Newcastle United are looking at America as the likely destination for a pre-season tour this summer.

The last time United visited the States in summer 2011 and it was so badly organised that players and management were said to be shattered/knackered afterwards.

The trip included ten flights in only ten days, as Newcastle played Columbus Crew, Sporting Kansas City and Orlando City.

Though ironically it didn’t appear to do them too much harm as they then went on to finish fifth in the Premier League…

Now the Shields Gazette say that America is back on the agenda and in the four years that have passed, football on both sides of the Atlantic has dramatically changed.

The MLS is now very much on the up in its own right and the recent TV deals mean that audiences in America for Premier League football have also rocketed.

Many English clubs have been hovering up commercial deals with US based companies and hopefully this mooted summer trip could belatedly see Newcastle trying to take advantage of the worldwide exposure of the Premier League.

Last summer’s trip was great for fans down under but made absolutely zero sense in terms of commercial growth, although many fans did link the trip to the fact that Mike Ashley was expanding his retail business empire in Australia and New Zealand at the time…

John Carver has already referenced that planning for the summer and beyond had started already, with himself apparently at the heart of it…:

“The conversations I have had have always been long-term.

“We have had a session on pre-season dates, dates for returning, as obviously it’s a shorter summer break this year.

“We haven’t decided where we’re going, but we are talking about different options.”


Newcastle last toured the United States in 2011, when the team, then managed by Pardew, played Sporting Kansas City, Orlando City and Columbus Crew.


The gruelling tour, which saw the team take 10 flights in 10 days, was beset by problems, though Newcastle went on to finish fifth in the Premier League that season.


  • Carl Small

    And don’t come back!

  • DownUnderMag

    Finally the club (and by that I mean the eejits that run it) are looking to grow the scope and brand of NUFC rather than just floating around where SD want to peddle it’s sweatshop wares.

  • Barry Goulder

    Filled in application form for job many years question was “Have you ever had suicidal thoughts?”my reply was”does supporting the toon for 30years count?”never got the job.!!!

  • A lex

    If you’re thinking that growing the scope and brand would see Ashley accepting paid advertising for NUFC in place of the freebie given to SD,; then may I suggest you think again.

  • DownUnderMag

    A lex actually I was just concerned with club recognition, shirt and merchandising sales that would directly influence finance at the club.

    Who knows, perhaps this is Ashley finally looking to drum up interest so he can sell us off to a wealthy Texan Oil Billionaire??  We can but dream…

  • A lex

    DownUnderMag A lex Yes, can but dream. However, Asians, Amercians, and indeed, all foreigners, tend to jump on the bandwagon of ‘successful’ EPL clubs. They won’t be interested in a club like that which Ashley has given us, because we don;t win anything or challenge for anything.
    I spent quite a few years in Singapore in the 2000’s. There was a huge NUFC following then, all built up by the positive exposure we got in the 90’s and early 00’s. Now, there are only the drips and drabs left, along with a few NE expats.
    A crying shame the way Ashley has presided over our footprint disappearing off the global football map.

  • v0ices

    A lex DownUnderMag wonder if he’s thinking about opening up tat shops in the usa, start of a marketing drive?