Sammy Ameobi says that he is fighting hard to get John Carver the job on a long-term basis.

The Newcastle born winger says that Carver’s longevity at St. James’ Park means that everybody knows him and his ways, with all the players wanting the ‘best for him’.

Being a local, Sammy says that he totally understands the relationship between the health of the football club and that of the city.

The United player saying that winning matches helps to breathe life into the city of Newcastle.

With only three wins in the last fifteen matches over the course of three months under Pardew and Carver, Newcastle as a city must have been permanently on a ventilator as it’s struggled for breath on such bare pickings.

Sammy Ameobi speaking to the Chronicle:

“John Carver is a man who sticks by his players, he has been around for so long and everybody is very used to him – we all want the best for him.

“We are trying to do our best for him and hopefully he keeps his job.”

Bringing life to the city:

“Being somebody who is local, I want this city to do well and prosper. It (winning matches) brings life to the city.”

In the case of Sammy Ameobi, it isn’t just John Carver’s job that he needs to be fighting for.

Ameobi’s contract is up at the end of this season and on what we have seen so far, it must surely be debatable as to whether Shola’s younger brother deserves an extended stay at St. James’ Park.

In these remaining matches he has to show that not only does he want John Carver to get the job long-term, but that he also has the necessary desire to perform for his home town club.

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  • Hughie

    Disagree with 1957, and I ‘ve been around longer than that. Sammy is a major asset at SJP. Light years ahead of his bro. They said similar things about Waddler. Unorthodox, and also now offers the unique asset for us these days of excellent corners, and is working harder/getting stronger. Thought he was in our best two or three against MU. Yes, occasionally switches off , but getting better by the game. Having said that the jury is out on JC, and a good coach does not necessarily make a good manager–but whats in a name? The underlying problem may not be Carver though, it may well be the limitations of the squad and trying to change inflexible tactics drilled into them by Pardew. The worst feature of that is the continued inability to hold the ball, and the single strategy of counter-attacking football.

  • David Grey

    Haha….the way he plays Carver has no chance.

  • partworntyres

    which premier league clubs have been fighting to take carver to their club? how many top six teams have been chasing sammi knowing his contract is nearly up? would we be correct in thinking none to either question?

  • Kelbel Forster

    Well stop!

  • Hez

    Another day, another player, ex pro, pundit, talking about how great John Carver is, must be costing the club a  fortune in drafting propaganda speeches and statements for them to read out. Just give him the job, if its going to happen I would rather they got on with it and stopped mincing about pretending he is respected by the world of football

  • toon tony

    He’s not even a good coach. Remember him saying that “he didn’t know he (Sammy) could take corners !!!!

  • toon tony

    “Fighting to get Carver the job ” in other words fighting for mediocrity. !!

  • mrkgw

    It will spell disaster for our club is Carver gets the job. Moreover, it would only serve to confirm a distinct lack of ambition.

  • TheRiotAct9

    Malr54Reid always liked Sammy but he’s an idiot on this account

  • shaunieoisdead

    Fighting??? Where at??? He can not be talking about on the pitch surely!

  • Demented_Man

    Hez My sentiments exactly.  I bet they go through the pretence of looking for alternatives to Carver, though.

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    I don’t understand the vitriol on this site towards Sammi. From what I see, he is a hard-working, conscientious footballer with bags of talent. Flaws, yes, but he is clearly working on them. Whether or not he ultimately makes it, only time will tell, but I for one believe he will eventually come good.

  • Hughie

    Well said Nicolaus– half the people purporting to be NUFC fans on this site are in my view either Mackems or have never kicked a ball in their lives. The lad is an exceptional talent who could go on to the highest level.

  • Phildene

    Sammy is now 23 I think and, for the time he’s been here, should be a lot better if he’s going to make it-and if he rates Carver, well enough said!  he’s just a slightly more lively version of his older brother, who’s done very little all the time he was here.