As it is that time of the football season where nowt interesting happens, while we wait for meaningless International fixtures to take place.  I got to thinking about the state of Newcastle United right now.

As a fan of some twenty years or more (Yes, I know there are those who have been on the terraces since the days of black and white photographs, let alone television),  I’m pretty sure this is an era of the least passion or expectation I’ve ever known.

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Ups, downs, highs, lows…we’ve known them all since we were bairns.

However, have we ever known a period in this club’s history where the most we can expect from a complete season of football, is to hope we’re not going to be subjected to it all over again next season ?

Surely there has to be an end to this era of underachievement at some point ?

A club cannot exist in the twilight zone forever, otherwise we might just as well seek to become the first FIFA officially nominated ‘Zombie’ club. A state where supporters retain base faculties, namely gross motor function but grasp no evidence of emotion, personality or sensation of pain.

We’ll remain forever in this state as Cups and Trophies come and go and 50k turn up every other week, to be herded into the pens to perform the role that the Premier League require of all clubs – namely to fill the ground to provide the product that the paymaster demand.

So the question I’d ask all Newcastle supporters is:-

Would you prefer a life with NUFC and Mike Ashley in the Premier League ?


Would you accept a place in the Championship with Mike Ashley selling up and taking his tat with him?

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  • David Grey

    Championship without him…..even League 1 if that’s what it takes to get the parasite out.

  • Jarra MIck

    Championship was a great season wouldn’t mind it although it would probably take more than one to see him off. Would be interested to see how many voted?

  • CraigThomson

    Premier League every time

  • Paul Soulsby

    Careful what you wish for.

  • Emmett Gill

    Championship, lower league football, or even starting again from scratch. Look at the example of AFC Wimbledon. Even if you start again from scratch it only takes a few years before you get back to where you belong.

  • Stevie Aces Renforth

    Champions without hime

  • Roppa

    As long as Ashley remains the owner, the Club will be steeped in disharmony, mistrust & deception. Furthermore, all hope of winning a trophy will be extinguished. All hope & ambition will cease to exist & the passion of the supporters will continue to be abused until it too has been obliterated! 
    More of the same, or time for a change? I know what most fans would want, and it’s certainly not more of the same!

  • wor monga

    Championship no way…next time we’d do a ‘Wigan’

    …we only got
    back the last time because we managed to keep a backbone of solid English
    players who didn’t mind getting stuck in and playing at that level.

    …we don’t
    have that now, and reality would bite hard…for all those far flung Mag voters who
    can see that silver lining shining just over the far horizon.

  • David Braithwaite

    Fizzy pop league , hate to say it

  • Tim Harris

    Anywhere without him

  • Alex Wilkinson

    Championship ! At least we’d have our club back !

  • Alex Wilkinson

    PS are you kidding?

  • Championship & Rid Of

  • SGM

    Roppa Careful what you wish for! remember the wish, that Pardew would quit.

    Look what happened.

  • Maximus Moose

    1957 Best hope is a Helicopter doing down

  • Paul Patterson

    Anything to get out of this cycle of boring, insipid football that gets a few decent results via some decent signings, only for Christmas to arrive, a crisis to occur and then the remaining five months of the season is spent hoping that the season ends with three poorer teams than we are.

  • lordi76

    He’s a parasite and the quicker he is gone the better our only glimpse of him possibly leaving has diminished with the canny Scotts locking the door on a possible take over of Rangers yes at this point I would take relegation and it sickens me to say that as I want the club as far up the league as possible

  • NUFCTheMag

    It could be a HowardLinskey plot but will it be a happy ending 4 #nufc after all the intrigue, underhand dealings and dodgy characters…?

  • HowardLinskey

    NUFCTheMag if I wrote it, it would end with a St Valentine’s day massacre for Ashley and all of his spineless cronies. #nufc reclaimed.

  • A lex

    1957 Hedge funds and investment banks don’t buy – they only act as brokers / intermediaries for others.

  • A lex

    SGM Roppa Just means it’s getting worse for Ashley, too, and that’s what we want. Once it becomes too awkward for him, then he’ll sell up. Pardew going makes it just that bit more difficult, so despite Carver’s inadequacies, I’m delighted he has the job at this moment, because it’s another small step along the road to Ashley effing off.

  • Roppa

    SGM Roppa Pardew’s departure was long overdue, and any ‘caring’ owner would have sacked him months before he left. It was an opportunity for Ashley to ‘stick’ with mediocrity (at the very best) or to ‘twist’ with a modicum of ambition – and inexplicably he chose to ‘stick’ (with Carver). At least Ashley’s true intent has been further exposed. 
    It is important to retain a sense of hope – at least of playing some decent football  – under Pardew (and Carver) there was / is none – so effectively we are no worse off!

