A former Chief Executive and Mike Ashley ally, has been taunting the new board of Directors at Rangers.

Charles Green was sacked in 2013 and is high up on the list of people who Rangers fans blame for helping to create the financial mess the Glasgow club are in at this moment in time.

Now the former Chief Executive has claimed that the new board couldn’t even afford a cup of coffee if it wasn’t for Mike Ashley’s loans to the club.

Talking to the Herald, Charles Green:

 “Mike Ashley hasn’t gone away and the reality is that today Rangers are making a cup of coffee using Ashley’s money. “

“He has put a loan in there and as far as I’m aware, I do apologise if things have changed in the last couple of days, but the money they’re spending today and the wages they paid yesterday, they used Ashley’s money to pay that.”

Ashley to appoint Directors:

“If (new Directors) Paul Murray and Dave King have really got cash, I suspect this week they’ll pay Ashley his money back and then put their money in instead to replace it.

“If not, I suspect on Monday, they will be inviting Mike Ashley to appoint two new directors. I am happy to go back and represent Ashley. I can imagine that being fun.”

Any Rangers or Newcastle fans who thought Ashley was going to end his dual interest in the two clubs could be waiting a good while.

If Mike Ashley makes money out of something then thinking he will let it go lightly is pie in the sky.

The Newcastle United owner has his loans at the Glasgow club secured against assets and he is still making millions from his majority ownership of the official Rangers merchandise.

Whilst at St. James’ Park we all await any day now, the expected minimum £50m profits that Mike Ashley will have banked for last season at Newcastle.

United fans have, rightly or wrongly, become resigned to the fact there is no easy way of ridding themselves of Ashley.

The Rangers supporters however are now coming to terms with the reality that despite the recent boardroom changes, they might not see the back of Mike Ashley either for a very long time.


  • LeazesEnder

    The so called  ‘Profit’ is unspent Sky money, which is the reason we are in a huge slump with wholly inadequate squad….

    …..there is no defence!

  • blindpanic

    I have full sympathy for Toon fans wanting rid of Ashley however you are being naive in reporting anything that Green says as being true as that snake oil salesman has never told the truth.
    As for the Ashley loans that were agreed just days before the previous board were voted out they will have had new early redemption clauses written in to them which I’m sure Mr Green knows.
    Rangers will take a time to recover but Ashley will NOT be part of that.
    I would only hope that our Geordie brothers could rid their club of his poisonous touch.

  • CaptainSparrow

    And today the Rangers board confirm that they WILL NOT be drawing down Ashley’s 2nd £5m loan. Charles Green caught lying yet again.

  • Chemical Dave

    Disappointed in rangers fans, I’d rather hoped one of them would’ve killed fat slug by now.

  • No Brainer

    “The Newcastle United owner has his loans at the Glasgow club secured against assets and he is still making millions from his majority ownership of the official Rangers merchandise.”

    Simply untrue, millions???? how on earth can you state such rubbish, the value of the merchandise profits is less than 500k for all parties, with replica kit being supplied at cost plus 10% that has to be less than 50K, (and less than other kit makers would charge)

    and sports direct and therefore 57% of him is losing any commercial interest payble on the money being loaned to Rangers.

  • No Brainer

    What should be really worrying about this is that they have no funding in place to pay the first £5m and are hoping to see a raft of season ticket sales when promotion occurs, there is a lot of big if’s here for these guys. There also seems to be an awful lot of caution from the too £500K each hardly a sign of investment intent.

  • Greggy164

    CaptainSparrow  Chuck Green doesn’t tell lies. lol

  • Greggy164

    Chemical Dave  Come on Dave ffs. He has never been in Glasgow.

  • Greggy164

    No Brainer  NoBrain stop. How do you know what money these people have?

  • Greggy164

    No Brainer  Hahahahaha  Told you so. Ashley is out of here. Gone. Bye bye.

    Glasgows tanks are on his lawn. Whoop Whoop

  • v0ices

    Greggy164 No Brainer he’s just a Ashley PR employee stating the party line. They change ids every so often but you get used to the drivel they talk.

  • Greggy164

    Yer coffee tastes like pish. Stick it. When you coming back Chuck?

  • Greggy164

    v0ices Greggy164 No Brainer  Yeah him and Newcastle7 are dodgy. I had picked up on that.