In the lead up to the Manchester United match I wrote an article detailing what a disgrace it was, in terms of Mike Ashley refusing to sell tickets to that game unless fans bought a £35 membership first. No tickets going on general sale.

A game that usually easily sells out, instead had an attendance of 49,801, with around two and a half thousand empty seats.

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When half season tickets went on sale earlier this season, Mike Ashley made a point of saying that the only way you could get a ticket to watch the Sunderland, Manchester United and Arsenal home matches was if you had a season ticket or paid £35 to become a member and then buy a ticket. So even if that was the only match you would/could go to, you had to pay that £35 to allow you to then pay for the ticket.

Basically, Mike Ashley made clear he would rather have empty seats than sell them to normal fans, which then led to all those empty seats v Man Utd. Solely because he is trying long-term to make non-season ticket holders all pay a £35 supplement a year if they want to see any decent matches.

In the past, tickets for all matches would go on sale to members and then after a certain date, the general public could buy what was left.

When you think of all the TV riches pouring into Mike Ashley’s pocket, it is an absolute disgrace that he is happy to preside over this situation.

Our club has poison running through it and the fact the owner is happy to see empty seats as the price of his greed and control, sums up everything that is wrong at St. James’ Park.

Moving forward to Arsenal on Saturday, guess what?

Yes, with only 24 hours to go to the game, there are seats available in all four stands and in pretty much every section, it looks like up to a couple of thousand or so when looking at the stadium plan on the official club website. Indeed the club have just this instance sent out an email to fans saying there are still tickets left for the Arsenal game – but again, these are only if you have already paid £35 to be a member.

mike ashley

I also saw Alan Oliver’s article on here this morning, an ex-pat on a trip back from the States for his mam’s funeral and the club refuse to sell him a one-off ticket unless he pays that £35 surcharge.

Absolute disgrace – so I decided to dig a little deeper…

At the same time that Mike Ashley is telling ordinary fans that they have to pay a £35 supplement before they are allowed to buy a ticket, he is actually offering tickets to individuals via various organisations for matches including Arsenal and Manchester United, without making them pay for a membership.

What is more is that he is also giving them all a discount!

So in an attempt to fill up empty seats he is happy to secretly sell discounted tickets to people who may be Newcastle, Arsenal or neutral fans, but in his attempt to force the mass of Newcastle fans to pay a £35 membership he refuses to sell the ordinary man, woman or child in the street a single ticket to see the Arsenal match. UNLESS they pay him that £35 supplement.

Some examples….

Newcastle Business School Students (info via their Facebook Page)

26 February 2015

‘We have a limited number of NUFC vs Manchester United tickets on sale on a first come, first served basis. This can be bought from the Hub (5.07) in the Business School today 10:00 – 11:00 and Tuesday 3 March 12:00 – 13:00. Tickets priced £30 each.’

CSSC Sports & Leisure (info via their website)

‘Who is entitled to Join? – Public Sector employees or pensioners, including civil servants, local government, the NHS, teachers, police, fire fighters and HM Armed Forces personnel.

CSSC TWN have negotiated another great deal for its members to see selected Newcastle United Fixtures in corporate seating (in Milburn Stand) from as little as £15!!

Newcastle United vs. Arsenal

Date: 21/03/15 CSSC price: £25′

Northumbria Police Sports & Social Club Ltd (info via their website)

Sports & Social have negotiated a fantastic deal with Newcastle United Football Club to allow members to purchase premium seat tickets at a greatly discounted rate.

The seats are located in the level 4 section of the Milburn Stand. These tickets would normally cost £50/£60.

To purchase tickets you must be a member of Sports and Social. There are no limits (within reason) as to how many tickets that can be bought and will be sold on the understanding that they CANNOT be sold on.

(The link above shows premium tickets for Tottenham at a discounted £30 and they  also previously listed tickets for the Arsenal and Manchester United matches.)

I don’t have a problem with the club selling tickets by the above routes and potentially expanding the fanbase. Especially if there are going to be empty seats, then I am all for filling them by various means.

