years, but sadly . .

  • wor monga

    The figures up to season ‘12-‘13 are respectable…it’s a
    squad game, and players are expected to come off/on in games for strategic

    …he explained his lung problems, in 2013…and that is not a footballing
    injury…maybe it should have been picked up on a medical before signing him, but
    that isn’t his fault…it was well documented beforehand

    … Hopefully it’s now
    sorted, and I look forward to seeing him play for us in the future!!!

  • wor monga

    Jarra MIck        Get a grip of yourself, Mick…a hole in his lung…he’d hardly
    come up with that one if he just was after  a place on the physio’s bench…now would he?

  • Alsteads

    Pmsl aye does nae harm to have an alternative view/take on things Mick

  • Brownale69

    How many goals has he scored>?

  • Maximus Moose


  • Polarboy

    The lad should be given a chance, a collapsed lung isn’t your garden variety injury and clearly he came back from it too soon the first time.

  • Jarra MIck

    Monga I never said he was lying bout his lung. Good to see you’ve got so much faith in him. Guess I’ve seen too many Kieron Dyers and Steve Taylors to have any faith in anyone who turns up injured before he’s hardly kicked a ball. I appreciate your optimism but I find its best being a pessimist in these situations.

  • magpie9

    Self praise is no recommendation the facts speak much much louder