Newcastle star Jonas Gutierrez has declared that finishing outside the top ten will be failure for Newacastle United this season.

Willing to help in any way and anywhere he can, Jona scould even be a candidate to play centre-back on Saturday against Arsenal, with his big mate Coloccini missing.

Jonas inadvertently points out the recurring problem at Newcastle United and that is, under Mike Ashley there is never a big enough squad to cope with injuries.

The Argentine winger pointing out that even in the season that United finished fifth, he had to play a number of positions because of the lack of cover once a few injuries hit the squad.

“When we finished fifth, three years ago, I played in many positions and I was playing in different positions because we had problems with injuries.

“I am here to help. I work hard and I want to enjoy and always I have to do the best for the team.”

No excuses:

“We have got to finish in the top ten, we don’t have any excuses. We have hard games up to the finish of the season but we have to take points and finish in that top ten.

“We don’t have enough players at the moment but we have to keep together and work hard for the manager, the manager will tell us what we have to do. No excuses – we have to do it better.”

  • Ian Waugh

    10th is also failure.

  • Glenn Gregory

    10th is looking a long way away at the moment

  • bill black

    My mate plays centre-back for a local side and is a committed player but he has more fun for the local team and will not work for a zero hour contract with Ashley, shame as he would do better than some of our players

  • David Grey

    The potential is there, just not the ambition

  • No Brainer

    Iif no other option make jonas head ciach he’dmotivate more than colo any day

  • Alsteads

    Jona has only been back 2 minutes and there has been more from him ( and that makes sense) than the rest if them put together. He seems to be the only player that it’s really getting through too and seems to be doing all the things a captain should be doing ( you’d do well colo to take a leaf out if your mate/vice captains book)!!!

  • amacdee

    “The manager will tell us what we have to do”  What just as he did at Goodison then found out Everton were playing with two upfront ? 
    I genuinely believe the coaches at NUFC are no more capable of organising a team than you or I. Jeez even Pardwho took his “analyst” with him cos he couldnt work it out for himself !

  • toon tony


  • terriertwo

    So would Jonas be happy if we finish in tenth place. A team with 50,000 supporters every week expect a lot more but under the present ownership then its not going to happen. We should be looking for at least a top six finish every year with our eye on at least one of the cups.

  • LeazesEnder

    Tenth must be when the squad bonus kicks in.