Newcastle United have been forced to pay the living wage to full-time staff from the 2016/17 season after a meeting of the Premier League clubs on Thursday.

The clubs voted to pay not just the statutory minimum the law says they have to pay, instead enough of them recognised just how bad it would look if were to refuse to do this when the extra billions were recently announced via the new UK rights broadcasting deals.

What about Newcastle’s position, what do you think they had to say at the meeting? You will find the answer below.

The national minimum wage enforced by law in the UK is £6.50 per hour for adults aged 21 and over, with lower minimum amounts legally binding for those who are younger than 21.

The ‘living wage’ is an hourly rate based on the amount needed to cover the basic costs of living – an amount calculated by the Living Wage Foundation, which currently is £9.15 per hour for those living in London and £7.85per hour in the rest of the UK.

Earlier this month this question was asked at the latest NUFC Fans Forum, with the club’s answer below:

‘Does Newcastle United pay all its employees at least the Living Wage?’

“The board said that it does not pay the living wage but it does abide by employment law as per legislation set by the government and pay the minimum wage. The club advised supporters to speak to their local MPs with a view to the government changing the law and raising the national minimum wage if they believed it beneficial for the UK. It was felt that the issue was one for all commerce and society as a whole rather than purely for football….”

So basically the club/Mike Ashley pays what they are legally obliged to and not a penny more, refusing to acceot that they should lead by example and pay their lowest paid staff a wage that means they can do more than exist. This at a time when there has never been more money pouring into football clubs – shameful.

Though this should come as little surprise when you look at how Mike Ashley treats staff in the rest of his empire.

Great news that the full-time staff at Newcastle United and at other clubs are eventually going to get living wage rates but the reality is that most of the staff currently on minimum wage will stay on that, as the vast majority are part-time and won’t automatically get the living wage rate.

As the Newcastle United/Mike Ashley statement at that last NUFC Fans Forum makes clear, the part-time staff will be waiting a long long time before Ashley pays a penny more to them than the law forces him to.

  • LeazesEnder

    The students who account for most of the ‘matchday staff’, and who serve in what is laughably described as ‘catering’ aren’t employed by the club directly as Ashley sold the Catering completely for £3 million to the prison Catering firm Sodexo

    ….Absolutely atrocious low level ‘do-it-yourself’ beverages, overpriced ‘meal deals’ and little change from a £20 note if you fancy a pie… which has shrunk to about half the size it was eight years ago….

    …the rest of the staff are footballers who I believe are earning more than the basic breadline, Kyle Utterton (Ashleys bodyguard and some time Mag contributor),  and Doris the tea lady…. you need her because the board don’t use bloody Sodexo!

  • PeterRobson

    I could understand (not condone) Ashleys stance on this issue if we were a struggling club in the lower leagues trying to build a sound financial base to climb the tables. I myself have accepted lower wages than my trade group commands, in the interest of the firm and knowing full well that once established my wages would then correspond to my qualifications !!!
    However, NUFC are not a firm coming in at the ground level and having to build a customer base !!!

    The club is being run like a Mafia scam, with the top man and his trusted men being the only ones to benefit from any deal he strikes.

    I´d love to get a peak inside his mind to understand his motivation !!

    He appears to covet wealth and power above everything else, and history shows where that leads !!!

    The man is a Misanthropist !!!

  • mentalman

    How many companies and ones bigger than NUFC in the UK actually pay the living wage, the majority i know of are just like NUFC and pay the minimum wage.
    Another non story trying to have a gig at the club

  • partworntyres

    pies pies pies, it’s all pies….give them three quid an hour, a pair of super dunlop tennis shoes and a golf umbrella……

  • Conman

    Nothing to joke about I’m afraid. If it was you or your family, you wouldn’t want them extorted by some money guzzling monster.
    We need to fight for these people all over the country, not just laugh at them.

  • Conman

    We need to make sure that everyone gets the message. And then gets the message again and again until we Change it.
    Yes, we know it’s happening but we have to support any moves to attempt to shame these oafs into action. Sometimes it works.

  • wor monga

    How’s this got anything to do with the Mag?…and how many
    other clubs supporters sites are rabbiting on about issues like this one?…more
    than likely the answers none…

    …they all seem to be more concerned with the football,
    players and results etc like normal supporters…whereas this one seems to have
    been taken over by either the Young Socialists, or the Jock National Party…we’ll
    be getting articles from Arthur Scargill next.

