Interesting article on The Mag on Saturday, outlining how Newcastle United had been well and truly Pardewed.

That piece basically just related the facts, what position Crystal Palace and Newcastle United were in before Alan Pardew jumped clubs, and what has happened since.

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The bare facts show that after Pardew’s last NUFC match against Everton on 28 December, Newcastle had 26 points and Palace had 16.

Then 11 matches later Newcastle have 35 points and Palace have 36.

There is no doubt that Crystal Palace have performed well over those 11 games and Pardew deserves to share the credit, though it doesn’t exactly tell the whole story.

The real tale is one of two very different clubs and what is happening within them.

Palace looked to bring in a manager who they obviously believed could help drag them out of relegation trouble but just as importnatly, they saw him as part of an overall jigsaw that could take the club forward.

The mood at Palace is buoyant with an owner, manager, players and fans all pulling together in the same direction.

At Newcastle….this isn’t the case.

Mike Ashley’s reaction to Pardew leaving was to let things drift for a month before giving the job to John Carver, to the astonishment of a fanbase who had been told there was a worldwide search for a new manager/head coach.

The opportunity for a new man to give everybody a lift at United with ideas of ambition and a new way of doing things was wasted.

In the transfer market, Palace backed Alan Pardew with six new January signings: Jordan Mutch, Pape Souare, Shola Ameobi, Wilfried Zaha, Keshi Anderson and Lee Chung-Yong.

Mike Ashley sold two international defenders in Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa and Davide Santon and brought nobody in.

The net result being Newcastle having to play a midfielder at full-back and a full-back at centre-half.

Whilst Palace is a club pulling together, Newcastle Uniuted is a club being pulled apart.

The reason Crystal Palace are now above Newcastle is at least as much, if not more, about the circus at St. James’ Park.

Winning every other game would have seen United comfortably clear of Palace, though of course it sums up how hopeless the situation is at Newcastle when we are even talking about where we’re at compared to the team from Selhurst Park.


  • newcastle7

    If Palace were all together then why were they looking like relegation candidates before Pardew
    took over.The thing is you and the other SMD’s cannot bear to give him credit for the magnificent job he has done there.Well done Alan and keep up the good work.

  • Greegers

    NUFCTheMag JimBobSuperStar what does the abbreviation SMDs in the comments section stand for?

  • newlyns

    pardew is show what he can do if there is no interference from the board room he picks the team unlike nufc fat ashley picks it

  • Chemical Dave

    Does anyone know top fan simon Carr ?

  • Brown Bottle

    The talk surrounding the takeover down there is the yanks are looking to spend 100 mill to buy now that safety is looking good and there’s an upswing in sentiment. Fair enough. The buyers hesitated when Palace struggled so the owner gambled on an emotional appointment. Warnock was even selling him the job when he was still their manager. 

    As is usually the case, Pardew got a response and an instant momentum propelling them to the safe zone. It’s what he does when he gets an new job. It’s a pattern. Then, without fail, he gradually proceeds to capsize the whole enterprise. 
    His blueprint for playing is otherworldly. Square pegs in round holes. Players whose second touch is normally a tackle. Players who can run all day but don’t know where. Brain dead functionaries. Those in his own image.

    How he’s managed to steal a living for so long will be a future pub quiz standard. The words Football & Pardew should never be uttered in the same sentence.

  • Brown Bottle

    newcastle7 …they were looking like relegation candidates because Warnock was the manager. Prior to him Pulis did a tremendous job and left them with a team that could compete. I know it’s hard to imagine but Warnock is even more incompetent than Pardew. Now there’s a thing.

    Didn’t you used to post as APB&WA ? Wendy ? Ahhh…missed you birdbrain. Keep up the intellectual standard

  • Jail for Ashley

    What a depressingly true article!