So, what can we say about the Arsenal game? Well quite a bit really.

Apologies first though, I was unable to write anything positive after the Everton game, so rather than vent my spleen I said nowt, the game spoke for itself.

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So, back to Arsenal, there were positives but also of course negatives. I think at half-time everyone was expecting a hammering of the highest order, instead we came out fighting and at last showed some guts. Was this due to Arsenal tiring? I don’t think so, I just think we got at them.

The display of Remy Cabella must surely convince folk that he has got what it takes to be a top player. If we can build a team around solid players like; Krul, Sissoko, Cabella, Perez, Janmaat etc then we may have a chance of progression.

Janmaat proved on Saturday just what a player he is, filling in at centre-half with ease, the goals were the fault of a weak Mike Williamson and a poorly positioned Vurnon Anita. Oh and if Gouffran had actually kicked the ball with any velocity in the second half, we might have got a draw, instead the GK was able to drop his cap on the powder puff shot when the one good chance fell his way.

We need to ditch the likes of Anita, Gouffran and Williamson as soon as possible – not good enough, simple as.

The next transfer window is going to be both nerve-racking but potentially interesting.

John Carver is apparently excited by the players we have been looking at, well he has probably been confusing what’s on the telly with the list given to him by Lee Charnley. I mean exciting players are Bale, Messi, Ronaldo etc not Johnny Notworthy from Benidorm Athletic!

It’s hard to imagine that it is only 19 years since we smashed the world transfer record ourselves, oh how the not so mighty have fallen.

So, before we can get our Flip-flops on, we have the small business of another nervous game against our friends from down the road, this is a game that we simply cannot lose, a fifth loss to them is simply too much. However, up until the 46th minute of the Arsenal game I was quite fearful, but if the team gets stuck in like it did against Arsenal then we can go there and win.

Speaking of our friends down the road, it would seem they have lost the moral high ground over the Adam Johnson issue.

Now let’s be frank about this Adam Johnson is an innocent man unless he is charged and found guilty of any offence in a court of law. However, once the issue became public, SAFC made the decision to suspend Adam Johnson until the matter was finalised one way or another.

While the matter is being investigated, Sunderland have plummeted to the brink of the relegation zone and indeed sacked and appointed yet more managers.

Their decision to then reinstate Adam Johnson  is nothing to do with legal delays, but simply because they are desperate and need him. Principles I’m afraid go out the window when the prospect of relegation becomes a reality.

So will we win down there? I don’t see why not; get at them, score early and their fickle fans will turn. Their ‘I’m Sunlun till I die’ chant would again become ‘I’m Sunlun till half-time’. We saw that ourselves up here on October 31st 2010, only Aston Villa have fans more fickle fans than those from down the road and boy do we need to make them suffer.

We have to play our strongest possible team and that team does not include Anita or Gouffran. Unfortunately, we are so short at the back we have limited choices, anyone remember Santon and Mbiwa?  Idiots of the highest order for letting them go mid-season.

Next season, out of my bunch we are losing at least three. They can’t be convinced to stay, as quite simply it is boring. I can’t say I blame them, however I will be continuing on, but the numbers in the pub will be fewer and that is quite a sad thing.

I can’t help but wonder what percentage of fans will not be here next season, and before anyone states the obvious, I know people like me are possibly part of the problem!

Right, onwards and upwards, let’s cheer ourselves up by hammering a nail into the Red and white coffin, we owe them big style!

  • CraigThomson

    We have had bad times before with owners, chairmen etc but supporting the club is about thick & thin. This is the thick compared to 1981 or 1991. Our time will come.

  • Malcolm Colledge

    Walk away? Not real fans.

  • spennite

    After 23 years as a season ticket holder (and many attending b 4 that), I’ve crossed the Rubicon and not renewed.
    the club have managed to do something I did not think was possible and kicked the joy out of going to matches. Charnleys interview made my mind up as he was oblivious as to the message he presented.

    My biggest shock is that I thought I would savour every match knowing that I would be absent next season. I haven’t all I have felt is a sense of liberated relief. Depressing:-(

  • mactoon

    It will never be ‘thick’ as long as there is no ambition other than to finish in mid table where the money is and there is no desire to keep our best players, get into Europe or compete in the cup competitions.

  • partworntyres

    carver’s seen the future and it’s glorious – ‘i’ve been involved, I’ve  had a conversation, i’ve seen the plans, i’ve talked to god,’ etc. – we’ve all been conned john including you, and we will be again….

  • A lex

    I like your articles and thoughts, Brian, and virtually agree with all you write.
    However, it was this bit fairly early in your article that made me roll my eyes back, “If we can build a team around solid players like………..”
    The thing is, there is NO intention to try to do this, and there never will be. If there was a modicum of effort and push for improvement – even if it wasn’t happening – I’d be totally on board. But, there isn’t. The objective is only to buy low, sell high and survive. And, none of that belongs on our football pitch.