BUT you can’t do what Mike Ashley and Newcastle United are doing AND at the same time refuse to sell tickets to the ordinary fan, UNLESS they pay a premium of £35 first.

No wonder I hate my club for so many reasons at this moment in time, Mike Ashley is simply a curse on us all.

  • Paul Soulsby

    Our club is owned by Arthur Daly.

  • JonathanOllie

    NUFCTheMag CaulkinTheTimes SimonBird_ MsiDouglas add the NHS to the discounted ticket list.

  • Anthony Lewins


  • In an ideal world the FA would bring in a raft of new rules to stop things like this happening.  They could even link these hypothetical new rules to the TV money, i.e. the distribution of the TV money would be partly subject to clubs following specific rules preventing them from treating fans with a total lack of respect.
    That’s the only way leeches like Mike Ashley would ever show respect for football fans … if there was a financial incentive to do so.

  • TheArrogantPrik

    NUFCTheMag This line says all you need to know “We have poison running through our club” #MikeAshleyOut #LetsProtest #DontGoToSJP

  • Alsteads

    Problem is there will still be 49,000 there :-/

  • EvanQuick

    NUFCTheMag mickquinn1089 Disgraceful, but that’s par for the course with that ‘club’ at the moment.

  • Mackay

    g8 article, typical of MA and his cohorts , no organsitaiton as hap hazard as NUFC!

  • Larry Adler

    Yeah absolutely shocking.
    As far as I understand it season ticket holders can buy additional tickets as they are already members so if joe public knows a season ticket holder then tickets can be bought without the need for a membership.

  • No Brainer

    Any reason why season ticket holders should pay for a membership and those who only want to see man u arsenal liverpool or chelsea a lot of whom are fans of those clubs from this area. Is there any reason at all why a not as commited nufc fan should not or maybe if the £35 + £35 for one game is so frighteningly bad maybe they could buiy 19 tickets for around £400-£450 and pay monthly?

    not really shocking or bad is it?

  • No Brainer

    NUFC Tips He may well change it if other clubs stopped charging us over £50 for away tickets in naff areas it is our club that is pushing cheap reciprocal deals

  • partworntyres

    king knut mugs geordies!

  • mentalman

    A quick look of fixtures over the last few seasons will show that the crowd against Man utd was similar to (in some cases more) than the majority of the other midweek fixtures we’ve had over the last 3 seasons

  • stevennufc

    no brainer is mike ashley!

  • GallowgateEnder

    If the lad from America is reading this he can have my ticket for nowt. Serious offer – I just can’t be arsed to go.

  • lemmiwinks42

    NUFCTheMag MikeAshleyLies Mike_Ashley_Out TaylorandBesty Good article! Ashley is a cancer and we are almost terminal.

  • Porciestreet

    There has not been an adjective invented that adequately describes how base this Bas***d is.

  • Steve1221

    Not really a “must read”, absolutely nothing we didn’t already know or that there hasn’t already been an article on here about.

  • v0ices

    No Brainer NUFC Tips what’s that got to do with charging a fee of £35 to fans who don’t want to have a season ticket!

  • Chemical Dave

    Wow, you’re so…different.

  • JohnMalt1

    EvanQuick NUFCTheMag mickquinn1089 Ashley has a commodity & exploits it for every possible penny he can!
    Return v Investment must be ++!!

  • vbhgft

    Yawwwwn. Nothing that all other clubs don’t do. Hardly a “must read”. Drivel as usual.

  • Jimmywayhay

    Had more fun watching the eclipse this morning ,than Newcastle games this season !

  • WinstonPotski

    NUFCTheMag MikeAshleyLies Mike_Ashley_Out TaylorandBesty
    Send thoughts to
    Mike Ashley, Montebello, 19 Totterage Common, London. N20 8LR

  • decka1969

    NUFCTheMag MikeAshleyLies Mike_Ashley_Out TaylorandBesty isn’t there something in the fans charter saying a certain % of tkts must go

  • Chemical Dave

    As are your responses bonnylad. Why not write your own article if you feel you could do better ?

