Newcastle United have made a pre-contract offer to Andre Ayew, with a signing on fee of around £2m and £1.5m wages per year after tax, according to Le10Sport in France.

They are reporting the story as an exclusive and say that both Newcastle and Wolfsburg have both made similar offers for the player who is out of contract in the summer.

United have long been linked with the Marseille player who looks certain to move as the French club won’t pay the wages he is looking for.

Scoring 6 goals in 19 Ligue 1 appearances this season, Ayew was also one of the stars of the African Cup of Nations this year. He played in all 6 Ghana matches and scored 3 goals.

Newcastle and Wolfsburg could both have been trumped though by AS Roma, with Le10Sport saying that the Italian club have come in with their own offer today which their sources say is highest of the three deals on the table…so far.

One other club who have been repeatedly linked with Andrew Ayew are Tottenham and they are reported to be the player’s first choice if they come through with a suitable offer.

In any situation such as this where a bidding war ensues, it is hard to see Newcastle winning out under Mike Ashley’s tight grip, plus of course the problem of convincing the 25 year old that the club has ambition.

  • stepaylor

    This exactly the kind of deal that makes sense. Solid player that would strengthen our squad (not that this is difficult to do right now).

    Hope we can get him. Will be a great profit for Ashley if he does well and is eventually sold for 10 million in a few years.

  • Toon69

    If other clubs r in for him then we’ve no chance tbh

  • Corkyjohn

    Its not gonna happen….ambitionless & Ashley won’t pay enough for a mercenary like Ayew

  • No Brainer

    And so it starts again like kast year three months of we will never get him then two months of we’ll be brill when he gets fit. Then three month of the club should have known he’d be injured or he’ll never be a premier player.
    repeat – forever

  • macandmarge

    stepaylor But will do us the supporters..Absolutely..NO GOOD

  • scotty63

    Now where’s that line gone…..

  • stepaylor

    macandmarge  Yeah i kind of meant it as sarcasm buddy.

  • stepaylor

    You know i dont get Ashley. Everyone saying he is a great business man etc etc. Surely using a company he owns 100% of to fuel the numbers of a company he owns just over half of is a little backward? Would it not make more sense to have sports direct actually pay NUFC (him) for sponsorship every year?

  • A lex

    Think it went to Croydon. Pardew seemed to find it in January.

  • toon tony

    He’d be better off going to GATESHEAD.

  • amacdee

    “Newcastle make pre-contract offer to winger” Money plus a ride on Fatman’s helicopter every final transfer window day.

  • amacdee

    stepaylor Makes you wonder what Damelin had to offer the Fatman that prevented our corpulent owner from splashing Shlte Direct all over the shirts ? 
    I’m guessing something to do with brown envelopes ?

  • theholygrailtoon

    It’s far from backward. Nufc are worth 200 mil or less that 10% of ashleys wealth, and he has made them self sufficient and sports direct benefits. You say he only owns half of sports direct which is true but when your half if worth over 2 billion it equates to over 10 nufc ‘ s. For every 10% rise in the value of sports direct his personal wealth increases by 200 million (the value of nufc). To get the amount of advertising that comes with a epl club is huge and is helping him expand his empire. To me that’s a very clever man

  • stepaylor

    theholygrailtoon yeah i agree it is wise but surely if he had Sports Direct paying NUFC for sponsorship he would win both ways then and have his baby (sports direct) growing just the same but also pocketing 15m a year in sponsorship from SD to nufc.

  • Hez

    Season ticket deadline passed yet? Keep them interested with half hearted transfer claims and then fail to get them over the line!