Rangers fans have been left shocked after it was confirmed that their cash strapped club are paying out wages for all five Newcastle loan players, despite almost no chance of seeing some of them on the pitch.

Last night it was confirmed that Derek Llambias had brokered the deal which saw Gael Bigirimana, Kevin Mbabu, Shane Ferguson, Haris Vuckic and Remie Streete move up to Ibrox on loan in January until the end of the season.

Eyebrows were raised at not just the number of players moving between the two clubs, but also the fact that a number of them were in various states of injury or lack of match fitness.

Both Kevin Mbabu and Shane Ferguson didn’t even go up for the photo call (see image above) when the deals were announced, remaining on Tyneside with Newcastle’s medical staff.

All five players were unavailable through injury for the midweek match against Alloa, with only Haris Vuckic having played a number of matches so far, Remie Streete the only other one to play and he immediately was injured during his first match.

Rangers boss Stuart McCall has been asked if the Scottish club are paying the five players’ wages and he confirmed that they are, though the Rangers hierarchy later clarified that it was an unspecified proportion of the wages. Whatever proportion it is, in Rangers’ financial position the paying out of any money to players who have no chance of playing is unbelievable.

When asked, McCall said he didn’t know if the loan deals could be cancelled. Though when he went on to explain where each player was in their stages of recovery/fitness, the only conclusion you can draw is surely that there is no chance of cutting them short, as why would Rangers pay money for players who have no chance of playing?

Stuart McCall talking to the Daily Record:

Remie Streete:

Streete came and played the first game and pulled his hamstring. He was put in straight away and he wasn’t ready to play a high-tempo game because he had no football behind him. He was out for a couple of weeks then came back and pulled his thigh, and he’s had an ear infection on top of that, so he’s two or three weeks again and working with the medical side of it, but I don’t think Remie has played lots of football over the past two years.

Kevin Mbabu:

Kevin Mbabu is training with us and he has played two under-20 games but he’s not played a lot of football in the last two years I don’t think and his match fitness isn’t up to what we would like at the moment.

Gael Bigirimana:

“Young Bigi (Bigirimana) is a smashing lad, you see him with a smile on his face all around the place, he has a medical condition that our consultant is dealing with. But he won’t play for us this season.

Shane Ferguson:

Shane Ferguson has had a long-standing serious knee injury, I think he’s been out for four or five months. He had a minor setback a couple of weeks ago because he was supposed to be up with us, so he won’t be up with us for another couple of weeks.

“By then he will have been out for five or six months with a knee injury so he’ll likely need another six weeks to get him anywhere near being available, so even though he might come up and train with us, depending on what level we can get him to, he looks a serious doubt to be involved.”

Haris Vuckic:

“Obviously Vuckic has been in the side and has done well, he’s good, a talented player.


  • Chemical Dave

    None of mike ashleys plans are made to benefit the club. That is not to say that they always don’t, sometimes the club will benefit. However, he is an absolute cancer to any club he deals with.

  • DownUnderMag

    My biggest concern is that so many of our youth academy players seem well short on fitness.  Yes, there may be a big step up in terms of playing top flight premiership football, but surely they should be fit enough to play a few minutes of reserve game even if not the scottish 2nd division?  Fitness is surely the one thing that we CAN control in player development?  Skill level, strength…yes that all comes with age, genes and ability…but surely every player should be able to run around for 60 minutes or so??  Says all I need to know about the youth setup here and the training in general.

  • scotty63

    Looks to me like it was a ploy to load Rangers with additional overheads – part of his long term strategy to deal with King and his associates

  • A lex

    DownUnderMag There is one common denominator, over many years, at the Academy. Negligible production of players at the right standard, and, seemingly, a general lack of fitness, even at lower levels.

  • Phildene

    It gets those players off nufc wages bill doesn’t it, that’s the most probable reason.
    NUFC is a shambles from top to bottom. Poorly managed without proper coaching being done at all levels. Those players should never have been loan out in the first place

  • toon tony

    More penny pinching from the FCB . No chance of them playing for us, so make Rangers pay .!!

  • magpie9

    Part of Ashley money scamming plan

  • A lex

    Phildene The reason is much more sinister and sly than simply getting them off NUFC’c wage bill. He wants Rangers and the easiest way to do it is to make them 100% financially dependant on him. Nothing at all to do with saving a bit off our wage bill.

  • Greggy164

    This was an attempt by Ashley to use up his loans by paying his players. Its working. I dont know why Rangers send boys back and stop any payments to them. Llambias signed it off. We were meant to believe that him and Leach were working in Rangers best interests. Hahahahaha

  • Greggy164

    A lex Phildene  Bang on!!  100%

    Thats 1 of many reasons Llambias and Leach are suspended. On day of EGM they tried to get funds released to them. They tried to put pressure on 1 individual to release Fans Funds to them. They were refused. There were 6 calls made between 10-10.30 am. The EGM was at 11am.

    There is more to come out. They have been caught lovely

  • mentalman

    They won’t send them back because vuckic is their best player.

  • No Brainer

    Okay so please explain the reasing. We have three possibly gour new rangers durectors on the board promising to look at the deal and end it if its not good for rangers they have not been sent back so it makes you think rangers are paying a very small proportion

  • Conman

    I said it weeks ago that they were only there to draw down on fcb,s loan of ten million. The quicker they used up the money, the quicker fcb thought they’d need to come back to him cap in hand.
    Didn’t work out though.

  • scotty63

    Greggy164 and it’s only going to get worse because as far as I can see King hasn’t got a pot to p*ss in as far as Rangers go and the FCB sits laughing at everybody because he with the most toys wins – he’s a cancer and needs to be cut out

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