Mondday morning saw the long awaited release of the Newcastle United finances for last (2013/14) season.

This is the club’s official statement released to the media:

Newcastle United Football Company Limited has today (Monday, 30th March) confirmed continued financial progress as it filed its annual accounts for the year ending June 2014.

The Club has recorded strong results, with the growth in commercial revenue playing a greater role in delivering a record £18.7million profit after tax, up from £9.9million in 2013.

The results signal the fourth consecutive year of recorded profit for the football club.

Operational losses of £0.6million in 2013 have been turned into an operating profit of £4.7million as the Club continues to outperform UEFA Financial Fair Play regulations.

The Club’s turnover rose to £129.7million, up from £95.9million the previous year. Matchday revenue, which includes ticket sales and hospitality, dropped slightly to £25.9million, down from £27.8million in 2013, when the Club hosted seven additional home games as a result of its participation in the UEFA Europa League.

Season ticket renewal figures held steady, as did average Premier League attendances, which were 50,395 compared to 50,517 the previous season.

Media rights revenues accounted for £78.3million of turnover, a 53.3 per cent increase on the previous year. This reflected the new Barclays Premier League broadcasting rights deal as well as the Club’s improved league position of tenth in 2013/14, compared to 16th the season before.

Most significantly, the Club reported strong commercial revenue growth delivering £25.6million in 2014, up from £17.1million in 2013. This 49.7 per cent increase was largely the result of two lucrative new deals with the Club’s principal sponsors, Wonga and Puma.

 The Club’s debt continues to remain static at £129million in the form of an interest-free loan from owner Mike Ashley. None of the debt has been repaid to Mr Ashley nor has the owner taken any other monies from the Club.

Newcastle United managing director Lee Charnley said: “I am pleased to report a positive set of results which confirms the healthy financial position the Club now finds itself in and is a reflection of the prudent and measured manner in which we operate.

“The Club benefits from a supportive owner and is financially stable. This gives us a strong platform from which to grow, both on and off the pitch, a result of which means, as we move forward, we are able to net spend on the playing squad and invest in other areas of the business.

“The most pleasing aspect in this set of accounts has been the growth in our commercial revenue and it has been our strongest year yet in that respect.

“With our commitment to keeping ticket prices affordable for our supporters growing our commercial income has been crucial. The deals we struck with our two main sponsors, Wonga and Puma, together with a stronger focus on our commercial operations, have helped us achieve this growth.

“We believe financial stability will deliver positive on-field results for the Clube £28.5m!

We recommend you read Jim Robertson’s analysis of the information released and in particular the unexplained rise of £28.5m in the costs to run the club on a day to day basis, which doesn’t include the buying and selling of players) – read it HERE.

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  • Oliver Lam

    why would I read anything “official” from NUFC? I know I’m being lied to.

  • NUFC9

    Turnover up by £34m (new TV deal and £8m commercial revenue increase).  No players signed.  No loan repaid.  Cabaye sold for £20m  but profit only up by £8m.

    Where has the money all gone?

  • No Brainer


  • LeazesEnder

    …nor has the owner taken any other monies from the Club….

    …He has however taken free advertising and diverted shirt sales to his own outlet denying the club its own revenue streams… money he tries to reclaim through dividends at his AGM (it only has to work once).

    Denying the club its own potential spending power to the tune of about £15 million per season, roughly in line with the figure the Halls and Shepherds were extracting.

  • Adam_B

    NUFC9  exactly, where has all the money gone?

  • CraigThomson

    It is amazing how many qualified accountants NUFC seem to have. The fact that reputable & respectable independent auditors have signed off the accounts as legitimate or else they are responsible bypasses most of our fanbase.

  • IntravenusMP

    LeazesEnder No, the club still take the profits for the shirts, they just don’t have the costs of fulfilment,

  • NUFC9

    Actually, having thought about it: Whatever the books say, we got £30m extra TV money plus the Cabaye fee and didn’t spend either. 

    If we declare it as profit, we pay tax on it. 
    If we make it disappear on paper by writing down the value of our existing players or other book keeping tricks, we still have the money but it’s no longer profit so we don’t pay tax on it.

    Whether we really made £19m or £190m profit I’m not sure it makes much difference.  Either way we’ll only reinvest the bare minimum on players to make sure we achieve a top 17 finish.

  • AndyMac1

    I could be wrong but in the early days of Fatman’s rule the figures for Puma were never mentioned ?. Now all of a sudden we’ve got a new deal with them ? Yet they’ve been hanging around Fatman like a long lost puppy for donkeys years ? 
    Would someone have a look at the figures from three or four years ago and confirm or deny please ?