  • Brian Standen

    I’m in your camp, but does it. Are us good or bad ? I can’t let go. God!

  • Brian Standen

    Alex. Really appreciate your comoments, and ….. You are so right, God we are Sports. Direct, buy en masse sell cheap! Frustrating but we have been so close! I actually have sympathy for those down the raid, they do get decent support but in reality silverware is beyond us both!

  • Brown Bottle

    partworntyres ..which begs the question…when you know you’re being conned,why keep falling for it ? I just don’t understand the attitude. There must be some pleasure, which, try as I may, simply escapes my imagination and comprehension. 
    Who’d have guessed assuming the position, and taking a dry one from the obese wonga loving glutton, had any merit ?

  • newcastle7

    Once someone deserts they cease to be a friend to me happy to say that all the Monkseaton Magpies renewed for next season plus associate members.Tell your three mates to enjoy the rest of their lives.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    newcastle7 Monkseaton special needs school more like.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    CraigThomson It’s definitely the thin when you consider the money available now (PL) which was never there before. Can’t compare things that way at all, though Ashley resembles a modern version of the bad old days.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    ‘I’m Sunlun till half-time’. Well, at least they found the heart to actually do something, Brian. It’s more than can be said for the best part pf 52000 who can’t even muster a whimper of dissent.

  • v0ices

    Sickandtiredstill newcastle7 would think its worth walking away just not to be his friend.

  • Porciestreet

    The real fans my friend, have walked because they see that there is non future, no sport, no ambition any more. There won’t be either until “Nikey Mikey” is either dead or gone to pastures new. The re4ason you keep going is nothing more than comulsion, an extremely bad habit that you won’t be able to put right until this whole sorry circus has left town.
    You won’t listen to me or anyone else for that matter so buddy, you deserve all the S**t Newcastle are throwing your way.  Enjoy…..!

  • Porciestreet

    Your right, but in the past series of thick and thin, there was stil a modicum of ambition, various past chairman and owners have at lest tried before failing. This one though, is a parasite, a leach, a cancer at the very heart of everything we love as fans.He will not change his M O An you won’t find what your’e looking for until he’s gone. Thats the difference.

  • Chemical Dave

    Are all the monkseaton magpies in the top twenty or just you ?

  • Jail for Ashley

    A lex
    So true, the reality is that teams are being built on sand around the likes of Gouffran, Anita and Williamson who are not good enough to attract offers from elsewhere. We will be stuck with this type of player until we have no choice other than to let them go for token amounts or free when their contracts are up or close to it, although I’m sure Willo will be offered a new unimproved deal nearer the time as letting him go might cost money.

  • Phildene

    Your first paragraph says it all Brown Bottle. I simply can’t understand why all the thousands still go knowing they’ll be bored to death watching mediocre football and putting money into Jabbas fat greedy hands.
    We still support the toon but will not back this hierarchy at all and cancelled our 10 yr deal season tickets couple years ago.

  • newcastle7

    Chemical Dave Quite a few in the top one hundred but only one in top twenty.
    Well over a hundred of us and proud to say all renewed including my daughter who will be making the trip from her new home in Sheffield.Happy days

  • Paul Patterson

    Porciestreet CraigThomson  Plus, when things have been bad in the past, at least the club have actively TRIED to improve things.
    This current regime, actively TRY to dumb things down and make things worse . .

  • Phildene

    Porciestreet that’s spot on! Well said!

  • Brown Bottle

    newcastle7 …but Wendy, you never had any friends to begin with.

  • Chemical Dave

    I wondered if you’d got your top twenty confused with the window lickers rundown but then quickly realized that you’d be way out in front on your own. Any chance you can answer the question and let us know where we can view the top 100 ?

  • mactoon

    CraigThomson  It will never be ‘thick’ as long as there is no ambition other than to finish in mid table where the money is and there is no desire to keep our best players, get into Europe or compete in the cup competitions. In the past we have always had the desire from the top to win games and compete in the league, buying top players at te expense of putting te club into debt for the pursuit of improvement on the pitch. The current owner has none of this.

  • Brown Bottle

    Chemical Dave Just Wendy and her hallucinations.

  • Brown Bottle

    Sickandtiredstill …it’s the Stepford Fans…timid clones with low self – worth.

  • newcastle7

    Porciestreet The real fans never walk away from Crew to Shrewsbury they support their team.If everyone was like people on the mag website football would no exist you are the Sad Mag Depressives.If you support Heartlepool good luck not everyone has to win the treble.