Newcastle United have insisted that Fabricio Coloccini stays on Tyneside rather than spending part of his self-enforced five week playing absence back in Argentina with his family and friends.

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According to John Carver, the club wants him to remain involved at the club during the course of the ban and to help the rest of the squad, especially the younger players.

John Carver:

“He is staying here and he is going to get involved around the place.

“We’ve got a lot of young lads in the dressing room at the moment and I want him to be part of it, because he needs to contribute. He has never asked to go back.

“I’m still not convinced it was a straight red card. It (appealing against Coloccinii’s red card) wasn’t a desperation thing.

Not one to blow my own trumpet but I’d like to think what I wrote on Tuesday  (extract below) helped the club come to their decision, along with the thousands of other Newcastle fans who have made their feeling known by social media, radio phone-ins and suchlike.

Part of my piece on Tuesday:

Instead of thinking about any potential trip to Argentina, Coloccini should be ensuring he is very visible at each of these next three matches, with the players before the match and in the stands during the games.

In between he should be working even harder on the training pitch to both help the defence/team in his match absence and trying to sort them out for when he returns.

On top of this, I think Coloccini should be getting out and about in the community as well to do some very visible work for the Newcastle United Foundation.

Call me Mr Cynical but I find it impossible to believe that Coloccini didn’t have an expectation that he would be heading back to Argentina for at least some part of this ban. Whether he actually ‘asked’ Carver or other people at the club is just another question that we’ll never know the answer to.

In fact the situation is complicated further by the fact there is an international break of two weeks (15 days for Newcastle) coming up after this Saturday, during his five week playing absence.

So ironically, Newcastle’s Captain may have had an approved trip back to see his family and friends already arranged and the furore over hos actions and red card have put a stop to that.

Whilst it would be too much to believe that Coloccini takes up the media duties in front of the TV cameras during his absence, that he has so studiously avoided during his captaincy. Let’s hope that he is a very visible presence whilst banned and tries to play a part in inspiring his teammates.

  • Marklp

    The bloke lives thousands of miles from his family, probably gets to see them every few months, he made a stupid mistake but we now expect him to sit on his hand when there is no reason for us not to let him see them provided he stays fit. I suspect the people that think he should stay have never actually had to work away. Over the last four years he’s been one of our best servants, he ain’t been great this season but through thick and thicker he’s showed us loyalty.

  • SGM

    I would give him a one-way ticket

  • No Brainer

    Don’t think the club will have paid a blind bit of notice of you Dale.

  • DTE9

    The fact that you think your previous article made any bit of difference is laughable. If the guy wants to see his family let him, hes not a prisoner!

  • Alsteads

    Agree with everything you say fella but a bit sketchy on the loyalty thing. If getting paid a fortune in a desperate team and getting what ever benefits in kind were offered to him when he tried forcing a way back home through after signing a mega contract is loyalty then I’m glad the fella doesn’t work for me! Appreciate him sticking around when we went down but in fairness he needed that season down there as I felt he was still struggling with the so called premier league. That and we actually had no takers apart from the usual scousers sniffing around.
    Who knows he might actually come back with a spring in his step……… He needs it!

  • NatTurner

    Marklp  I actually agree.  I think it would be fair to let him go home during the international break, but as captain he should be with the team for match preparations and such.

  • Munich Mag

    why shouldn’t he visit his family for a week or two ?