Newcastle defender Ryan Taylor says that John Carver’s planning for the match was thrown out of the window due to the Everton tactics.

The United player saying that the players had trained all week with the expectation that Everton would play with only one up front.

However, Taylor says it was a major surprise when they realised Roberto Martinez was putting both Kone and Lukaku up front.

Ryan Taylor:

“It was quite a surprise with them throwing two men up front.

“We worked on it through the week that they would play one up front, with one playing off him.”


“But with the position they are in they had to go for the win and they surprised us with the two guys up front.

“They caused us a lot of problems – we know their style of play, how their manager likes to play. The way they played didn’t surprise us but with adding that extra body up front, maybe it did surprise us.”


  • PeterRobson

    What a load of tosh !!!
    A half decent manager (which we don´t have) would never plan his team selection and tactics based on what he imagines the opposing manager is going to do.
    Even at the basic grass roots football ie: a Sunday kick about in the park, you play to your own strengths and let the opposition worry about your team.

    When Carver saw how Everton were set up, how hard would it have been to shuffle the players accordingly ?

    I´m sorry to say it but he just isn´t the man for the job.

    I can´t say I was totally enamoured (sarcasm with a hint of irony) with Pardews style of play, but I think if Carver is allowed to carry on as head coach after the season ends, we´re going to be in a relegation scrap from day one of the new season.

    He has neither the acumen nor the foresight to make changes in style or shape and is unable to influence the match in any shape or form !!!

    Sorry but he´s not the man for the job and anyone who thinks otherwise, player or fan, needs his bumps felt !!!

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    Yet again, the Mag provides quotes without citing their source. It’s a journalism fundamental if you want your piece to have credibility.
    I presume the writer is trying to incite a shedload of comments on how John Carver hasn’t a clue what he’s doing.

  • LeazesEnder

    Nicolaus Copernicus It was John Carver!

  • No Brainer

    PeterRobson Think you maybe right, Nothing wrong with any of the above no problem with planning for one up front though, but at least tell the lads what ****ing shape they should change to if they go with 2 up front, what a numpty.

  • Barry Goulder

    Surprise Everton tactics!!!!!jesus carver ffs go now and give the fat one no excuse for not getting a decent manager.if carver stays we are DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • partworntyres

    two up front , sounds like bessie from the metropole. our brave lads never had a chance.

  • PeterRobson

    No Brainer PeterRobson It´s not rocket science mate !!! I´m no UEFA coach, but I did coach and play in the Army (then reffed when the old legs finally gave up), and if the team you set out can´t cope then you shuffle and adjust !!
    The principal is the same at any level and no ammount of badges can cover for incompetence !!

    Just coz I´ve got certificates in computer tech doesn´t make me the next  Bill Gates, likewise badges don´t make carver the next Alf Ramsay !!!

  • No Brainer

    PeterRobson No Brainer Woefully inept they looked clueless

  • Tadger

    No Brainer PeterRobson  they are clueless the lot of them

  • Paul Patterson

    Oh darn them and their ability to change tactics- how unsporting . .

  • Simon Sharp

    I reiterate: Carver spent FIVE YEARS working alongside a man who actually knew a thing or two about footballing tactics, in the guise of Sir Bobby Robson. Surely he must know something? Whatever it was, it’s not apparent.

  • Peter Nealon

    Pardew out!

  • toon tony

    Didn’t plan for Everton to play two up front. !!!! What next. ..didn’t expect them to score first, didn’t expect them to turn up, didn’t expect them to have 11 players on the pitch, didn’t expect them to buy good players. I expect better from Ryan Taylor. We are a laughing stock.

  • Polarboy

    Nicolaus Copernicus Lol, unsurprising that supporters of Carver also don’t have a clue.

  • Andrew Dowell

    I think he learnt a neat way to lay out cones in a quick a time as possible and how to store and clean 100s of bibs in record times

  • Mal44

    It’s most unfair. Managers should have to state their intended formation a week in advance and not be able to change.

  • Philippines

    I am surprised in all the comments that nobody has expressed the view that Perez and Cabella should have been on the field from the whistle, not the very ‘suspect’ players Gouffran and Obertan.

    I get the impression that neither Gouffran or Obertan could even score a goal given a one on one situation 20 yards out.

  • amacdee

    Philippines I think you’ll find most of the criticism of Carvers selection was written in the pre match articles when we learned we were in for a hiding before the match started :-(

  • amacdee

    1957 I reckon Carver’s learned nothing from anybody judging by that setup on Sunday !!!!! Goof and Squidward should have been booted a long time ago. Maybe the reason they’re still here is that they’re happy to stay in this mediocre shlt pile and pick up the money as neither of them would ever see the inside of a top six team

  • Dominic Cottle

    He did but then spent 4 years with Pardew who he thinks is just as good!! End result is that were playing worse than Pardews tactics n hes droppin our best players