When Fabricio Coloccini was sent off on Sunday, John Carver made wholesale changes as he moved Jack Colback to left-back, Ryan Taylor over to the right and Janmaat into the middle.

Newcastle actually looked a bit better in that final hour hour but I think there is a big danger of believing that it was the moving around of players that improved things.

I think Everton definitely took their foot off the gas, with a two goal lead and the opposition down to ten men it is little wonder they thought they could cruise through to the final whistle.

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In addition, the ludicrous decision by John Carver to leave out both Perez and Cabella was summed up by their contrbution once thay came on in that second half.

Whatever option you put alongside Mike Williamson at centre-back is going to be lkess than ideal, but why also disrupt the parts of the team that have been our strongest performers?

Ryan Taylor has done ok at left-back so keep him there unless Massadio Haidara is available.

More importantly, Daryl Janmaat and Jack Colback have not only been Newcastle’s best two outfield players, they also have the best engines.

The Dutch full-back gets up and down the right hand side all day, while Jack Colback is non-stop in the midfield, anchoring them at centre-back and left-back would be a massive mistake.

John Carver needs to pick somebody to play alongside Williamson for these three matches and stick with them.

To an extent I don’t really care who it is, as there is no obvious choice, we just have to pick one and back them!

Lubomir Satka is 19 and yet to appear in the Premier League, only one brief substitute appearance to his name in the FA Cup against Leicester.

The thing is though, you’ll only find out if he’s good enough if he gets a chance, I know Arsenal, Sunderland and Liverpool are a daunting trio of matches but with Premier League safety all but assured, why not give it a go?

It could be the making of him and a great bonus for going into next season.

My second choice would be Jonas Gutierrez, committed and experienced he would give it everything.

If Newcastle are going to make any kind of a game of it, we need our remaining decent players on the pitch and in their correct positions.

Interesting to see what John Carver does.

Any other suggestions from anybody out there?



  • Jimmywayhay

    Forget about it ,the Voice will be on the BBC or the Rugby ,find something better to do with your time !

  • radgiegadgie

    I would definitely give the lad a chance – can he be much worse than Collo and Williamson?  MBwia was also crap and STaylor hardly set the bar particulalry high at CH.  As I say, how much worse can you get than crap?

    Accept you have a young inexperienced lad in a key position but try to protect him via Abeid or someone else in midfield, play all the other players like Janmaat in their best positions.

  • stevennufc

    why not play ashley in the middle…..he mite not be the quickest…but he,ll take some getting round!!

  • DonDickson

    Play the young lad and let’s see what he’s made of its the only way to truly test his character,also give another couple of youngsters there chance we have nothing to lose,also please never play that muppet of a so called captain ever again let him stay in Argentina on holiday till end of season then for gods sake get rid of him,Taylor and Williamson and get a couple of proper centre halls to go with luscelles from forest…sorry been a sleep again fat controller and his little hobet (carver)never going to please the fans.

  • radgiegadgie

    DonDickson Send Gouffran & Anita back while they are at it, liabilities of players.

  • amacdee

    Colback for Captain. He’s the only one, apart from Raylor maybe, who knows what it means to pull on the black and white ! The rest are just mercenaries, huffed because their tenth place bonus is looking less and less likely every game !

  • Peter Wilkinson Nufc

    This is impossible to do cos we have no more defenders!!!!! WHY ASK FOR THE IMPOSSIBLE ARE YOUR MAD??????????

  • Brown Bottle

    Whoever plays Carver will blame the young’un. It’s the Pardew way!

  • Andy Wardle

    Just get two keepers in. Easy. Can’t see the problem.

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    I think moving Janmaat to the middle of the defence would be our best option. Ryan Taylor could then slot in at right back. As for left back, if Haidara isn’t fit, we could have Jonas or Colback play there and one or the other of the two could play in central midfield alongside Sissoko.

    (Actually, the more I type this, the more pessimistic I am becoming …).

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    Brown Bottle 
    Have you noticed Carver even talks ‘Pardew speak’ now, going on about “the group” all the time. Next thing you know he’ll be coming out with “I fink we controlled the final fird” etc.

  • Paul Patterson

    Actually, putting the current problem to one side, to get the best out of defence and attack, I’d like to see Janmaat given a go on the right wing, with Taylor at right back (He right footed for heavens sake!!!) and Haidara at left back.
    Bet Carver doesn’t think of that one

  • Seventy2

    I understand your contention but don’t fully agree. The argument that both Janmaat and Colback have good ‘engines’ and that the former is excellent at running up and down the full length of the flank, would also apply to the latter being played at left back. There is no right answer in this situation, just the least worst and should not be restricted to fitting players to the existing system. For example it maybe possible to trial three at the back with wing backs and forgo the usual use of defensive midfielders for playmakers with quick forwards apply pressure in and out of possession.

  • NatTurner

    Assuming that no players are back from injury, including Haidara, I would start this 11:

    R. Taylor, Janmaat, Satka, Jonas
                  Anita       Colback
    Cabella                             Ameobi

    I seriously think we need to freshen things up in defense with Colo out.  Williamson is too slow against Arsenal’s fierce, pacey attack.  I don’t like Anita but Arsenal also requires two defensive midfielders, and playing him would free Sissoko up, allowing us to play our four strongest available attacking players in a non-pathetic attacking quartet.

    I’m not daft enough to think we’ll win with such a line up, but I do think we would have at least a fighting chance, especially if Satka mans up to the opportunity.