The breaking news this morning is that the FA are reviewing last night’s match footage from the alleged spitting incident between Jonny Evans and Papiss Cisse.

It is reported that if found guilty, teh Manchester United defender would get a six game ban, whilst Papiss Cisse would get an extra game, due to a previous ban – presumably a reference to his suspension following the elbow incident against Everton in December.

The news has been broken by Anton Toloui, who is a Sky World News sports presenter and news editor for Sky Sports News.

Using his Twitter account, Toloui out out the following:

“Just in: FA is reviewing match footage following Papiss Cisse and Jonny Evans spitting row. More detail on.”

“Just to confirm – Jonny Evans will get a 6 game ban if found guilty of spitting, Papiss Cisse will get 7 matches due to previous ban.”

If found guilty, which is looking pretty much a certainty, the Newcastle striker would miss the following if the punishment was indeed seven games:

Everton (A), Arsenal (H), Sunderland (A), Liverpool (A), Spurs (H), Swansea (H), Leicester (A)

Leaving Cisse to face only West Brom and West Ham at home, with also QPR away which falls in between those two matches at St. James’ Park.

On top of a small squad and other injuries, this is the last thing any of us needs but if Papiss Cisse has indeed done what is alleged, then absoulutely no sympathy for him and he should be fined accordingly by the club.


  • Toon69

    ‘If he’s done what is alleged’, I’m guessing you didn’t actually watch the game & the 3,000,0000 repeats that BT Sports showed & the very unbias half time dribble that both Scholes & McManaman waffled, there’s no doubt he did it, its just the fact that if Evenas hadn’t spat at Cisse first, he wouldn’t have spat back, so will that be taken into consideration, I douobt it very much, as he’s a Manc Usa player & just like the stone cold penalty call last night, we didn’t get a thing of the Manc official… shocking that a match official in charge is from the area of one of the clubs…

  • supermacsnewname

    this lot make me spit as well
    I’m heartedly sick of the whole dam set up from top to bottom
    all I ask from these self indulgent millionaires (owners, managers, coaches & players) is that they do their honest best and make me proud of being a supporter and admirer of the great NUFC tradition
    quite honestly after 60 years I’ve had enough
    I am no longer proud of my club
    good bye

  • No Brainer

    supermacsnewname Yes Ashley has insisted that all players have been trained by Carver to ignore their instinct to do nothing when spat upon.

    Ashley insists that all players spit back at people who spit on them.

    That’s it i’m not going back.

  • No Brainer

    Toon69 This is one area where i think the club seriously needs to start to up its game, we are consistently shafted by officials and here we are when a player reacts to a spitting incident by retaliation its going to be us who gets shafted more the whole incident lies on Evans shoulders nothing less.

    When my father hit a man over the head with a metal bar and caused severe injury and 120 odd stitiches in his head, it was taken into account that the guys holding him up and robbing his shop was enough provocation, surely Evans kicking him whilst on / falling toward the floor then spitting on him is enough provocation and I would like to think the FA would have the common sense to understand the balance of argument.

    It’s highly unlikely though

  • Hughie

    Transfer the amateurish idiot!!

  • wor monga

    The FA should have an investigation into the match referee,
    and his sidekicks while they’re on with it…seeing as him not giving that
    penalty decision was atrocious…and then not taking any action over the Evans
    /Cisse incident…when he knew that Evans had instigated the action…

    they could
    also ask why Rojo was not given a 2nd yellow (red) for his dangerous
    challenge on Abeid …then while they’re on… maybe they should ask themselves why a Mancunian
    should even be allowed to referee a game that has a Manchester team playing in it…

    But they won’t will they? … because neither the F A or their
    chosen officials can ever get anything wrong, they’re the real untouchables, and
    that’s the way it is!!

  • Not actually seen a replay of the incident but generally speaking as much as I wouldn’t condone spitting by anyone on the pitch is it really worthy of a 6+ game ban when you look at some of the tackles etc that players are allowed to get away with that go totally unpunished??

    You elbow or hit someone you probably get 3 games for violent conduct – is spitting at someone more harmful and twice as bad??

  • Polarboy

    Spitting is disgusting but surely the instigator should carry the longer ban, even taking into account Cisse’s previous conduct. Give Evans the six and if it’s one added on for Cisse for previous conduct give him 4, or 5 at the most.

  • Polarboy

    No Brainer supermacsnewname You see this is great snapshot of the mentality of the people who stick up for Ashley. If you had actually properly read the guys comment, if indeed you are capable, you would see that he was talking about the club as a whole and clearly mentioned the players. It’s also clear that this is just the straw that broke his back.

  • Polarboy

    Just seen footage on SKY of Evans spitting in Riviere’s direction earlier in the match, it didn’t hit him but Evans clearly, clearly should be getting a longer ban than Cisse, 10 at least.

  • No Brainer

    Polarboy No Brainer supermacsnewname There is nothing wrong with the club as a whole at all its a goo nah great club

  • Polarboy

    No Brainer Polarboy supermacsnewname Troll alert, is that you Wendy, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was, the same sort of imbecilic mentality is being displayed from you. You missed a d  there

  • No Brainer

    Polarboy No Brainer supermacsnewname Failing eyesight and this websites poor font settings of grey on grey are at fault there fella.
    If he had written his comments after the villa match its would be understandable, but after last night thats absurd a decent performance by the team undone by nothing other than the ref linesman and woeful finishing

  • Alexh1984

    But if they’d racially abused each other it would be a 5 game ban….the FA ladies and gentleman

  • No Brainer

    Alexh1984 Absurd isn’t it, the problem is the FA look upon an incident then send a new bunch of stooges to look at what the tariff should be after each sensationalised event (often one occurring during a televised match) without looking at there own current scheme of tariffs for other offences and judging through those and setting a consistent progressive tariff for this ‘new’ offence.

  • Polarboy

    No Brainer Polarboy supermacsnewname Missing the point entirely and talking nonsense, yep sounds a lot like Wendy.

  • Alexh1984

    It’s ridiculous. Alan McNally said on sky sports it should be a 10 game ban! Seriously! Then there’s also the fact cisse had no intention of spitting until Evans spat on him. Yet the ban is the same.