Well three welcome points against the bed sheet brigade, surely now we can banish all thoughts of relegation.

Surely now is the time to approach our next manager, tell him what he can have to spend, and let him start doing his homework, maybe this is already going on, who knows?

So what about the game, well once again hardly a classic, it was pleasing however to see us going with two up front, then displeasing to see Perez on the bench!

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The win was just about deserved and it was good to see our Captain back to somewhere near his best, maybe because his best friend was back in the squad and on the bench.

The massive ovation Jonas received was fully deserved and gave a warm lift to everyone, a really nice tonic for the troops.

Could Jonas yet force his way into the first 11, I actually think he could, but whether politics allow is another story…

A quick word about the fans of Villa, it was a nice touch for them to air a banner showing respect for John Alder and Liam Sweeney. In fact it should really have put to bed once and for all the animosity that the likes of me feek towards them following the events of May 2009, and in my eyes it has. However, the skirmishing underneath the Leazes End at full time suggests a lot of ill feeling still exists between some fans of the two clubs!

In scenes similar to when we played Leicester up here earlier this season, stewards and waist high temporary fencing was all that was between the warring factions , and inevitably some trouble occurred.

I again point to a lack of Police being present, and again raise the question of whether Mike Ashley is policing on the cheap, I am happy to let the warring factions go at it so to speak, but families are getting caught up in it so it needs addressing.

So this Wednesday we have the pride of the British nation Man Utd up here, and while we may be pretty mundane at the moment, I would be disappointed if we did not get at least a point.

Of course if they play well then we will probably get beaten soundly,  but quite simply they are nothing special, and the Raymond Van Barneveld soundalike who manages them, in my eyes is not doing a particularly good job.

Talking of LVG, is it just me or is his face getting longer, take a look at some pictures of him from a few years ago, he has either had a face stretch or is on serious dozes of Botox! That said, my handsome days are long gone so who am I to judge?

Before the game on Saturday we discussed how many of my group of middle aged (and old aged ) reprobates will be here next season? I reckon we are dropping from seven or eight to a definite three, that to me is a little alarming, but some have said goodbye before only to turn up bright and fresh at the first game of the following season!

Only one has a genuine reasons for jacking in, his son plays rugby to a decent standard and wants to watch him play, the rest simply don’t want to come because it’s crap, fair comment!  Not even a mention of B & Q, the match day experience –  apart from the pub, is crap!

The attendance on Saturday was quite astonishing, nigh on a full house. The difference between our fans and Villa’s is they can drop 15k off the gate in two weeks, so who are the mugs us or them?

Well actually it is us, and I stand accused and plead guilty of being one of those mugs, because unlike lots I can’t pack in!

So here’s hoping for another 3 points on Wednesday, a further Tonic for the Troops.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    LVG looks like Beaker from the Muppets.

  • wor monga

    There’s bound to be some animosity still there between them
    and us after the unsporting way they behaved back in May 2009…

    and you have to
    feel a bit of sympathy for them, after all the money that they’ve spent on
    players, and wasters (Nzogbia) that they’ve signed over the last few years…

    still the best they can do is just prop up the league…it felt good beating them,
    and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they go down this year …

  • Sickandtiredstill

    wor monga It’s frightening that Vllla were the model our owner wanted to follow (after changing from Arsenal’s).

  • GToon

    He is the spitting image of butthead from beavis and butthead. have a look at this link —> https://www.veooz.com/photos/UHAJXLL.html

  • GToon

    wor monga Me too. The only down side to them going down is the record we have against them in the EPL. Have had many happy visits to their ground and enjoyed the early departure of their “12th man” on numerous occasions.

  • DavidDrape

    another good read Brian and i agree with sentiments re villa fans and behavior and eve should let the past be the past and no doubt it looks like it will be those toon fans turn to make fun of villa if they go down but as you said its not a true reflection on all of them, however, supporting the toon is more like a ”Rat Trap” or a ”I don’t like Mondays” after the weekend toon results and the prospect of going to work after another dismal performance  rather than a tonic for the troops lol

  • ash1001

    Here’s a thought re the attendance v Villa, On Thursday I got an E Mail offering me match day hospitality for over £100, my pension does not stretch to that, then I got to two E Mails saying match tickets were still available, then the Newsweek.co.uk/Newcastle United runs the story that Jonas is on the bench, all of a sudden we have a 50,000 crowd – deliberate or not it did the trick because we all wanted to say HI again to JONAS.

  • Sickandtiredstill
  • Brian Standen

    I was going to throw a few boomtown rats cliches in, but settled for tonic for the troops !

  • Brian Standen


  • DavidDrape

    Brian Standen like ”Banana Republic” should mean an  unstable football club (not country)

  • DavidDrape

    Brian Standen i know you’re face Brian but in reference to your comments above i would have guessed you may have been one of the first to stay away but no doubt you are protesting in other ways such as staying clear os strips etc?

  • Brian Standen

    Frightening but I go both home and away in plain clothes, that said I do get immature on holiday by donning the colours

  • Billy Goat

    Revenge is a dish best served cold !