At a meeting between Newcastle fans and city centre developers, it has been revealed that United could increase the St James Park capacity by 5,000 or more more seats, despite proposed building work opposite the Gallowgate End.

Mike Ashley’s controversial sale of the lease on land at Gallowgate, was expected to curtail any possible expansion of St James Park at the south end of the stadium.

With both the Milburn and Leazes unable to be extended any further and listed buildings preventing development on the East Stand side, the Gallowgate is the only realistic option for extending the stadium capacity.

Clearly future demand would almost certainly be there with any relative success or ambition shown, despite the depression surrounding Newcastle United under Mike Ashley and the mainly poor standard of football, United have still regularly posted fifty thousand crowds this season.

At this week’s meeting between the developers Tolent and representatives from NUST (Newcastle United Supporters Trust), the Newcastle fans were shown technical drawings demonstrating how a cantilever structure could still be possible despite the building of student accommodation, shops and hotels opposite the Gallowgate End.

Tolent claim at least 5,000 extra seats could be added if the club ever chose to increase the ground capacity.

The Gallowgate development sees Tolent looking to apply for and get planning permission by May this year with work on the site beginning in October, if everything runs smoothly.

The expected completion date is sometime in 2017.

Whether there would be the possibility of an even bigger increase of capacity if not for the hotel/student accommodation is unknown.

What does appear clear though is that there is unlikely to be any intention from Mike Ashley to use any of the massive extra TV millions to allow more Newcastle fans to get into the ground.

Whether he allows any significant investment in the squad this summer also remains to be seen.


  • wor monga

    Weve been through all this before, but I’d really like to
    see these ‘plans’ that have been drawn up…because I don’t think any development
    of the Gallowgate End would need to be taken out any further than the far side
    of Strawberry Place or at the furthest…the land above the Metro station…

    As the road or the station do not belong to either Ashley or
    the club it makes we wonder whether any expansion for 5000 seats would be
    remotely viable even in the halcyon days you envision for the club’s future…

  • Munich Mag

    wor monga   agree 100%, I’m sure it would be possible to increase the size of the Gallowgate within the footprint of the Strawberry Place pathway. Most probably the whole road would need to be sacrificed, or they could build a stilted structure which could easily support an increase to the Gallowgate End.

    That Tolent are reassuring everyone that the world is gonna be all right is also patently obvious….

    1- because they want to develop the St James’ Metro site….
    2- because they want to redevelop the Gallowgate End at SJP … with Ashley’s grandkids…

    Kerching ….

  • v0ices

    wor monga what’s not being mentioned is cost engineering wise there is nothing preventing it. However designing structures to fit into limited space would present issues that could increase cost and oif course a 10% increase in ground capacity is not huge. That is if the owner had any ambition for the club.

  • Munich Mag

    v0ices wor monga   the last sentence says it all…

  • No Brainer

    5,000 thats a pointless extension consider 1 length 1 side and a corner gave us 16,000 if two corners and a side would mean its probably about only 15 riws nax just doesn’t stack up

  • the blueman

    And the fact TOLENT CONSTRUCTION is owned by the sunderland family the WOODS who there son jason wood owns BRIMMS CONSTRUCTION tthere for they will say anything to and please NUFC fans just to give us a slap in the face , before the yank bought out sunderland the woods owned a good % off the mackems , dont believe what Tolent say,

  • Cornflake

    Adding more seats?  For what’s being played at the moment?

  • Blackandwhite9

    Why????, even us that still go now dont really want to be there anymore ( thanks Mike!!!) why the hell would we want to subject others to the sight of a once great crowd silently going through the motions and waiting for full time so we can go and get another couple of pints and forget about the footie for another couple of weeks , the engineering logistics and feasibility of the plan don’t really come in to it presently. ………but if Fatman ever does leave,& we ( the crowd) start remembering what we go to the match for in the first place…….who knows……..but not now, Christ no.

  • PhilYare

    not in this lifetime

  • Corkyjohn

    Just need another 5000 sheep to follow the masses who will be satisfied watching the crap played there every week…..

  • Corkyjohn

    So why keep turning up?

  • Blackandwhite9

    Pride……of sorts, I was there well before Fatman , & I intend to be there when he leaves, fully understand why others have chose not to go anymore, I haven’t made that decision yet.

  • Corkyjohn

    I just can’t see him leaving until fans stop turning up….Imagine an empty stadium for a televised game?

  • Blackandwhite9

    Thought about that myself ( like everybody else) , but how attractive would we appear to any prospective buyer if they also view an empty stadium?? , I’m not attempting to defend my position, I am fully aware that I’m putting money in his pocket, and gnat match days are NOT what they used to be, we all have to make our own decisions on this, I happen to have chosen ( rightly or wrongly) to keep on going, not sure I could ever fully answer why, ( except for my previous response) and I’m sure I’ll keep wrestling with my

  • nufcslf

    Corkyjohn Exactly, what a total piss take and it would still be full. Sole destroying and nothing else.

  • A lex

    It would be MORE attractive to a buyer if people stopped going! Ashley would have a depreciating asset and would have to price accordingly.
    Any buyer then knows that with a bit of investment after purchase, the Geordies would roll back up in droves to see a revitalised NUFC.

  • Peaco

    As a structural engineer, I would agree that some structural gymnastics can always be done to make things work, however the cost of such solutions usually rules them out as being feasible. Long cantilevers are not good under dynamic loading (I.e. Crowds jumping up and down) does anyone remember the millennium footbridge in London (not a cantilever but same principle)? I would never believe a word a developer says, for one thing (typically) they’re not qualified as they pay others for technical advice, and secondly they’re all about making maximum profit for minimum expenditure (remind you of anyone?) and in my experience, this is usually to the detriment of the product.