  • Andrew Michael Grenon

    Obviously I’d rather stay in the premier league, but this isn’t a real choice.

  • geordieinjapan

    NUFCTheMag NUFC Championship without him. Rather have pride in my team in a lower division than be in the prem with none!

  • McKeeRory

    AlwynOllieMcKee voted for SkyBetChamp without MA

  • stepaylor

    anything to have that sense of passion back at the club

  • Tony Gill

    Any league without him -club is rotten to the core at the moment!

  • NufcToon

    Ironic that the vote doesn’t reflect the comments. It’s almost like abused wife syndrome

  • Tadger

    I cannot believe that people still say be careful of what you wish for if that was the case Hitler would be alive and well (in principle). Perhaps 50,000 need to put $100 into fund employ an investment baker to find 30 40 investors to set up a buy out. With the proviso the idea is to have club that likes football and win things. We could even use Alleys cash model except spend some of the capital income

  • PhilYare

    its more likely to be the championship WITH mike ashley at the current rate of decline

    lets not forget HE made disgraceful decisions that got us relegated…. can he do it again? of course he can! he still knows nowt about football and still operates on the same principles, only next time theres no Carroll or Nolan to get us back up

  • v0ices

    MilitantGeordie its very difficult for Ashley to call in a debt owed to himself don’t believe everything the papers tell you.

  • Pulse33

    I feel it could be disastrous if we do get relegated with the current side. The squad isnt good enough to get out of the championship again and I wouldnt count on Ashley leaving even if we do get relegated.

  • toon tony

    The division doesn’t matter with or without the FCB. Last time we went down we had the remnants of a decent side (Nolan,Carroll, Barton, Krul,Jonas etc ) would be worried what we’d be left with this time.,but would take it to get OUR club back. May take a few years though, look at Boro.

  • Paul Patterson

    ‘In reality’ doesn’t apply to the things you mentioned, because they are the stuff of fairy tales.

    Lack of assets? How about £100m for free every 12 months?
    Lets say a new owner/investment group spent £30m a season to make us at least compete in the league AND cups- that would leave £70m for the owner/group to wipe their arse with. It’s a far cry from the break even policy of Mike Ashley . .

  • LeazesEnder

    Pulse33 That about says it…. at this moment in time we are a Championship side clinging on for life in the Premiership until the next small injection.

    Its a game of how little he can spend and survive….

  • LeazesEnder

    Tadger  ‘investment baker’… got loads of dough?

    In was just contemplating NUST buying a single share for all 3000 members and all of us turning up at the AGM…. might be fun if nothing else we could put forward a few resolutions too.

  • LeazesEnder

    1957 What was Cameron-Hall Investments (Gibraltar) Ltd. ?

  • Adam_B

    This is a no brainer to me. Championship without MA. 1000 times if you asked me. With MA we will never be able to achieve anything, hope is dead, just the ongoing painful drift while he exploits the club’s media contracts to support his clothing company and collect his blood money. Generations of Newcastle fans are being lost or paraded with a sham of a football team to support.
    We must get rid of this man for the sake of all those who dream, who want to hope, who want a club they can be proud of and call their own. Relegation is really a very, very small price to pay for this.

  • Paul Patterson

    So it seems you’re saying either way Mike Ashley has us f****d.
    He’s looked into selling the land behind the ground. He’s sold good players and replaced them with below standard/cheaper alternatives. He’s limited the revenue by giving his own company FREE adverts He’s loaned the club money that he seems unwilling to pay off.
    Come on man give your head a shake . .

  • wor monga

    I’ve read all the comments on here today, and all I can say
    is argue amongst yourselves on this one as much as you like…but Ashley is not
    going to leave this business model (to him) which is now a ‘licence to print money’,
    and the club will not be relegated either (sorry to disappoint the majority on

    …The players brought in since promotion have all been better
    quality than those that were being replaced…but the quantity especially covering
    critical positions has been lacking, and so the team have ended up struggling
    over the basic PL season again

    …even without the so-called ‘distractions’ of the cups.

  • newcastle7

    The point you are missing is that no one wants to buy Newcastle United.The City of London regard it as high risk with little earning potential and a bunch of supporters who through abuse at Chairmen and Managers at will.This has been going on for fifty years and will never stop.If the Mag has a whip round and buys the club of Ashley and we win the treble next season you make me laugh.

  • glenn_matcham

    BlockDSJP what kind of fans would want their team to be relegated?? #nufc

  • v0ices

    newcastle7 one of your most idiotic statements ever while the world awaits the clubs heavily cooked books to still show the largest profit in the premier league.