Papiss Cisse has made an official statement on the spitting incident involving himself and Jonny Evans.

Wednesday night saw a heated exchange between the two players during the Newcastle United clash with Manchester United.

Both players appeared to spit at each other and this was beamed around the world to a TV audience.

The Newcastle striker has sent out a ‘kids don’t copy this’ message.

By the words in his statement below and his apologies, Cisse appears to be holding his hands up and accepting his fate.

Earlier today the FA were said to be looking at the footage and a 7 match ban was on the cards for the Newcastle forward and a 6 game one for Evans, if the cases were proved.

The extra game for Papiss Cisse apparently due to his ban in December following an incident against Everton.


“I have apologies to make to a lot of people today.  Firstly to my teammates and to our supporters, secondly to Jonny Evans, and thirdly to every football fan who saw the incident between myself and Jonny.

“I reacted to something I found very unpleasant.  Sometimes it is hard not to react, particularly in the heat of the moment.  I have always tried hard to be positive a role model, especially for our young fans, and yesterday I let you down.

“I hope children out there playing football for their clubs and schools this weekend will know better than to retaliate when they are angry.  Perhaps when they see the problem it now causes me and my team they will be able to learn from my mistake, not copy it.”

  • Maximus Moose

    if Cisse wrote that statement ill show my A$$ in Fenwicks Window

  • Polarboy

    Maximus Moose Whether he wrote or not his representative’s most likely would have advised him before it was signed off on. It is in stark contrast to Evans cowardly attempt to escape punishment with his blatant lies. He actually tried to use the excuse of looking shocked that he was accused of the incident after the fact on the pitch. As if a footballers attempt to look like butter wouldn’t melt after the fact is unheard of.

  • Mal44

    Fair play to Cisse for apologising whilst Evans denies it all. Hopefully the FA concentrate on the facts rather than the rubbish spouted by Scholes and now Evans. They should both be banned and, if anything, it’s Evans who should get the bigger ban as he was the instigator. Hopefully the club will fight Cisse’s corner rather than just roll over and let him take all the blame as, though his action is not to be defended, he was provoked and Evans shouldn’t get off scot free.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No mention of spitting at all, just his retaliation. 

    If Evans is such a good bloke he should make it just as clear that he wasn’t spat on by Cisse.