John Carver wouldn’t in any way be my choice for the Newcastle Head Coach job but I do think there is a bare minimum that needs to be achieved before even Mike Ashley could give him the job.

Much is made of finishing top half, or wherever in the table.

What is most important though for me is seeing progress in terms of wins and the points that go with it.

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The number of points at the end of the season is the only reliable indicator, as you can have some seasons where the same number of points can get you quite different league positions.

As for John Carver, I would say that his first landmark will be getting 43 points, West Ham being the team relegated with the most points in Premier League history, going down with 42 in the 2002/03 season.

United currently have 10 games remaining and are on 35 points.

While 43 points would represent a survival total for John Carver, maybe a fairer evaluation will be how the current Newcastle head coach does compared to the average points totals under Mike Ashley’s reign.

In the last six completed seasons under Ashley, Newcastle average just over 48 points per season.

So the question is, can John Carver get another 13 points from the remaining ten matches below to at least equal that total?

Everton (A), Arsenal (H), Sunderland (A), Liverpool (A), Spurs (H), Swansea (H), Leicester (A), West Brom (H), QPR (A), West Ham (H)

Below is every season Newcastle have played in the Premier League with number of points and final league position in brackets (2009/10 was spent in the Championship, while the first two PL seasons were 42 game seasons and not 38).

49 (10th) 2013/14

41 (16th) 2012/13

65 (5th) 2011/12

46 (12th) 2010/11

35 (18th) 2008/09

43 (12th) 2007/08

43 (13th) 2006/07

58 (7th) 2005/06

44 (14th) 2004/05

56 (5th) 2003/04

69 (3rd) 2002/03

71 (4th) 2001/02

51 (11th) 2000/01

52 (11th) 1999/00

46 (13th) 1998/99

44 (13th) 1997/98

68 (2nd) 1996/97

78 (2nd) 1995/96

72 (6th) 1994/95 (***42 match season)

77 (3rd) 1993/94 (***42 match season)

  • Lawrence Cant

    To say yes to everything?

  • partworntyres

    we need haute cuisine not pies! four dozen gainsters no problem, 48 points not so sure.

  • DZA187

    Clueless JC needs to step down, so far, nothing has improved under this man who is not a leader.

  • SaveNUFC

    The best for us is just get 40 points and above and we will be fine but not enough points to finish in the top half. If we finish in 10th or better JC might get the job so I’m praying we don’t finish in that position or else it will be a very dry next season. I know I sound very negative but it is better to have a dry season this time and get another new head coach (who is not JC) who is tactically strong. A good manager/ head coach for this club is long overdue. JC’s tactic is so vague. To win he needs to play against a team who has no interest in playing (just like Hull when we played against them)

  • SaveNUFC

    Sometimes it looks like JC is just another neanderthal who has got lost from his pack.

  • wor monga

    If JC can get 13 points from those games he will be entitled
    to claim the Head /Coach job on merit…

    … without Cisse’s finishing touch
    (for the first 7) the team will be doing quite well to pick up 41pts…by grinding
    out something against the Mackems (or Leicester), then WBA, QPR and WHU during
    the run in when possibly 3 of those 5 clubs will have nothing left to play for…

    If we get 45 pts or better than that number…he will have gone
    some way to prove he can make an effective team out of a much weakened squad.

  • SaveNUFC

    wor monga hope he won’t. We really need another manager.

  • shaunieoisdead

    We will be relageted before long, let them get on with it and dig their own grave! My only regret is keeping hold of this ST for another season.

  • amacdee

    I note that the fans forum minutes had a line in it about the next appointment “has to be a tactically astute coach” that rules out Carver unless he suddenly grows a pair, and a brain ?


  • NatTurner

    SaveNUFC  Don’t worry.  When you look at our remaining fixtures, the players that are available to play in them, and our success thus far under JC, it quickly becomes apparent that we have no shot of finishing in the top 10.  I still think we will be safe, but things might get a bit uncomfortable for us before we get there.  JC will have us hanging by a thread, and it may take players such as Cisse and Aarons to return and save the season.

  • CMRowley

    The maximum I can see us getting is 7 points from the remaining games, fortunately there are teams in the league that won’t reach 35 points, another 3 points should see us safe.

    No defense, no attack.  Roll on next season.

  • Jarra MIck

    I don’t care what the stats say about league positions what I know from watching them is we are getting poorer and poorer every season. The fact that there are teams in the league who are worse than us is masking just how poor our team is. I think Ashley has worked out you can spend less and less and still survive. Sooner or later we will get relegated again as we are riding our luck.

  • Chemical Dave

    I’m with the mong here, if he gets 45 points he’ll beentitled to the job. He’ll also be entitled to it if he gets 40. Because let’s not forget, that’s all that really matters. To the owner and fans like mongsie.

  • 1953

    2 wins and 2 draws at best = 43pts. That’ll be enough to give Charva the job and another lifeless season next year. Most multi million businesses look to improve financially year on year and we’ll be no different, which will of course keep our owner happy. And so the misery continues ad infinitum.

  • toontom68

    amacdee it actually said …in the event we need a new head coach…..what would constitute a “need”?