The trouble with Newcastle United isn’t that all the players are rubbish, it is just that most of them are very average.

Average players can get by when they have class players alongside them, there is added confidence and quality which rubs off on the other players.

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Sadly, the current Newcastle team has a massive imbalance, the average to poor have swamped the remaining players who have a bit of star quality.

Sissoko, Krul, Cisse and Coloccini are all caught somewhere in between, at times they do show that star quality but they need to have better players with them, or else they appear to be susceptible to being dragged down to the level of Gouffran, Williamson, Anita and others.

Janmaat and Colback are another two very steady reliable players but not necessarily the type to be able to do it by themselves, they get on with their own jobs and need to have others round them who can do the same.

I personally think that in Cabella, Riviere, De Jong and the loan pair at Forest, Newcastle have wasted their money. I can’t see the French pair imposing themselves on the Premier League, nor do I see Darlow and Lascelles being up to the standard we need, whilst with Siem De Jong it looks very much like we have bought a crock.

If only the club had thrown everything at persuading Cabaye, Remy and Debuchy to stick around, the wasted money as outlined above could have funded Remy’s transfer fee and the financial packages that could have maybe convinced them to stick around.

With the very decent signings of Janmaat, Colback and Perez, we could have seen a very competitive first eleven as you see below – a 3-4-3 formation to accommodate both Janmaat and Debuchy.

Retaining players such as Cabaye, Remy and Debuchy would I believe have boosted what you get out of Cisse, Coloccini and the others who have been at the club a while.

Plus just imagine Ayoze Perez as part of that front three with Cabaye providing the bullets.

As always with Newcastle United, if only…


Janmaat, Coloccini, Santon

Debuchy, Sissoko, Cabaye, Colback

Perez, Cisse, Remy


  • Double Carpet

    Agree with the sentiments, and I also think Cabella won’t properly make it. But in your team above:
    No-one to head the ball at the back,
    Santon is no left-sided CB, but Dummy may be,
    Colback is no left wing back – the good ones tend to be wingers. Pains me to say it, but Ashley Young is showing that.
    No holding midfield player. Sissoko doesn’t have the discipline, Cabaye would be wasted breaking up play.
    Would’ve been nice to keep a couple of them though.

  • No Brainer

    Janmatt is better than debuchy four years younger almost the same number of caps and already 2/3’s of the number of appearances and looks like he wants to get on with playing football.

    Du Jong has to be a case of Jury’s out

    Cabella looks a lot stronger than he did and is impacting on games now.

    Darlow and Lascelles are a real pair of top buys Lascelles unfortunately be here for long he has been outstanding since the Pearce left. The mans anger at them for leaving when it was the boards decision to sell could have severely dented their development the bloke was an ar*e.

  • pissed off mag

    if only i had kept my money off 7 years of watching crap

  • mentalman

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team play 3 at the back with 2 full backs and only 1 cb.
    You could add to that, what about if only we’d kept Distin or Ginola or Ferdinand.
    Darlow looks a much better back up keeper than elliot, lascalles is a decent young defender who was a victim of circumstance rather than being no good
    As for Collo being dragged down to the poorer players level I actually think it’s the other way round, when collo plays bad the rest around him play bad, when he plays well others play better. As captain he should be helping the poorer players raise their game.

  • AJ2k

    Thats why we will never challenge for anything.
    Id stick Ba in for Perez though… Perez is class but not in the same bracket as Ba yet. He’ll be gone soon when the bids start coming in. Same for Sissoko and Arrons. 
    We have become a stepping stone club for the bigger teams because Ashley keeps banking the profits and then we buy small and sell for profit. But thats old news for everyone now.
    I think Cabella will come good, Riviere looks like a flop and Colback has been a great signing. De Jong… yeah seems like a sicknote, hopefully we’ll see more than 2 or 3 games from him next season. 

    I dont quite know how Mike Williamson has been at Newcastle for so long. Total liability , clumsy and shows as much composure and skill as a Sunday league player who just hoofs it up field at the first opportunity. Cant believe people actually rate him. 

    We have been crying out for pacey wingers and a decent centre back for years but nothing gets done about it, Yanga Mbwia should have been given more time to adjust rather than just benching him for the odd poor game.