The Premier League rich list – where does Mike Ashley fit amongst the rich list of club owners?

Forbes published their yearly rich list and below are the financial worth of the prominent people in English football who either own Premier League clubs outright, or are major shareholders.

Figures weren’t published by Forbes for Sheikh Mansour or the Glazer family at the two Manchester clubs, but their figures are taken from figures published by the Express and backed up by estimates published elsewhere.

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The position in the Forbes rich list of billionaires is in brackets  for the relevant five, and number one in that list incidentally is Bill Gates who is estimated to have a wealth of $79.2bn – enough to buy up the top seven Premier League richest and have change afterwards.

$30.1 Sheikh Mansour (Manchester City)

$9.1 Roman Abramovich (Chelsea) (Forbes No.137)

$6.3 Stan Kroenke (Arsenal) (Forbes No.225)

$6.1 Liebherr Family (Southampton) (Forbes No.240)

$5.4 Joe Lewis (Tottenham) (Forbes No.277)

$4.9 Mike Ashley (Newcastle United) (Forbes No.318)

$4.3 Glazer Family (Manchester United)


  • Jarmin Geordie

    Which is totally irrelevant as he’ll not spend a penny on improving the team

  • Charlie Hallway

    please give us just a few million at least?

  • SGM

    Jarmin Geordie why should he?

    Answers on a post card please.

  • toastman77

    That’s a helluva lot of chicken wings Mike

  • LeazesEnder

    SGM Jarmin Geordie Common decency?

  • I don’t give a monkey’s about where he is in the rich list or what ever , just wish he’d do one and…….

  • A lex

    Worth more than the Glazers??!!
    Just ponder on that for awhile….. and then let the sheople give excuses as to why we’re light years away from their club.

  • Steve1221

    Because we’re a sports team not a business anyone running a sports team should have the overriding ambtion to be as successful as possible. Simple as that.

  • AP69

    Ok He doesn’t have to spend his own money just let Newcastle United be free of making money for SD
    Proper advertising from.a blue chip company a club shop where the money made goes back to Newcastle United
    This interest free loan wiped out
    The tv and gate money used to strengthen the squad
    Not having to sell our better players all the time but if we do all the money goes back into the squad
    A top top top quality coach that doesn’t just talk a good game
    He can keep his billions and Newcastle United can be way up there challenging

  • A lex

    Exactly. He and his minions always justified the redundancies and cuts by saying NUFC had to wipe its own nose. But then he doesn’t even allow that to happen. More lies from them.

  • Greggy164

    SGM Jarmin Geordie  Ambition