Three days ago one of our writers posed the question, Premier League with Mike Ashley or Championship without him?

In summing up how he felt, Andy Mc explained:

Have we ever known a period in this club’s history where the most we can expect from a complete season of football, is to hope we’re not going to be subjected to it all over again next season ?

Surely there has to be an end to this era of underachievement at some point ?

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A club cannot exist in the twilight zone forever, otherwise we might just as well seek to become the first FIFA officially nominated ‘Zombie’ club. A state where supporters retain base faculties, namely gross motor function but grasp no evidence of emotion, personality or sensation of pain.

We’ll remain forever in this state as Cups and Trophies come and go and 50k turn up every other week, to be herded into the pens to perform the role that the Premier League require of all clubs – namely to fill the ground to provide the product that the paymaster demand.

So the question I’d ask all Newcastle supporters is:-

Would you prefer a life with NUFC and Mike Ashley in the Premier League ?


Would you accept a place in the Championship with Mike Ashley selling up and taking his tat with him?

The poll is now closed and many thanks to the thousands who took part.

The votes have been counted and the result is:

83% Championship and get rid of Mike Ashley

17% Stick with Mike Ashley and a place in the Premier League

The poll produced much discussion amongst fans but those some missed the point. In reality it wasn’t a choice between permanently been in the Championship without Ashley or permanently staying in the Premier League with the current owner.

It was really asking whether you would take dropping into the Championship and Ashley going in the hope of then bouncing back to a better future with the club being run in a different way. With the alternative being staying with the Mike Ashley route of trying to simply stick around in the Premier League and spending the minimum amount of money to try and do so, whilst the owner takes all the fringe benefits of owning the club for the rest of his business empire.

The key thing for me is that the current Mike Ashley way of doing things doesn’t guarantee Premier League safety as a minimum.

In 8 seasons at Newcastle, he has achieved relegation once and then nearly repeated it two seasons ago, with this season seeing him getting lucky with the five match winning run in the Autumn. A squad too small on quality and quantity and Asholey lets two defenders leave with no replacements in January, hoping to crawl to the end of the season and survive another season.

Little wonder that 83% have no belief in any desirable future under Mike Ashley.

  • IanDubbleYoo

    Sadly if we got relegated Ashley would spend a couple of quid to get us back up. I don’t see any reason to believe it would make him sell up.

  • wor monga

    This is about as believable as an Iraqi
    election result…if you expect us to believe that 83% of genuine Toon fans want
    to witness the club being relegated…Mag readers maybe, but not genuine NUFC

    …This is without any real guarantees that
    either…(a) Ashley will sell up…or  (b) the
    club will make any quick return back to the PL, under some new mega-rich ‘benefactor’…presuming
    there is someone who would be willing to pay all that Ashley will demand for the
    relegated club (plus loan)…after any player worth anything had already been
    sold off.

    The whole scenario seems to suggest that the
    voters may have included ‘thousands’ of fans from the other PL clubs who would
    be only too pleased to see the Toon go down…without much chance of bouncing
    back up minus  their best players, this

    The Mackem’s fans would certainly have added
    their votes to those ‘thousands’…especially if us going down meant them staying
    up!.. No as the folks of Shield’s  used
    to say “Pull the other one…it’s got baalls on”.

  • toon tony

    Maybe the 17% are fans of other PL clubs who are happy to see the FCB stay and have us suffer for another 8 years. !!!!!

  • 2someitsonlyagame

    wor monga  You are a Mag reader, does that mean you are not a genuine NUFC supporter?

  • newcastle7

    No one wants to buy us full stop so even if we got relegated there would be no change in ownership so
    this is a pointless article.It would only increase the number of moaners on this site from 98% to 99%.

  • wor monga

    2someitsonlyagame         No…anybody connected to the web could read
    that article, and presumably vote on that issue…but what I’m saying is ‘thousands’ of Mag readers out there (who support other clubs)
    might want to see us relegated…just cos
    they’d like to see that happen…with or without Ashley at the club.

    Giving them a vote is as stupid as saying a
    club in the PL is a Zombie club…or in the Twilight Zone…that’s just arrogantly
    dismissing many clubs (and their fans) who’ve never been in the top league, and
    have no chance of ever getting there or winning anything!

  • AndyMac1

    wor monga 
    have no chance of ever getting there or winning anything”
    Truly ironic ;-)

  • Chemical Dave

    He really is thick is WOR mong.

  • radgiegadgie

    wor monga yes, such a silly exercise.  Next it will be, would you sell your first born to see Ashley leave the club?  The votes are in…

    Sorry to say that hatred seems to trump everything else here.

  • radgiegadgie

    IanDubbleYoo It’s a hypothetical – how much do you hate Ashley and want him out of the club regardless of the alternative – exercise.  As though we did not know the answer to this already.