  • Chemical Dave

    …if you don’t ….like it….read something else…mong.

  • Chemical Dave

    Was he laughing at the employees or ridiculing the parasite owner ?

  • Chemical Dave

    I’m about as far removed from your bleeding heart leftie as you could possibly find but no matter your political persuasion, some things are plainly wrong. Exploitation. Fill the country with cheap labour and the rich get richer and the poor know their place right ?

  • wor monga

    Chemical Dave      That’s what I mean Dave…those people I mentioned didn’t like
    any opinions that didn’t follow their party views either.

    …I frequent this site hoping to see articles like the one
    Ben Cooper wrote yesterday about why he goes to the match…a first class article.

    …and all
    we get is politics, when we all know football is our best way to forget

  • LeazesEnder

    wor monga Chemical Dave What football …..our club ceased to be when Ashley took over?

  • wor monga

    LeazesEnder      For you maybe, but not for me…I’ve supported them since Charlie
    Mitten became the manager, and we played nowt more than kick and rush, just hoping
    for the best

    …I never stopped supporting the Lad’s then even though I thought I could
    do better myself.

    …so if you think today is bad…just ask your Dad!!!

  • newcastle7

    I think you will find half the country pays staff the minimum wage so nothing new here nor specific to
    Newcastle United.Would imagine all ninety three clubs pay the same rate.

  • DownUnderMag

    newcastle7 the point you seem to be missing is that with all the billions floating around football, a lot of clubs recognised that it would seem rather insulting to pay the bare minimum to their staff and opted to pay the cost of living and NOT the stipulated legal minimum….of course our fuhrer who likes his staff exploitation will only pay the bare minimum not to get taken to court and not a penny less.
    To hell with public image when there is profit to be made eh???

  • wor monga

    Chemical Dave       Get a grip of yourself…would these lads rather be hewing
    coal looking at a 4ft face under the North Sea, and over 4 miles from the pit
    head…while covered in wet sh*t.

    …or breathing fresh air doing what they do at SJP
    day in day out and getting paid for it.

    …a living wage…you haven’t the foggiest
    what it means my chemical friend!!!

  • Chemical Dave

    If you don’t like the articles write one yourself mong.

  • Chemical Dave

    Exploration you thick mong, the disparity between rich and poor has never been wider. Am sure your great grand kids wouldn’t want a zero hours job old timer.

  • Toonbadger

    How many will lose their jobs so that Fat Mick can have only part time staff who he can under pay

  • Toonbadger

    Chemical Dave  Well said mate I`ve been offered zero hour jobs at interview stage and told them to stick it and walked away. Dole money stopped because I did that. So those in power would rather you do it OR ELSE

  • wor monga

    Chemical Dave     Exploration…that’s what you call working down the pit at 15,
    is it.. ha,ha…you bairn’s really don’t know how well you’re off these days.

    never mind kidda…keep on dreaming of that glorious revolution…but try to ease
    up on those chemicals, son…to give what’s left of your brain a chance!!

  • Toonarden

    wor monga LeazesEnder 

    I started at the same time wor monga but I can tell you that the club then was honest. We may have been short of money but we tried our best to compete unlike today. The directors didn’t employ questionable sponsors, cover the ground in tack, change the name of the stadium, insult past stars and take whatever money was coming into the club for their own pet projects. Furthermore they didn’t insult the fan’s intelligence, communicated with them and actually BOUGHT players when necessary even if they weren’t star performers at the time although, to be fair Ivor Allchurch, George Eastham, Dave Hilley etc weren’t that bad!
    The ground  and match days was filled with enthusiasm unlike today when it might as well be a library. 
    There was also pride and hope – even if there is NONE today.
    I know what I’d rather have.

  • Maximus Moose


  • partworntyres

    Conman  irony Conman!!

  • No Brainer

    More twisted s**t from the mag. You know of no battle or stance of nufc at this meeting. You also neglect that nufc were talking about all staff when questioned at the forum. This feal relates to full time staff most of whom are already on wages higher than 7-85
    So stupid

  • partworntyres

    Chemical Dave well spotted Dave!

  • magpie9

    Toonarden wor monga LeazesEnder  There were a few more players on that team, Len White, Bobby Mitchel & a little later Stan Anderson. There was never a fear of the club cashing in at the first chance of making a quid profit. Even when Eastham left for Arsenal it was more for the players revolution than the club cashing in.

  • magpie9

    PeterRobson  Look inside his mind & all you will see is underhand schemes to screw someone out of money