With only 2 games left to go on sale at St James Park, it’s safe to assume those prices and get a view of the overall costs fans have paid to watch Newcastle home games this season.

West Brom and West Ham are to be announced, but it’s certain they will match the price structure already seen for Swansea, Villa, Stoke, Southampton, QPR and Leicester.   So what was the cost for each game?

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Looking at a standard adult in the Gallowgate and Leazes ends:

season ticket

So a member spends £553 on tickets.  With the £35 cost of membership that gives a total of £588.

A non-member could get tickets to all but 4 games themselves, and the cost would be £452, but members didn’t buy all the tickets on offer for 2 of the other 4 games. 

Shamefully the club allowed these games to go ahead without selling out, rather than offer tickets publicly.  If you had a season ticket or membership holding friend though, they could have easily got you a ticket for Arsenal and Man U at a cost of £36 and £42 respectively, bringing the non-member cost up to £530.  A £58 saving over members, but it would mean sitting out the home defeat off the mackems (gratefully?) and the victory over Liverpool.

Many people entered long-term deals prior to the 14/15 tickets being announced, but for anyone investing in a season ticket for the first time, or coming to the end of a 3 year deal, the 2014/2015 season ticket prices in these areas were £578 for a single year and £549 for a 7 year deal.

season ticket

This offers only limited financial benefit over membership and anyone who has missed a single home game would have been better off with a membership over a season ticket.  If you’re a season ticket holder that missed the Liverpool game, you’d probably have been better off not even stumping up for the membership and going public, given what was served up against Sunderland.

Remarkably, in the East Stand the totals are even more geared against Season Ticket Holders.

season ticket

It is £20-£37 cheaper to be a member and take in ALL the games than it is to do so as an East Stand season ticket holder.  If you’re ok with missing the visits of Sunderland and Liverpool the savings approach £100 for the same seat if you DON’T buy a Season Ticket or Membership.

The other interesting point to note from the ticket categorisation above is that Newcastle United have SIX different categories for the visits of 19 teams.

Only one other Premier League club has more than three and that is Everton with four.

Newcastle United are one of only two clubs where all of this information is not available on their website throughout the season, Manchester City showing a similar aversion to publicising which opponents will be in which category outside of the short window when tickets are on sale.

You can see similar comparisons for Junior and Senior tickets here, for whom it’s a similar tale.

Thanks to Chris Holt for another excellent piece and you can visit his blog HERE, plus you can follow him on Twitter @MikeAshleyLies

  • newcastle7

    Newcastle give excellent value for money for watching matches.Man Utd and Chelsea charged us fifty six pounds each Liverpool fifty two and Man City forty five a total of over two hundred pounds for four matches so get a life Chris.Try supporting them four teams and take a family of four to games and come back to me with an apology.

  • Senor Whippy

    Newcastle7, just because a mid table team charges less than teams in the champions league, it doesn’t make it excellent value. It’s just cheaper.
    The whole league is a rip off in terms of pricing.

  • DownUnderMag

    Nothing at this club makes sense these days.  Stop trying to make sense of it or you will end up insane.  

    As for newcastle7 … football has become vastly overpriced, and where all the revenue disappears into players and agents pockets, the fans are left with ever increasing ticket prices, lower league clubs are left in financial ruin and owners are writing off huge debts against the club itself putting the very future of some at risk ….fast becoming unaffordable for a lot of people and ruining the entertainment as well….

  • MikeAshleyLies

    They give better value for money to non season ticket holders though. A perverse situation, no?

  • Cosseycj

    MikeAshleyLies NUFC yeah why is this? As a east stand season ticket holder would be nice for the club to confirm…SkySportsNewsHQ

  • DavidDrape

    brilliant and well laid out article. a kids ticket will work ut even cheaper for a non member as there has beeb approx 6 games at £5 for kids

  • kevba1971

    MikeAshleyLies NUFCTheMag NUFC rip off merchant. Fans taken 4 fools.

  • No Brainer

    Which Newcastle fan wants to miss the Sunderland game?

    Fair amount of ah but in this piece Mr Holt, there’s a bit of a lottery involved as to whether you get a ticket a significant number of isolated seats sitting on your own.
    The value of a season ticket is not attendance alone.

  • MikeAshleyLies

    No Brainer Members don’t miss the Sunderland game.  Still cheaper for many.

    Newcastle only sold out 4 games all season.  The argument for securing your ticket has lost strength.

  • toon tony

    If you really want the SJP atmosphere on matchdays. Just visit your local library. !!!!

  • No Brainer

    MikeAshleyLies No Brainer The title was
    Newcastle season tickets paying more than general public, 

    The costs are £578 and £530 respectively but on the basis that with  the £530 you miss two games at a price suggested of £78 that would make £608 yet with scarcity the open market pushed prices over £100 for even the level 7 tickets for the Sunderland game. Something  this website made very clear in yet another attempt to condemn the club.

    So we see the saving is approx 10% against match day prices for 7 year dealers and 5% for annual purchasers.

    Is that not true?

  • MikeAshleyLies

    No Brainer MikeAshleyLies The headline related to the east stand, where members can get tickets for ALL games cheaper than Season Ticket holders.

    The Gallowgate and Leazes prices are marginal and included to inform the decision making of people considering season tickets.  Something the club fail to do.  If you know another season ticket holder or member who can buy tickets on your behalf, or if you usually miss one game a season, it might be better not to go with a season ticket.

  • No Brainer

    toon tony So true or the crem

  • No Brainer

    MikeAshleyLies No Brainer Those tickets are for largely single seats. Surely you acknowledge these seats you are focusing are on is a very small section of the whole ground less than 10%, these prices you show here are also remarkably cheap for a half way line pitch level seat in the premier league whether member ST holder or Joe public. 

    This is another attempt to try and fool visitors to this site. 

    It’s not a very solid piece of work Chris

    If all information is freely available then the club do not fail to do that.
    If If If.