  • decka1969

    NUFCTheMag MikeAshleyLies Mike_Ashley_Out TaylorandBesty on general sale? Or has it all been ditched?

  • r43xffg1hh87

    WinstonPotski You have been chosen as todays|Prize| Patrol London |winner| Claim at this page UK_Claim_1

  • HateAshleysBendyToys

    partworntyres SMB

  • amacdee

    Good article Dean. may I just remind the floating voters who may or may not attend SJP that the HQ of football, i.e. from Scudamore the Shlte Director of all things greedy says  “Clubs understand that their number one priority will be to keep their stadiums full,” So all owners understand they must keep their stadiums full otherwise the so called dream package goes tlts up.
    NUFC fans, wherever you are , take up this challenge and empty the stadium. Or accept shlte like this for as long as the fat bloated one is still breathing………………….

  • LeazesEnder

    Steve1221 I didn’t know that Ashley was charging fans more than Corporates!

  • DavidDrape

    vbhgft you are the yarn and do your own article clever clogs…. most other clubs treat there fans fairly with an organised planned sales plan – ashley hasn’t got one he makes it up as he goes along. needs to be in public domain.

  • Peter Lamb

    Hate filled club. Disgrace again. We continually find lower and lower depths to sink to.

  • newcastle7

    So lets get this write Mike Ashley has always offered discounts to student groups and other organisations
    so the mag hates him for this.For the big games you have to be a season ticket or member.for a whopping thirty five pounds a year.Considering this lets toy buy six tickets per game it works at just over TEN PENCE PER PERSON PER WEEK.In two weeks time I am going to Liverpool my ticket FIFTY TWO POUNDS.
    Liverpool are a disgrace of a club for charging this for a monday night game.The very generous Mike Ashley is only charging thirty six pounds to watch a top four team.Even if Mr Oliver adds the thirty five pounds on and say there are four of them going he will still be a lot better off than I will be at Anfield.
    Once again thanks Mike for keeping football affordable for me and my family you are doing a great job.
    To support Chelsea,Liverpool or Man City no way as they are the great football robbers.

  • magpie9

    The most vile man walking, how no one has chinned him is a mystery

  • ShirleyChen1

    Newcastle Utd vs Arsenal
    Pick: Under 3.25 Goals @ 1.54
    More information in or

  • LeeHagan

    i dont support them anymore because they are no longer newcastle united football club, they are sportsdirect united in everything but name

  • Who said that

    This doesn’t surprise me in the least and this is reflected in the home attendances. Around 10,000 of the attendance are non supporters of the club who have obtained match day tickets by these ‘corporate’ offerings. It has only taken around 8 years to lose a 15,000 waiting list for a season ticket and decrease attendances by around the same number of season ticket holders. It’s a tragedy what has happened. Why can’t people see this man for what he is. The sooner he goes the sooner we can get back to being a proper football club again.

  • Peter Moustachley

    Stay away, for the love of God, stay away! It’s so simple, Rangers clocked it in no time at all, stay away, he won’t like it. #ihatemikeashley

  • The Mag

    No Brainer Not every fan is the same. Not every fan can or wants to go to every match.
    So if somebody has moved to say Devon because of work and now has kids – say he/she wants to bring their 6/7 year olds to their first match at SJP (the only time they’ll be able to visit all season) to indoctrinate them at an early age, you think it is right and proper they should have to pay an additional £35 before they are allowed to buy a ticket?

  • Promo_man

    NUFCTheMag Stacyluvmusic don’t like it, but that’s modern football – its £25 at Palace too. #amf

  • NUFCTheMag

    Promo_man Stacyluvmusic Had look on CPFC website and says members get benefits but no mention of no sale to general public if empty seats

  • Promo_man

    NUFCTheMag Stacyluvmusic that’s because on any class A match, they know there won’t be any left. Love my club, and #cpfc2010 just #AMF

  • NUFCTheMag

    Promo_man Stacyluvmusic That’s whole point. Lots of clubs have memberships but don’t refuse to sell to general public after member sale.

