Patrick Vieira has named Newcastle and Liverpool as the most passionate football supporters he played in front of in England.

The midfielder played for Arsenal from 1996 until 2005 and so took in the tail end of the Kevin Keegan era and the whole of the Sir Bobby Robson period. Plus he later had a one season playing stay at Manchester City  in 2010/11.

His Arsenal days were the period when Newcastle fans watched two great, but very different, Newcastle teams under the two managers.

Patrick Vieira was speaking at a UEFA event and this is what he had to say:

“The Liverpool fans were always very passionate, as were Newcastle United’s.

”A passionate atmosphere can be very intimidating for players, but as professionals this is part of the game and you must rise to that challenge.”

When asked about great players:

“I played with some amazing players like Zidane, Bergkamp and many others, but for me the best had to be Zidane.”

The former French international would find it hard to recognise the Newcastle crowd these days on most occasions, certainly at home matches.

Much of the time it feels like the lifeblood has been sucked out of the United support – let’s hope when things pick up on and off the pitch, that the atmosphere becomes a little bit more like what Patrick Vieira would recognise.

  • Not deluded at all.  The author of the article very clearly acknowledges that the atmosphere at St James Park nowadays is a shadow of what it was like when Viera was playing.
    Here it is again as you clearly missed it…
    former French international would find it hard to recognise the
    Newcastle crowd these days…”
    That’s a very honest and accurate opinion which most objective neutrals would agree with.

  • nev fur

    In case your limited intelligence missed the point it was a comment by Patrick vierra not a Newcastle fan. In addition I don’t know any Newcastle fan who expects success or thinks we are more deserving. We merely feel that with the size of support the club has and the money that has and does come through the door we deserve better than we are getting and if that brings trophies all well and good and certainly we should expect to win more trophies than we have since 1955.

  • radgiegadgie

    also the daftest…

  • AP69

    Which 4rsehole did you crawl out of Darren?

  • stepaylor

    watch any game at St James Pk from ten years ago and you can just feel the crowds passion. Between then and now things have definitely changed. I watch the french and german leagues and we dont compare at all any more. The colour and sound has gone for sure