Rolando Aarons says that he hopes his return to first team action is ‘done properly’ this time.

Alan Pardew admitted that Rolando Aarons was brought back against medical advice when he played in the Manchester City League Cup win back in October.

The winger having had a minimum of preparation after his original hamstring injury before appearing against Man City and then Liverpool the following weekend, before breaking down straight after.

Now Aarons is targeting a return some five months after that ill-fated decision by Alan Pardew.

The player says he is hopeful for the Sunderland match in 4 weeks times but bringing back an injury prone player for that type of match would surely be something that even….Alan Pardew would think twice about.

In his brief appearances Rolando Aarons showed flashes of ability but it is a bit of a leap of faith to have too much expectation on a player who is yet to even start a Premier League match, never mind the fact that so far he has refused to extend his current contract that has only a year to run.

Rolando Aarons:

“I don’t really want to put a date on it because every time I do it ends up being the week after or the week after and people wonder…but I am going to say I am hopeful for the derby  (Sunderland away if 4 weeks today – April 5th).

“The last five months have been difficult and it is crazy when everybody starts talking about you but then people forget.”

Doing it properly:

“I have injury problems but it’s important that I don’t rush back, you can see what happened last time and I can’t afford to do that.

“The physios are working hard, everyone is working hard, to make sure it is done properly this time.”

  • kidda

    “Star player”???..he hasn’t even started one League game in his life.
    It’s about time some people on here got a grip on reality.

  • jimblag

    kidda I guess some people can see potential.

  • kidda

    Replace the words “star player” with junior player.

  • SGM

    jimblag kidda Just because they think they can see it dosnt mean he has it.

  • kidda


  • NicholasDryden

    best player coming through in an age

  • NicholasDryden

    guy has made an impact every time he’s played, armstrong, campbell, vuksic etc haven’t.

  • toonterrier

    The little we have seen from this lad so far has been very good but maybe another injury prone player which is a shame as we could do with a bit of class on the field.  If this lad is back for the mackem game I shall happily donate twenty quid to the Sir Bobby fund. Any more givers

  • amacdee

    SGM  kidda Two goals from 2 starts and 3 sub appearances ?? FFS with the squad we have thats freakin Gold !!!!!!

  • PhilYare

    SGM jimblag kidda its because he has shown more quality in a couple of games then some players have done all season…. he has pace, a good touch, is positive, forward thinking, can create and has a goal in him. Not many players at the club you can say that about

  • kidda

    amacdee SGM kidda Not questioning his brief  record, only the headline of Star Player.

  • ToonTone100

    He wont be played much this year – to keep his contract aspirations down (and ability to get elsewhere) … but he has the ability for me to be top class.