Driving home this afternoon after a gruelling visit to the Metrocentre I had the radio on, I am happy to admit that it gave me a right lift when I heard over half the Sunderland fans had done off home, with half an hour to go.

Radio 5 Live luckily had the Mackems against Villa as their commentary and they ran out of adjectives to describe how bad Sunderland were, with Villa going four up before half-time.

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The visitors took it easy and coasted to a four goal win, but when I got home I saw this from  The Times’ George Caulkin on Twittter:

“As lifelong Sunderland fan David Fenwick has just put it, ‘I stayed to the end so I would miss the traffic’.”

It gets even better when you go on the main Mackem message board ‘Ready To Go’ (….down) with teh folowin comments as Sunderland are one place above relegation:

 ‘Bunch of pi**ed up cowards who have no interest in behaving like professional footballers.’

‘All in, I’m not surprised we look like we’re going down.’

‘Gutless bunch of sh**e they have no pride in themselves or the club.’

‘I’d keep pants, larsson and that french lad. The rest I would happily hoy on a bonfire.’

Give this bollocks up and accept we aren’t good enough.’

‘The manager and tactics are sh**e but those players have no professional pride whatsoever.’

‘Poyer has been shocking in the transfer market and equally shocking tactically. Has to go, totally inept!’

‘Some of these players have backbones of jellyfish.’

‘We’re not the best team in the world. We lost. Let’s get over it and move on.’

If Newcastle’s players pass up the chance of really turning the screw on the mackems on Sunday 5 April, I will find it really difficult to forgive them…


  • mrbeast06

    TeamToon I love the response about keeping Larsson. The bloke’s been through 4 managers and he was signed from a club that went down.

  • Porciestreet

    I never noticed before, but 5under1and have a lot of pink seats…..! So much for their fabulous fans. Even with the s**t wer’e in, we are so much better than that fickle lot.

  • nufcslf

    Bet they still beat us….

  • partworntyres

    ” if the mackems were geordies they’d be brilliant!”  – carver.

  • Demented_Man

    Strange business about Larsson not coming on until a few minutes after the second half kick-off.  Even then he was limping heavily.  What on earth was that all about?

  • Bornunderabigbluestar

    We will still be odds on to keep Poyet in a job and them in the prem, its just the way our crazy club is at the moment.

  • Laughlaugh

    That will be us next season

  • magpie9

    Read our fans opinions after todays performance of team & coach, it looks like they stole them off the mackems.

  • prestondave

    One thing I will say about the mackems fans displeasure yesterday. They showed it.!! They went up to Poyet and said it like it was. They also voted with their feet and walked out en masse. And guess what.? It worked. Its all over the news, sky sports, the papers etc. Maybe if we showed the same kind of contempt for the way our once great club is being shat on constantly by the morons in charge then things might start to change.?