Considering he hasn’t even started a Premier League yet, there has been a massive amount of speculation surrounding Rolando Aarons.

The 19 year old winger has been missing for four months and counting with claims from certain areas that his ongoing absence was the result of refusing to sign an extended contract, rather than an injury problem still existing.

The fact Aarons hasn’t played any friendly match or reserve team game in his recuperation period also puzzled fans, while the radio silence from the club hardly helped matters either.

Rolando Aarons made two starts in the league cup and three reserve appearances in the Premier League, scoring two goals, including the first against Manchester City which helped him grab a lot of headlines.

However, after another appearance off the bench against Liverpool; the following weekend, he hasn’t been since.

John Carver at last came out earlier today and stated that Aarons had had yet another setback and would be out for at least another seven to ten days.

Now Rolando Aarons himself has dismissed the ongoing speculation via his Twitter account, although he  doesn’t mention signing a new contract either…

“The amount of reasons I’ve seen as to why I’m not playing the sport I love. Lol funny.”

“If I’m not playing I’m not physically ready.”

“Been out 5 months with a hamstring. It’s been multiple hamstring injuries and a thigh strain. I’m working on myself to come back ready.”

  • Demented_Man

    I doubt this will dampen down the speculation.  No-one is out for 5 months with a hamstring injury, especially nowadays.
    Is this the result of a prompt from Keith Bishop?

  • mentalman

    What will it take for people to come to terms with a reserve player being injured and not out because of underhand dealings by the club

  • jimblag

    Demented_Man He did say a series of injuries.

  • GToon

    Its a shame he plays for a club who are incapable of updating the fans as to why he has been out so long. Still what do they care we are just the supporters and wishing a player a speedy recovery or hoping he is fit wont get them any money so why bother.

  • A lex

    Exactly. It’s such a simple and non-confrontational process to update fans about ongoing injuries, yet they can’t even suss out this aspect of communication.

  • goalseeker

    What is more worrying, although his injuries are indicative, is the fact that so many of our players go down with hamstring injuries. What has happened to our great fitness coaches and medical team that so many of our players end up on the treatment table instead of plying their skills on the Park? Other teams appear to have less problems season on season than we do. We need to solve this problem if we are to progress at all. Presently we have 8 first team players warming the treatment table the same as Liverpool but with a far smaller squad of players so percentage wise the worst in the league.

  • Alsteads

    Love the way the kid just laughs it off. Thats the problems with your Lennons, Townsends, Sterlings (even though I wouldn’t put him in that bracket) we have a succession of right wing wonders that fall flat on their face after a season thinking they’ve cracked it. Would of liked to have seen the kid come out with something a bit more passionate. If not about NUFC then at least wanting to play again ASAP with fire in his belly. Remember a certain Nile Ranger anyone coming on and destroying Liverpool cos they couldn’t handle him? then…………… Hope Im wrong but he could do worse than to sign up for another 2 years and get some game time and then his move. Or just toss it off like Dyer did?

  • alreet

    Has to be the player himself that comes out with the info. Total slackness for a very promising player on behalf of the powers

  • Bills frollocks

    Yes but that is because Carver wouldn’t have known why he wasn’t playing just like he didn’t know Ameobi could take corners.

  • alreet

    Does that mean someone should tell him that abeid has a bit of something. That gouffran is pap. That obertan needs to pass and that anita is like a left out school boy.
    He really needs to sort it out coz we wont have many more wins this term otherwise