  • GToon

    So there’s half an hour gone, we’ve hardly had a shot on target, they are 2 nowt up and Ashley thinks we should pay 70 odd quid to watch that rubbish. No ta.

  • StevenLane

    better way of doing it is buying tickets off viagogo you pay what you see on there no added £35.
    ashley is never going to change so no point in complaining if the fans are not going to stay away, until they all stay away it is not going to affect the fat controllers pockets.

  • lupamac

    @Promo_man NUFCTheMag Stacyluvmusic

  • No Brainer

    I think the point of being able to identufy the purchaser through thise affiliate sellers covers the memberdhip angle and tge club should be praised for the police discount but all other public sector workers give me strength council lackys do not and get everything

  • Wakeyuppeople

    Well… You can do it if you own a club! Sad me paidbit today. I had the chance of a ticket for £40 from a ticket tout but hw was being all shifty.said hed been knocking out tickets all day for £50 but i could have mone for £40. As he paced away towards the east stand refusing to talk to me i yelled here mate im after a football ticket not a gram of coke! Being well aware that i needed to be in the corner and not the leazes end… Due to my car only having 1 hrs ticket on it in the strawberry end (and Newcastle city councils love of targeting football fans) i chose to turn away and gibe mike bashley his money. So £73 quid it cost me to see us get beaten off arsenal. However i must admit i loved the game. Fans in the gallowgate corner did us proud. Game number 6 this season ans first time ive been able to join in with fans that believe in vocally supporting club. To be honest i wish the ‘silent critic’ fans would go to Sunderland or Gateshead games instead. If you go to a toon game and have no intention of cheering lads on… Why not stay at home!
    Fantastic effort against a very good team. If we can play this way against Sunderland we will beat them comfortably.

  • magpie9

    The picture above is enough to make one sick

  • IbroxSunset

    Manresapoint TheClumpany Here’s a laugh.

  • TheClumpany

    IbroxSunset Manresapoint Oh dear…

  • peternolansmith

    IbroxSunset TheClumpany Manresapoint Son`s of Struth just don`t get it, they be Ashley`s BITCH

  • johnmck1888

    IbroxSunset TheClumpany Manresapoint Have they got any ‘normal fans’ ??

  • IbroxSunset

    johnmck1888 TheClumpany Manresapoint Kenneth wasn’t alone

  • Sevcoholic

    IbroxSunset TheClumpany Manresapoint one word only…..WOWU0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • craigakconnolly

    IbroxSunset TheClumpany Manresapoint oops! Did you know the 3 koalas & honest Dave just approach Michael for a loan to meet the wages?:-)

  • craigakconnolly

    Manresapoint IbroxSunset TheClumpany aye. Phil mac has a blog on it. Dave & the boys are totally skinto!

  • Jamiekgordon

    “Don’t ya wish ya chairman was a kunt like ours”

  • rdonno1

    rossejhendry cmon mate remember he’s only doing that so he can invest heavily in to us. #roll eyes.

  • rossejhendry

    rdonno1 #getsit

  • Deluded

    Wakeyuppeople Cool story Keith Bishop. Why not ask a pal to get a ticket for you? No mates who are season ticket holders or members, furthermore going to 5 apparent games and still not making friends to get you a ticket? Somehow, I don’t believe you paid £73 to go watch us against Arsenal, by yourself! Sorry Keith and Mike, it won’t catch on. Maybe you should ‘Wakeyup’.

  • No Brainer So you’re saying that Mike Ashley is treating Newcastle fans with contempt as a protest against other clubs charging us excessive prices for away tickets?  I have to admit, I can’t quite follow your logic.

  • Wakeyuppeople

    You are deluded. Not everyone tells lies like yourself. Have you been to any games? Do you chat with the stranger next to you and get their phone numbers and emails and arrange tickets for further games? What planet you on? Perhaps thats why there is no singing your all chatting? Lol £72 included the supporters club joining fee i was forced to pay to ‘get in’ to a category a match. Dont nock people or accuse them of lying its wrong. Dont be deluded….