Sunderland and Middlesbrough get health warnings.

The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) looked at 70 towns and cities across the UK with the ‘largest core retail boundaries’.

Each location was given a score according to the number of ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ businesses in the main shopping areas.

The findings were based on the proportion of businesses found in their main retail area that either “support or harm the public’s health.”

The RSPH says that ‘based on public and expert, bookmakers, payday loan shops, fast food outlets and tanning salons have the most negative impact on health, while pharmacies, leisure centres, and health services have the most positive.

The ‘top’ ten unhealthiest were:

1 Preston

2 Middlesbrough

3 Coventry

4 Blackpool

5 Northampton

6 Wolverhampton

7 Grimsby

8 Huddersfield

9 Stoke-On-Trent

10 Eastbourne

Sunderland also did ‘well’, coming out at number 26th most unhealthy town/city to live.

As for Newcastle, the health conscious Geordie metropolis came in at a distant 40th in the unhealthy list, behind Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Lincoln and Tunbridge Wells.

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  • Stephen Thomas Best Junior

    The Mag was a great magazine. This is a shame

  • Fred Stevens

    I agree

  • christopher87taylor

    In truth you know that this is a desperate and disingenuous article, look I don’t care for Sunderland one bit I’ve walked round there town center only a handful of times, not a pleasant place, feels like you’ve walked back in time to 1985. on that table there can’t be that much difference between the 26th & 40th places. In the early 2000s the fact that some of our fans had severe cases of obesity was seen in a kind of endearing manner, they certainly weren’t discouraged, it was there raisondetre.
    Surely the massive student sector is the influencing factor in Newcastle being lower.

  • dav_art

    What a load of nonsense. A sad and desperate article.  Small town, us?  nah…

  • Munich Mag

    rubbish article, hang your head in shame…

  • v0ices

    christopher87taylor Sunderland and boro also have large student populations I would think the fast food outlets that cater to them could be a large influence. Shocked to see Huddersfield so high up having lived there a year myself Rican testify walking up and down the hills keeps you very fit.

  • NotFatFreddy
  • breorgie

    Difference in placing between Boro and Sunderland 24, difference between Sunderland and Newcastle? A ‘distant’ 14 places. Should Newcastle even be on the list given the level of investment put into the city? No they shouldn’t.

    Wonder where Jim Robertson would feature in a list of most intelligent Mag writers?