Peter Beardsley has admitted that not a single one of Newcastle’s young players is ready to make the step up to the first team.

Speaking after the NUFC reserves/Under 21s were beaten 3-0 at Brighton on Monday night, the former playing genius said that results were immaterial at that level of football and getting players ready for first team action was all that mattered.

That defeat on the south coast made it nine matches without a win for the Newcastle United Under 21s but Beardsley picked Adam Armstrong out for special mention.

Saying that while the local born striker isn’t ready to play in the Premier League yet, his time will come.

Peter Beardsley speaking to the Chronicle:

“When you look at the job John (Carver) has got, he hasn’t got many players through no fault of his. Our big job is to get these (younger) lads up to that stage.

“None of them are ready for the first team yet, not one of them, they have a bit to go. That is our job and why results (beneath the first team) don’t matter.”

Adam Armstrong:

“He is not ready yet and I know that sounds harsh, but there will be a time when he is ready.

“He is a lovely kid, he is down to earth and loves the game, he loves shooting and will shoot on sight. To be fair you can’t fault him, he’s a brilliant kid. I have said before he is not ready yet but he has got a brilliant chance of being a first team player.”

With Newcastle in defensive crisis, it remains to be seen whether 19 year old Lubomir Satka is risked at centre-back on Saturday, considering that as yet he hasn’t played a single minute of Premier League football.

  • mick57

    Frightening. No resources in the club. We are doomed

  • Glenn Gregory

    Does that sentence even make sense? Is there a married young player ready for the first team?

  • Maximus Moose

    cos they`re Shyte like the 1st Team

  • Brown Bottle

    Yet another porkie from piggie & pals. Obviously they’re not interested in the first team but I recall a lot of wordyshyte directed toward the academy end of this thing we know as N.U.F.C. ( in name only)

    Reading this only leads to the conclusion that we are dead in the water as a club.
    Ashley’s garrote slowly choking the life from the club, aided and abetted by those that should be totally ashamed of their participation in the whole sordid enterprise.

    You know who you are.

  • GToon

    But what is the betting that come the summer the first thing that fatso will do is start selling players like there is no tomorrow. An idiot could have predicted the mess we would be in after yet another useless transfer window. I’m just waiting for Ashley to sell that many that we can’t field a team.

  • DownUnderMag

    The only reason Ashley is interested in youth coming through to the first team is so they can either a) be replacements for outgoing senior players sold on for profit, or b) sold themselves for profit.  The first team in any competitive sense of the word is not even on his radar.  Well at the least the Aussie Rules season is about to start to give me something to follow other than this dogshite.

  • Big Al 1967

    So while virtually every other team has youngsters coming through  between the ages of 18 and 20 we are stating that the whole of the under 21 set up is not good enough yet to be anywhere near the first team. This is a disgraceful statement for the coach of the kids to make and shows without doubt that the whole coaching strategy throughout the club is incompetent beyond belief
    Sorry Peter you may be a hero but you need to join Carver Stone and the FCB out the door

  • Chemical Dave

    If they’re any good they’d be looking for a club with ambition anyway, just like Beardsley did as a player.

  • JohnyH

    From the premier league website;
    The principal objective of the Premier League is to stage the most competitive and compelling league with world-class players and, through the equitable distribution of broadcast and commercial revenues, to enable clubs to develop so that European competition is a realistic aim and, once there, they are playing at a level where they can compete effectively.
    Where has all the TV money gone then Ashley????

  • DavidDrape

    thanks for your honesty Peter. i just hope the fans club membership money (as advertised) is being spent on helping and supporting the coaches  to do the they best they can

  • Andy Wardle

    Did Beardsley EVER make sense??

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    Such a sad state of affairs. You’d think Ashley for one would want a strong youth policy so he can bring the kids in for nothing, get them some first team action, then sell them on for a profit at the first opportunity.  
    I also fear for Adam Armstrong. A couple of years ago the same noises were being made about Adam Campbell, who has done nothing but go backwards ever since,

  • tino o

    At least we consistently shite at all levels. Well done mikey the five ten or whatever year plan is coming on

  • Paul Patterson

    So you are admitting that you and your coaching team are incompetent then Peter?
    Any other walk of life – this would be a resignation statement.

  • scotty63

    Well that’s encouraging news – 8 years of allegedly developing an academy and youth system to have absolutely no under 21’s even close to the first team. How much do we pay these losers?

  • Seventy2

    Sack him

  • stepaylor

    anyone who thinks ashley really wants success for the club (winning something or improving the first team squad) must be crazy, he has the money to do this from our own revenue and doesnt let alone spend the hundreds of millions that he has in his own name too. Its such a shame at what might have been for us.

  • DownUnderMag

    It’s not even the fact that the youth team coach, in charge of their development, is essentially saying he is failing at his job that worries me the most, nor is it that he is still in charge of youth development after bullying complaints and failing to develop the youth.  What worries me more than anything is the handling of this.  You think any of those kids coming through will have any confidence left after being told they aren’t good enough?  You think they will be looking forward to developing their talents now with it being a waste of time according tot heir coach?

    Why could he not say things a little more constructively?  “We’ve got some good young kids coming through and they will hopefully be pushing for first team places in the future, but they aren’t quite ready yet.  They need to knuckle down and really work on their skills and fitness and then we will see where they are next season”.   Wouldn’t that have been a little bit more supportive while still letting the fans know they aren’t ready to come in and rescue the club just yet??

    The handling of youth at this club is shocking and has been for a long time now.