Rangers and Newcastle United – The Comparisons

Firstly, let me say there are no comparisons.

To say the Newcastle following are as ignorant and as gullible as Rangers International FC are, is downright insulting.

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Notice the Rangers International fc and not just Glasgow Rangers, this is because the Rangers support had in their grasp the chance to save their club from going into administration and then liquidation but refused to dip into their pockets to save their beloved club.

They preferred, as they have always done, to wait and hope that a sugar daddy in the guise of the once great but now disgraced Sir David Murray come riding in on his white charger with millions to take them to their parallel universe which they alone inhabit.

Let me give you the rundown of both clubs.

Newcastle United

Fan base loyal with high attendances for every home game.

Club has manageable debt and is run and controlled by Billionaire Mike Ashley.

Newcastle fans are at loggerheads with Ashley and would prefer to see him be a bit more ambitious with regards to speculating in the squad for the bigger prize which is a top 4 spot, which EPL club’s fans don’t think this way?

Financially they are sound and will be for the foreseeable future.

Stadium one of the best in the country

Rangers International

Fan base is not the false reporting of 50,000 crowds every other week, in fact at this very moment it’s down to under 17000 (ED: last three Ibrox crowds 29,769, 11,422 (Cup) and 30,031) due to two reasons.

Firstly, some are boycotting because owner to be Dave King wants them to drive the existing board out, but in reality he only wanted the boycott so he could buy cheaper shares which he did, due to gullible fans obeying him.

The other reason for the low crowds and probably the main reason, is the football is so bad that most fans cannot and will not pay to watch which can only be described as semi-professional level at best.

Rangers International now have a reputation of not paying its bills on time or at all! Scottish clubs will not release tickets to them in advance until money is paid up front.

Ibrox stadium is now in disrepair and needs millions spent on it.

Financially they are a basket case and if it wasn’t for Newcastle’s Mike Ashley they would have undergone their 2nd liquidation in as many years.

Newcastle fans are respected throughout the country for being passionate and people who love their club, you just cannot say the same about Rangers fans because football is a distant second as the tribal protestant/we are the people stance is what makes them tick, forget the football with this lot.

Ask yourselves this – would you have allowed your club to be no more, as they did?


  • palmerloyal1872

    iang_1972 did ally shag his mom or summat as he’s more bitter than stan pmsl

  • iang_1972

    palmerloyal1872 probably did mate. You know what Ally was like. U0001f602U0001f602U0001f44d

  • No Brainer

    There is no picture of Ibrox like the one above

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer Mikey didn’t build that one either.

  • No Brainer

    Sickandtiredstill No Brainer He certainly didn’t Hall and Shepherd did and whilst a shame we didn’t move to leazes they did the best job they could at SJP (even though were still paying for it)

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer Sickandtiredstill We certainly are, thanks to a never ending or decreasing ‘loan’.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer Sickandtiredstill By the way,so much for your Rangers predictions recently. The Ashley mob has been routed.

  • Brownale69

    Wonder which club  has won the most trophies? A world record?

  • Van_PeltHunter

    _Ross1_ NUFCTheMag Newcastle are shite , 4 in a row , soon to be 5

  • Greekgeordie

    From the fans comments and reasoning you can make your conclusions and comparisons.

  • No Brainer

    Sickandtiredstill No Brainer Routed they have been but I really struggle to see how this man will be doing anything for the long term benefit of Rangers and not for the long term benefit of Dave King.

    1. Convicted fraudster
    2. In charge on the board at Ibrox whilst the first retail agreement with SPD was inplace.
    3. No offering of where the money is coming from
    4. Very unsure about what he is going to do about the current interest free loans in place that he wants to keep in place.

    Sadly this does not seem like the recovery process of Rangers has even begun.

    I suspect the fans with shares will be the losers hust like at SJP with Fred and JH’s sale

  • Greggy164

    1 lot of pish. Ashley saved us from administration!!!!!  Sorry. Not true.

    Because of Ashley and his control of our board several attempts to invest have been refused. He saw a chance to get Rangers for next to nothing and had a go at it. He has been found out. Busted flush. I dont think it was personal, purely business. The myth Ashley doesnt like to lose has been shattered. We have not only defeated him, we have given him a right going over. Hahaha

    85% to 15%. Is that a big enough margin?

    Glasgow 1 – Ashley 0. Thanks for coming Mike. It has been a pleasure

  • Greggy164

    Sickandtiredstill No Brainer 
    Routed doesnae do it justice. I think ” landslide” was the word Mr Llambias used. I think slaughtered is more suitable.

    How does it feel No Brain to see your hero taking it tight?

  • Greggy164

    I thought Tom Daly was the wee bufta that does the diving. He sounds like a belter.

    Tom you missed out the 47000 that were at Ricksens game. You didnt mention the 200.000 plus that were in Manchester. I could go on and on.

  • Greggy164

    Tom we could compare our clubs Roll of Honour.
    How many trophies have you seen the Newcastle captain lift?

  • markbt08

    Having been around ibrox fairly recently (summer) I wouldn’t sey it’s in a particularly bad condition

  • markbt08


  • Toonbadger

    Greggy164  Scottish football is a 2 horse town man ffs We are 50 times bigger than them

  • Demented_Man

    No comparison whatsoever.  One set of fans are prepared to defend themselves against a predatory, money-grubbing leech; the other are not.

  • Greggy164

    Demented_Man  Yeah I hear what you are saying but its different situation for both sets of fans. Glasgow has seen whats going on with your club and learned from it. We have been able to nip it in the bud.
    You are Ashleys 1st venture into owning a club. When he first arrived in Newcastle you didnt know what he is all about. After 7/8 years however, you should now know he will never come good. I cant understand why hes allowed to attend your games. He would never have been allowed to do that here.

  • Chemical Dave

    Sick of reading how financially sound we are, there’s a sting in the tail when fat boy leaves. Tom Daly, another simpering apologist ?