With 2 wins in 10 first team matches under John Carver, I thought I’d have a look below the top level to see what we had coming through and give me a lift for the future.

I wish I hadn’t.

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For the vast majority of supporters, the departure of Alan Pardew was a massive relief, the club stagnating with poor results and style of football, a fresh start was desperately needed.

Never did we think that Mike Ashley and his minions would decide that after (allegedly) scouring the world, they actually already had the ideal candidate right under their noses.

So we have seen John  Carver promoted. Despite understandable reservations, fans hoped for the best that things would be different.

Instead, we have seen more of the same. Defensive football, conceding the majority of possession willingly, seven changes and all the best players left out of the FA Cup match at Leaicester, desperate set-pieces in terms of attacking and defending them, poor results and uninspiring football.

Not the biggest surprise in reality when you take into account John Carver was working with Alan Pardew throughout his time at St. James’ Park.

Why should things have been different?

Particularly when not a single player was brought in during January and they actually sold and loaned out players at the same time.

So after going through the matches since Pardew departed we have the following results:

First Team: Played 10 Won 2

Under 21s: Played 8 Won 0

Under 18s: Played 7 Won 1

Total of Played 25 Won 3

There appears to be a malaise right through the club and despite noises from the club and friendly press about the possibility of great players coming through in the future, the recent results don’t fill me with hope.

Just out of interest I thought I’d look at what happened in the period before Alan Pardew left and it gave the following results:

First Team: Played 10 Won 4

Under 21s: Played 8 Won 6

Under 18s: Played 7 Won 4

Total of Played 25 Won 14

(*** There is also the FA Youth Cup which has slightly different age criteria I understand and the results in that competition this season have been 1 win in 1 game under Pardew. Then 1 win, 1 draw and 1 defeat under Carver in normal time, though teh draw was converted into a win against Sunderland in a penalty shoot-out)

Now in no way do I think it was a negative that Alan Pardew left but the stats above suggest a club in serious need of needing to be sorted out.

It is all very well promoting internally but only IF the people are up to the job.

Carver, Steve Stone, Dave Watson and no doubt others have all been given more responsibility (though probably no more cash if Ashley is involved!) but the results suggest that it has helped lead to a collapse throughout the club. Possibly a reflection of just what a shoestring the whole operation is run on compared to elsewhere.

When you consider that the two most senior staff and only Directors (other than Ashley) at the club, Lee Charnley and John Irving, have never ever worked at another professional football club, you do wonder just what expertise there is throughout Newcastle United compared to our ‘rivals’.

It is not just massive investment in the squad that is needed to help turn Newcastle United around in the summer, without the right levels of expertise and experience off the pitch in terms of those running the club and the coaching side, United could be in for major problems ahead.


  • LeazesEnder

    Lee Charnley, John Irving, Wendy Taylor, Bob Moncur and John Carver I think of as being  embedded in the gut of the animal, the segments of a tape-worm with Ashley as its devouring head…. I shouldn’t eat cheese late at night!

  • StephenBowers

    I just don’t think MA has a plan.
    Not long after buying the club he very publicly tried to sell it, then look at the people he has recruited to help, seems like a drinking or casino mate or whoever is on hand.
    Probably a nice bloke( honestly ) but I wish he’d bought some club other than Newcastle .

  • partworntyres

    Report – carver;s innovative tactical plan – pies will be left embedded in the turf in the nufc half to allow geordies to supplement energy levels at any time. they will have green wrappers so the opposition don’t spot them.

  • Phildene

    What a good article and unfortunately how true. This club needs aean out from the very top to the very bottom of owner, staff and rubbish players. Ashleys plans are now starting to bare fruit and its rotten fruit,
    This club is a monster and in the right hands will show how massive it really is. We. The fans, deserve much, much better.

  • Philippines

    Oh, by the way, Pardew got another win yesterday. But of course, he is rubbish.

  • Brownale69

    so all the “coaching” from the kids to the seniors are rubbish!

  • magpie9

    If Carver was the best of 80 applicants can you think of who was last? Just maybe the 80 applicants were a little fib? More likely a bloody great lie

  • Toon Magpie

    Philippines Better the devil you know. In hindsight Newcastle fans have made a massive mistake haven’t we? We deserved better than Pardew but thanks to Ashley we got worse, far worse in Carver. When is this club going start and lift its head out of the crapper?

  • amacdee

    LeazesEnder Yeah just stick to the glue !!!

  • amacdee

    I remember reading about Carver bringing in Dave Watson (from his U-18 role) in order to help bolster the defence coaching. So he’s missing at U-18’s level yet not exactly setting the world alight on first team duty ? 
    A god awful mess orchestrated by the Fatman and administered by Chumley with not a clue about football between them. “Blind leading the blind” does not even begin to describe this pathetic, shambolic operation.

  • Gordonthetoony

    Weren’t the U18’s and U 21’s doing well until Carver took over?  Oue ENTIRE coaching staff should go and why are so many players injured in TRAINING resulting in weeks/months out?

  • wivawova

    I thought the under-21’s were on a run of 3 x 1-1 draws. Home to Queen of the South and Livingston and away to Falkirk………..